Can I Grow Java Moss in A Jar?

Can I Grow Java Moss in A Jar? Yes. Java moss can grow in the jar. However, the space will be too small for them to spread, which will slow down their growth.

Also, Java Moss would need nutrients and adequate sunlight to produce the food. Ensure that you offer them the perfect ambiance with necessary nutrients that will contribute to faster growth.

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Can I Grow Java Moss in A Jar
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Java Moss is a sturdy plant that proliferates even in bad water conditions. The moss requires ample sunlight to perform photosynthesis and produce food for survival. Java moss plants do not have roots; thus, they consume the nutrients through the leaves.

These characteristics enable the java moss to live longer and survive even it is broken into pieces. Every stem in the java moss plant is capable of producing a new plant.

Can I Grow Java Moss in a Jar?

Yes. It is possible to grow java moss in the jar. Follow these step-by-step guides to learn how to grow java moss in a jar.

Step 1: Get the Container

You need a glass container to allow UV light to reach the bottom of the container. Choose a clean container, non-porous that can hold a sufficient amount of water. Decide the size of the container based on the java moss plant length.

The plant should submerge quickly under the water and occupy maximum space. Keep the center exposed to the light else, and the plant will die if they cannot generate enough survival food.

Step 2: Pour the freshwater.

Java moss plant is found in freshwater bodies. Pour fresh water into the container. Leave it for few days until it becomes old enough to meet the plant requirement. The freshwater coming from the tap may have chemicals in it.

If you put the plant immediately into the tap water, the chemicals found in the water, such as chlorine, could affect the plan, and java moss may die. Ensure that you use only water kept for a few days in the container and allow the water to become suitable for the plant.

Step 3: Put the plant in a container.

In the next step, put the java moss plant in the container. Also, if required, place the guppies fish or any other fish to control the mosquito larva’s growth. Submerge them under the water, so they can comfortably grow and occupy maximum space inside the container.

The open water will attract the mosquitoes, and they will start laying the eggs in the water. The fish will eat the larva and do not permit it to spread in the water.

Step 4: Keep the container in the sunlight

The sunlight is an essential ingredient for speeding up the java moss plant growth. The plant uses the UV rays to produce food. Remember that exposure to the UV rays could allow the java moss to proliferate.

It will occupy the entire container in few weeks. Therefore, keep an eye on the growth of the plant; else, it will break the water and start growing outside the water. Change the water frequently when it turns pale yellow.

Step 5: Moderate the growth

The Java moss plant grows faster when the water condition is perfect and the plant receives sufficient sunlight. Hence, you should cut down the excess leaves to control the growth and provide the ideal shape for the plant.

Can I Keep a Java Moss in a Mason Jar?

Yes. The java moss can grow comfortably in the Mason jar provided you offer them sufficient nutrients with the sunlight to perform photosynthesis to produce food. Avoid putting the jar under direct sunlight. It will attract algae, and the plant will die soon.

How to Take Care Java Moss in Mason Jar?

The Java moss plant doesn’t need much care, but it requires much care; else will increase exponentially. The plant will penetrate the water and start growing outside.

Tips to take care of Java Moss in Mason Jar

  • Water temperature affects the growth of the java moss plant. Hence, you should have the perfect water condition in the Mason Jar. Use the temperature measurement device to ensure that the water stays in control.
  • Exponential growth control would affect the plant. Sometimes, the small space will get occupied quickly, creating a net-like structure in the water. As the plant grows, the center of the plant will have less exposure to sunlight. As a result, the plant will have challenges in producing enough amount of food for survival.
  • Keep the Monsan jar in the sunlight for few hours and allow the java moss to perform the photosynthesis process.
  • Conduct water changes every week and pours fresh water.
  • Use plant-based nutrients to fulfill the need of the plant. When the condition is suitable, the plant thrives, and you will have the perfect java moss plant.

What are the Best Glasses to Make Java Moss Terrarium?

Terrarium can be made in any glass container or jar. The old fashion candy jars are most famous in Terrarium. This jar type is suitable for the java moss plant as well. It looks beautiful and provides a fantastic view once the plant grows inside. 

Alternatively, you can use bowls, tanks, goblets, bottles, or even an aquarium-sized fish tank. Cloudy or colored glass can also be used to make the Java moss terrarium. Just ensure the glass does not block the UV rays. Sunlight is essential for the growth of the plant.

An open container can be covered with a lid or transparent plastic foil to avoid the insect and bacteria entering the container.

Today, you can find different types of the glass jar in the stores. You can choose any of them according to your need and the space available in the home.

Can Java Moss Grow in a Closed Jar? (Lid Jar)

Yes. It is possible to grow the java moss in a closed jar. The plant can expand without much CO2 around. Java moss would not need the excess amount of CO2.

However, you need to control the nutritional factors to make the java moss survive and thrive naturally.

Yes. Java moss is a sturdy plant, and it can grow around any aquarium fish and thrive quickly. Java moss plant is perfect for aquarium fish.

It will provide oxygen to the fish and make the habitat natural. You can keep the java moss plant with a betta, molly, and many other fish that can survive in a tight container.


Java moss plants can overgrow if the water condition is good. The habitat should be suitable for the plant, and else, it will be challenging to improve the plant. Follow the suggested techniques to make the java moss plant survive and grow faster.

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