Are Turtles like Riccia Moss?

Today other than the many kinds of fish added to a tank or aquarium,people have been using turtles to decorate their tanks. There are different kinds of turtles added in fish tanks.

Even they are added as algae eaters as well. Different types of turtles added to the tank will add a beautiful decoration to the Tank. A japanese aquarist, takashi amano introduced a beautiful plant that can be added to decorate the tank.

Are Turtles like Riccia Moss?
Are Turtles like Riccia Moss?

Riccia Moss, a beautiful and a fast growing plant. This plant grows upto around 3 to 5 cm tall and is very easy to be taken care of.

This plant like all other plants is not only a beautiful decoration to the tank but provide benefits to the tank like providing oxygen and sucking up nitrates.

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You can try adding a Riccia Moss to your turtles tank and see its beauty .

Are Turtles like Riccia Moss?

Yes, the Riccia Moss is a harmless plant on all other aquatic plants and the other aquatic animals. Therefore they can live in peace in any tank or aquarium. The turles like to live in harmony with the Riccia Moss in the tank.

Do Turtles eat Riccia Moss?

No,the turtles like to have a peaceful and harmonius life in the tank or aquarium. They will not eat on the Riccia Moss in your tank.

Is Riccia Moss toxic to turtles?

Riccia Moss is not harmful on any type of aquatic life, therefore it will not be harmful on the turtles as well.

However, without proper maintains if these plants die in the tank it will produce toxins to the tank and badly affect on the health of the turtles in the tank as well.

Do Turtles eat the Algae on Riccia Moss?

There are certain types of algae eater turtles that will help you to get rid of the algae grown on the Riccia Moss in your tank .

Is Riccia Moss bad for baby turtles?

No ,the Riccia Moss will not be harmful on the baby turtles in the tank unless it is kept in the tank with a proper care. Riccia Moss is a fast growing plant.

Without the proper cleaning and trimming of these plants, they will tend to rot and die. At these times harmful toxins will be released to the tank causing health problems on the baby turtles in the tank.

Is it easy to plant a Riccia Moss in a turtle tank?

Yes, it will be easy to add Riccia Moss to your Turtles tank. The Turtles in the tank will not feed on the Riccia Moss in the tank. They can have abeautiful growth in the turtles tank.

Does Riccia Moss effect for the bad smell in the Turtles tank?

A fresh, properly cleaned and trimmed Riccia Moss in the tank will not cause the turtle tank to smell. But keeping the Riccia moss in the tank without a proper cleaning and trimming for a long time will cause these plants to rot and thereafter produce a bad smell to the tank.

Are fake Riccia Moss plants ok to Turtles?

Fake Riccia Moss plants are a beautiful addition to any tank or aquarium. It will be a beautiful addition to the turtles tank as well. These plants will not have any harm on the turtles in the tank.

However, these plants will not provide the tank with certain benefits provided by the natural plants to the tank.


Riccia Moss is a very beautiful addition to any type of tank . Not only it will add a beautiful decoration to the tank but also provide other benefits like providing oxygen to the tank, etc as well.

Today this plant is famous all around the world as a beautiful aquatic plant addition to the tank. Turtles are also a very beautiful addition to any tank.

Riccia Moss and turtles will be a great combination in the tank. Therefore why not add this combination to your tank too.

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