Are Marimo Moss Balls Good For Algae Eaters?

Algae are a simple typical non flowering aquatic plant with no stem, roots or leaves in it. Algae grow in the water in your Aquarium or fish tank very fastly and easily.

They are most of the time grown in groups and may bring harm to your Aquarium if not dealt with.

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Are Marimo Moss Balls Good For Algae Eaters
Are Marimo Moss Balls Good For Algae Eaters: Image Source

Therefore adding an Algae Eater to your fish tank will be helpful to you, your fish and other aquatic plants in the tank. We can find certain types of fish snails and shrimps which feed on these Algaes to get their Nutritions and are identified as Algae Eaters.

Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for Algae Eaters?

Marimo Moss Balls are harmless to any Aquatic life and it is the same with Algae Eaters.

Marimo Moss Balls are good for the Algae Eaters as it is not only a great hiding place to the shy and tiny Algae Eaters, but the Marimos also provide some Algae eaters with the oxygen and Nutritions through the Algae and food particles gathered in their Moss.

Also on the other way having Algae Eaters in a tank of Marimo Moss Balls is good for the Marimos to stay healthy.

Types of Algae Eaters.

Algae Eaters are not only fish types but they can also be Snails and Shrimps

The Most common type of fish Algae Eaters can be identified as the Bristlenose Plecostomus,Siamese Algae Eater , the Chinese Algae Eater,Otocinclus Catfish,Twig Catfish and the Live Bearers

The Common Snail Algae Eaters are of three types as the Mystery Snail, the Nerite Snail and the Malaysian Trumpet Snail.

Algae Eating Shrimps are the Cherry Shrimp and the Amano Shrimp.

Can Algae Eaters Live with Marimo Moss Balls?

Yes the Algae Eaters can live with the Marimo Moss Balls until they feed only on the Algae and leftover fish food within their Moss,but if they try to eat the Moss then it will be a trouble.

But as identified the mostly commonly used Algae Eaters in Aquariums do not harm the Aquatic plants in the Aquarium.

How to Select Good Algae Eaters on your Marimo Moss Ball Tank?

When selecting a Good Algae Eater on your Marimo Moss Ball tank you will have to give a concern on to select an Algae Eater with good Algae eating abilities so that you are able to keep your Moss Balls Algae Free and you will not have to clean the tank all the time until the other requirement factors for the Marimos are met.

Do Algae Eaters Eat Marimo Moss Balls?


Algae Eater fish when in a Marimo Moss Ball tank will not eat the Marimos and damage them, they will have a slight bit on the Moss when in search of Algae but does not eat huge chunks from the Moss Balls.

But instead they will help the Marimos to get rid of the other Algae which has been surrounded on its moss.


The Snails also as identified as Algae Eaters,even though are very popular as algae eaters like the fish will not eat and damage the Marimo Moss Balls.

They will only feed on the Algae and other leftover fish food which is found stuck on the Marimos.


Shrimps too as Algae Eaters will not have any harm done to the Marimo Moss Balls or eat them.Shrimps will feed on the algae and the other left over particles on the Marimo Moss Balls.

Will My Algae Eaters Die Eating Marimo Moss Balls?

Algae Eaters will not harm Aquatic plants in the tank when in search for Algae.

As far the Marimo Moss Balls are concerned they are a harmless addition to the tank until they are found dead and not taken care of for a long time from their dying.

Algae Eaters will not feed on the Marimo Moss Balls hugely,some of them might nibble a little bit of the Moss when in search of Algae which will not be too much of a harm.

And this little bit of moss will not make any harm on the Algae Eaters as far as making them to die.

Can I Grow Marimo Moss Balls with Siamese Algae Eaters?

Among the Algae eating fish Siamese Algae Eaters are the most popular.

They can eat and control a wide range of Algae within a fish tank.

These Siamese Algae eaters when kept in a Marimo Moss Ball tank will nibble a bit of the Marimo when in search of Algae and other leftover but will not make any harm on the Marimo Moss Balls.

Below are some of the Algae Eater Fish that you can have in a Marimo Moss Ball Tank

Bristlenose Plecostomus

Bristlenose Plecostomus are a fish type four inches long and with a colour of Gold and Albino.

They have impressive algae eating abilities and is a great addition to the aquarium.

They do well in aquariums that have good hiding spots and driftwood.

Marimo Moss Balls will provide a great hiding place for these fish and these fish will help the Marimo Moss Balls in removing the unwanted Algea in them.

Siamese Algae Eater

Siamese Algae Eater are a peaceful type of fish and an asset to any aquarium.

They are the algae eating powerhouse.They have the ability to eat and control a wide range of Algae in the aquarium and also helps control flatworm population.They don’t damage the other aquatic plants in the aquarium which is an advantage in having Siamese algae eater in the Marimo Moss Ball tank.

Chinese Algae Eater

Chinese Algae Eaters become very aggressive with their age and aren’t the best Algae Eaters.

They grow upto 10 inches in size and cannot be kept in community tanks.

They do not harm any aquatic plant when in a tank and will also not damage the Marimo Moss Balls.

Otocinclus Cat Fish

Otocinclus Cat fish are calm fish and can fit itself in any type of community tanks .They grow only around 1.5 inches in size. They are one of the types of fish that are best in trade as an algae eater.

Twig Catfish

Twig Cat Fish are the best cat fish Algae Eaters.They have the ability to clean a tank of any green Algae very quickly.When compared to the other Algae Eaters they require the most care such as high oxygen and a bit of a current.They are also a very shy type of fish.So Marimo Moss Balls will provide a great hiding place to these fish.

Live Bearers

Live Bearers can be identified as the Mollies, Playts and the Guppies.They feed on the hair Algae in the tank and will help the Marimo Moss Balls to remove the tiny Algaes hidden in them.

Among the Algae eating snails the recommended Snails for the Marimo Moss Balls are the Mystery Snail, the nerite snail and the Malaysian trumpet snail.

Mystery Snail

Mystery snail is a small species of Apple Snail which is around 02 inches long.

These Snails are very popular and found in local fish stores .They will help eat different types of Algae and keep your Marimo Moss Balls and the tank clean.

Nerite Snail

Nerite Snail will be a good addition to the fish tank as an algae eater as it does not breed in the aquarium .These snails come in a variety of colours and are a highly demanded Algae eater.

They do not harm any other plant in the aquarium when in search of algae to eat.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail

Malaysian Trumpet Snail is practically required at any planted aquarium. These snails can scavage food underneath the aquarium substrate.

When looking for food within the substrate they will plough the soil and provide with air to the plants.

Recommened Algae Eater Shrimps for Marimo Moss Balls

Among the Algae Eating Shrimps we can identify the Cherry Shrimp and the Amano Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp are a type of Ornamental Shrimp found in many different colours.

They mainly feed on the left over fish food and hair Algae.

As a supporter to the Marimo Moss Balls they will eat the hair Algae which is gathered on the Moss of these Balls

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp is the best known Algae eating Shrimp which eat various type of soft algae, decaying plant matter and leftover fish food.

Adding Amano Shrimp into the Marimo Moss Ball tank will be a definite advantage , as they not only eat the Algae gathered around the Moss Balls but they will also help in removing decaying Moss Ball parts out of the plant.

Algae Eaters are a good addition to your Marimo Moss Ball Tank.

These Algae Eaters will remove the Algae and other remainings of fish and fish food gathered on the Marimos to be cleaned,while providing a clean Marimo which is able to get the required amount of sunlight on light , gather its nutrition and be a healthy Marimo.

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