Can Cherry Shrimp Eat Java Moss?

Java moss grows with tiny leaves that are easy to be eaten and ground by the fish. Any fish that like to nibble the food could enjoy the java moss plant leaves.

Depending on the java moss plant placement, the fish in the aquarium would have access to the plant.

Cherry Shrimp leaves at the bottom of the tank. If the java moss is available nearby, it will become instant food for them.

Cherry Shrimp, Grass Shrimp, and Amano Shrimp, all of them, love the java moss plant. It provides them hiding space as well as food.

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Can Cherry Shrimp Eat Java Moss
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Cherry shrimp are generally found at the water bed. They keep themselves hidden if they find predators around.

Almost all types of fish eat the Cherry shrimps, so if you house the Cherry shrimps with other fish in the tank, they would like to stay safe in the hiding place.

Java moss and other living plants are used to protect the cherry shrimp from the attack. Also, their survival depends on how they are proficient in dealing with the fish in the tank.

Food is another critical factor in the growth of cherry shrimp. Thus, many aquarists plant java moss in the tank that offers duel benefits to Cherry shrimp.

Java moss plant, when fully grown, covers a large area in the tank and creates sufficient hiding space for the Shrimp. You can even give any shape to the java moss plant.

If we talk about using the java moss plant, it offers perfect nutritional food to the Cherry Shrimp and makes them thrive in the natural habitat.

Can Cherry Shrimp Eat Java Moss?

Yes. Java moss would provide nutritional food for the Cherry shrimp. Because of the tiny leaves of the java moss, it is easy for cherry shrimp to nibble the leaves and consume them slowly. Also, the java moss plant does not contain any harmful chemicals.

They are entirely safe, and they will not have any health issues with the aquarium fish. Thus, java moss has become the first choice for planting your aquarium and enhancing its beauty.

Java moss is not just favorite of the Cherry Shrimp, and it is also helpful for the other fish in the tank. Whenever there is a limited supply of food in the aquarium, the fish can eat the java moss plant and survive for days. Also, the java moss plant proliferates, so there will never be any problem with the plant.

Is Java Moss Good for Cherry Shrimps?

Yes. There are many benefits of planting java moss in the Cherry Shrimp tanks. One of the core benefits of the Java moss plant is the protection of the fry. As soon as the babies are laid down in the water, they are exposed to other fish and Cherry shrimps.

If they do not get immediate hiding space, they will get eaten by other fish. Their survival ultimately depends on the arrangement of hiding space in the tank. A dense region protects the Cherry shrimps from the fish attacks.

Almost all fish love to eat Cherry Shrimps; hence when the shrimps are around, the fish go crazy and chase them. It is challenging for the cherry shrimp to protect themselves from the other fish.

The fish will nibble the cherry shrimp and break them into pieces, and eventually, they will become easy food for the fish.

Java moss plants provide food as well as shelter to the Cherry Shrimp. They can hide behind java moss plants, and when they are hungry, they do not have to leave the area; they can eat the plant leaves and survive.

How to Decorate Your Cherry Shrimps Tank by Using Java Moss?

Java moss is the first choice when it comes to decorating the Cherry shrimp’s tank. The guide will assist you in making natural habitat for the Cherry Shrimp tank and protect themselves from the predators.

1) Java moss water bed

Place the layer of the java moss at the bottom of the tank. The carpet structure allows the plant to multiply, making the java moss plant more comfortable.

A stress-free environment keeps the Cherry shrimp active, and they breed more often, making the female produce more fry.

Java moss carpet on the water bed also provides hiding space for the fry. As the plant grows, the leaves will make perfect conditions for the fry.

They can move comfortably between the java moss plant without facing the other large Shrimp or fish. Java moss plant improves their survival rate and supports the growth of the Shrimp.

2) Java moss ball

Another way of using the java moss is creating a moss ball to allow the shrimp fry and small Shrimp to hide behind and under the moss ball. Take any stone or rock found in the water body.

Tie the moss around it and leave it in the tank for few weeks. Provide adequate sunlight or artificial UV rays to let the plant grow. Soon the java moss occupies the entire space around the rock, and it will take a ball-like shape, which will look great.

3) Surface

Java moss plants need a moist environment to grow. The java moss plant can leave floating and extend above the water. The surface would be the perfect space to grow as it offers sunlight, air, and humid condition.

It will create the natural mesh of the java moss on the surface and allow the Shrimp to float near the surface and protect themselves behind the plant.

How to help Java Moss for Breeding Cherry Shrimp?

Cherry shrimp breeding seasons allow them to produce a large number of fry in one season. If you are farming Cherry shrimp, it is essential to provide an excellent habitat in the tank.

Java moss plant offers the Cherry shrimp ideal hiding space. When the Shrimp are stress-free, they can focus on breeding and produce more Shrimp in the process.

Java moss plant protects cherry shrimp from getting eaten by other fish. Also, the fry receives the hiding space that they can use to survive in the tank.

Do Cherry Shrimp lay eggs on Java Moss?

No. Cherry Shrimp female generally carry their eggs under their tail until they are hatch. Usually, it takes three weeks for eggs to deliver babies. Cherry shrimp females utilize the java moss plant to hide when there is a predator around.

The plant allows the Shrimp to protect themselves. Also, the Shrimp stay calm when they find the hiding space in the tank. The growing anxiety could also affect the health of the female Shrimp, affecting the fry.

Is Cherry Shrimp Poop Harmful to Java Moss?

No. No evidence shows cherry shrimp poop is harmful to java moss plant growth. However, any waste product could affect the marine line.

Thus, you should have proper filtration in the tank. Majorly the poop of the fish contains various chemicals which could foul the water and affect the entire marine life. Therefore, you should remove the waste product residing at the water bed.

Also, perform water change regularly to ensure the Cherry shrimp live in the fresh water and natural habitat. Any contamination could result in health problems and affect the living being in the water.

Can Cherry Shrimp Be Happy with Java Moss?

Cherry shrimp love the java moss plant. There are two reasons for that; the first reason is the java moss plant becomes denser as it grows. It offers the perfect hiding space for the Cherry Shrimp.

Another reason is the java moss performs as the nutritional food for the Cherry shrimp.

The plant’s fast growth allows the Shrimp as much as they want without having significant damage to the fish. Cherry Shrimp stay stress-free when there is a java moss plant around.

Is Cherry Shrimp Get Stuck in Java Moss?

If the java moss plant is kept floating, the Shrimp may not get stuck inside it. Even if they get stuck, they will eat the moss and find a way out. The Cherry shrimp only get stuck when the java moss plant is placed on the mesh or rock.

The cracks in the rock could make it challenging for the Shrimp to come out from the denser region.

Also, the moss plant attached to the mesh could affect the Cherry Shrimp. Once the Shrimp enters the mesh surrounded by the Java moss plant, it will be difficult for the Cherry shrimp to come out.

They may also get their legs or fins stuck in the mesh, and it will be difficult for them to come out.

Will My Cherry Shrimp Die Eating Java Moss?

No. Java moss is not a chemically rich plant. The plant is a natural source of nutrition.

When Cherry shrimp are not getting enough food, the java moss could become the perfect source of nutrition during these periods. The Shrimp can survive comfortably by eating the java moss plant.


Cherry shrimp would love to have the java moss plant in the tank. It protects them from predator as well as offer excellent food source. Having java moss plant in the shrimp tank would allow you to increase their survival rate.

With java, moss plants around the Shrimp will multiply faster. Their breeding season will be conducted in a safe environment, and you will have a fast-growing population of Shrimp in the tank.

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