Are Star Moss Good for Guppies?

Are Star Moss Good for Guppies? As we identified earlier the Star Moss is a plant with dark greenly leaves and a Starry look which does well in the Fresh Waters. These plants are harmless to any other Aquatic life or plant when used in a tank or Aquarium.

And also as the Guppies are also fresh water animals, the Star Moss plant and the Guppies will be a nice combination of nature with an attractive look in it.

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Are Star Moss Good for Guppies?
Are Star Moss Good for Guppies?


A Fish tank is a common feature today in any residence or work place. Today’s Fish tanks have a variety of newly added features in it which add beauty and color to your place.

From a very old man to a very young child each one of them likes to have a fish tank with them, be it a very tiny one or a large one.

For Most of them a Fish tank is a hobby which brings joy to them and as for the other it is a source of income which can bring them a good wealth and fortune.

A Fish tank is not only a beautiful decoration to a residence or a work place. In the modern world Fish tanks are used as a Feng Shui Remedy to counter negative energy.

Not only that having a Fish tank bring you with certain health benefits such as

  • It helps in reducing your level of Stress
  • Improves your Sleep
  • Helps in lowering your blood pressure and the heart rate
  • Decreases pain and Anxiety
  • Improves the Focus and Creativity
  • Has a calming effect on children and a lot more.

When speaking of what kind of fish is suitable to a fish tank the most commonly used and easy to look after species of Fish are the Guppies.

A Guppy also known as a Rainbow Fish, is a most famous fresh water aquarium fish species.

This fish is mostly found in the Rivers and Lakes of South America. Guppies are always used people to fill up their tanks along with live aquarium plants.

Guppies are of more than 50 kinds and among them the well-known Guppies are the

  • Fancy Guppy Fish
  • Endler Guppy
  • Veiltail
  • Triangle tail
  • Fantail
  • Scarftail
  • Sword tail and numerous other kinds

When having a Fish tank another beautiful addition to the tank are Aquatic plants.

The Star Moss plant, even though not being an Aquatic plant is one which is used by the Aquarists to decorate their Tank.

The look of these plants is the main reason for it to be used in the fish tank which is its Starry looking leaves in a dark green colour.

So let us see the combination of this gorgeous looking plant with the Guppies in your Fish Tank.

Is Star Moss good for all types of Guppies?

Guppies are of different colors and of different types. They are able to survive themselves with almost any type of Aquatic plant and it is the same with the Star Moss plant.

Being a very harmless plant, any type of Guppy Fish can survive itself in a tank with a Star Moss in it.

Can Guppies live with Star Moss?

Guppies are kind of Fish which is not Aggressive. These fish are very active but peaceful and sociable.

Therefore any type of Guppy in your tank can live with the Star Moss plant.

Do Guppies eat Star Moss Plants?

Guppies in a tank will always like to have fish food, worms or live food such as the Brine Shrimp.

So they will not have a very big interest on the Aquatic plants in your tank. They might take a small nibble on the Star Moss plant in the tank but this might not have even a slightest harm to your Star Moss.

Is it Difficult to Grow Star Moss in Guppy Tank?

Guppies don’t feed on the Star moss plants even if they take a small nibble on them.

So growing a Star Moss plant in the Guppy tank will be not at all difficult if your Star Moss is given its proper care and maintenance.

Guide for Plant Star Moss in Guppy Tank

A Star Moss plant can be grown in your Guppy tank with a good care and see that the below conditions on the plant are also fulfilled.

Water Condition

The Star Moss is a fresh water plant and does not prefer Salt Water. So you will always have to look in to this matter.

Never to add salt water to the Guppy tank with a Star Moss in it. Or else it will cause your Star Moss plant to die.

Also always see that the water in the tank is clean enough for your Star Moss and the Guppies. When you have unclean water in the tank it will increase the Algae growth within the tank and cause harm on the Star Moss as well the fish.

So a regular cleaning of the water will be suitable to have a healthy Star Moss plant in your tank.


Like all other plants the Star Moss also makes its food through the process of photosynthesis. So carefully look that the Star Moss receives the enough amount of sunlight during the day to complete this process.

Also if you wish to infuse CO2 to your Star Moss plant, then you can add this to your tank manually. This is not a must to do as the Star Moss makes enough amount of food for its survival.

Tank Size

The main purpose of adding a Star Moss plant to a tank is as a decoration. And the best way that you can have this plant is as a Carpet.

Therefore when selecting a tank for the Star Moss you have to look in to the matter that the size of your tank is enough for the Star Moss as well as the Guppies in the tank. If you haven’t selected a suitable tank then everything will be packed inside this tank.

This will affect the growth of the Star Moss plant as well as the Guppies in it if there is a large number of them in the tank. As the Guppies are a kind of fish that is very active and needs space to swim around the tank.


The proper amount of light is required on the Star Moss for its Growth. Be it sunlight or a room light.

But this amount of light received must not be too much on the plant. Too much of light will cause the water in the tank to heat and make the Star Moss to dry and decay in the tank.

How Star Moss helps for Breeding Guppies?

The Star Moss is a plant with large green leaves, therefore this place is a great hiding place for the small fish who are shy and scared of the other larger fish in your tank.

Speaking of the Guppies, Guppies give live birth to their fry (baby guppies).

When the female guppies are about to give birth they lie themselves on the bottom of the tank and also when the fry are born they will also lie themselves on the bottom of the tank. So the Star Moss plant will provide them with the protection needed.

Is Star Moss safe for Baby Guppies?

The Star Moss is a plant that is harmless to any other Aquatic plant or life in an Aquarium. So when you have baby guppies in your tank the Star moss plant is a completely safe for them.

These Star Moss plants provide a great hiding place for your baby guppies from other large fish in your tank.

Benefits of Using Star Moss for your Guppy Tank

Not only as a decoration the Star Moss plant will also have certain other advantages to your tank such as,

Oxygenate the Water

The Star Moss also has the ability of oxygenating the water in your tank. This process is very much helpful for the guppies in your tank.

Control CO2 level

The Star Moss plant in the tank will help to control the CO2 level of the tank, which is another benefit.

Sucks up Nitrates

Another way that the Star Moss plant helps you is by sucking up the Nitrates in the tank which will benefit the other tank mates and the other Aquatic plants within the tank.

Prevents Excess Algae Growth- the Star Moss plant in your tank helps in preventing the excess growth of Algae in the tank by attracting the Algae towards it. This will make easy the process of cleaning your tank as well.

Will My Guppies Die Eating Star Moss?

Guppies do not eat Star Moss .They will only take a small bite of this plant which is not even noticeable.

Being a very harmless plant a small bite of this plant by the Guppy Fish will not kill them.

Therefore the Guppies will not die eating the Star Moss plant in your tank.

How to Grow Star Moss Fast in My Guppy Tank?

The Star Moss compared to the other plants has a lower rate of Growth. And will only grow around 1.1 inches tall but with time will cover a larger area of your tank.

So if you are willing to increase the growth of this plant see that the plant is given the proper care needed and also you can also add Fertilizer in to it which will help in its growth.


Today the Star Moss Plant has become one of the decorative tools to add colour to your Fish Tank or Aquariums. So if you haven’t one of these plants in your Aquariums.

Try adding one of these in to your Guppy tank. This plant will surely add beauty to your Aquarium as well as add a bit of a nature in it.

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