Can I Grow Java Moss Out of Water?

Moss is a non-vascular plant, so that it can increase underwater and in the open air. Java moss can grow comfortably out of the water. However, the plant should be kept moist all the time. Else, the plant will have difficulty surviving, and their leaves dry out.

Java moss is very flexible when it comes to growing them at home. They can grow anywhere without any particular place. The only thing you need to take care of while growing java moss is that it should contact the nutrient source.

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Underwater java moss consumes the nutrition found in the water. Any moist substrate can become their food. The plant goes exponentially when the condition is aligned with its growth.

Can I Grow Java Moss Out of Water
Can I Grow Java Moss Out of Water

Can I Grow Java Moss Out of Water?

Yes. You can grow java moss out of water. The plant needs a moist environment to survive, so create a habitat suitable to make it overgrow. The nutrition necessary to grow the java moss plant should be given to them to allow sustainable growth.

How to Keep Java Moss out of Water?

Java moss needs moisture around them to keep its leaves wet and avoid drying out quickly. Remember that the java moss doesn’t have a root system to consume the nutrition from the earth’s resources. Leaves are the only source used by a plant to produce food for survival.

Leaves exposed to sun radiation or kept under hot temperatures may lose the leaves’ water content, making to dry out quickly. The humidity level around the plant should be around 80 to 90 percent, and else the leaves will have difficulty producing sufficient food.

Keep the plant near the water body if you want to grow them out of the water. The temperature around the water generally stays humid. The plant will have a suitable condition for growth. It will thrive without any trouble, and you will have perfect Java moss-grown out of water.

What is the best way to grow Java Moss Out of Water?

Java moss is a water plant that needs water to survive. If you put them out of the water, their leaves will start drying out, and eventually, they will die due to the non-availability of nutrition and food. The plant needs close contact with nutrition.

When you place the plant out of the water, ensure that you have a system to keep them moist all the time. You may set the auto water sprayer around the plant that sprays the water every few hours to keep the moisture.

Use the mesh to hold the plant in position. Try to grow the plant on a flat surface so the light source will reach the plant quickly. Java moss plants do not have roots, so the food they produce comes from the leaves.

Once the leaves start drying, the plant will have a challenging time making the food. The non-availability of nutritional food would cause the plant to die.

Which Substrate Good for Java Moss Out of Water?

The mesh is the common substrate generally uses to grow Java Moss plat out of water. You can set up mesh vertically or horizontally, the way you want. Mesh can be a tie on the wall or place on flat ground.

It provides support to the plant so they can grow comfortably. You can pin the hole in the plant to tie them with the thread. It will keep the Java moss in position when the mess is placed in vertical mode.

Another way is growing java moss in the pot. Use the dry wood to provide support to the java moss plant. You have to ensure that the plant receives a sufficient amount of water throughout the day. It needs a moist environment to thrive.

Pot can hold the java moss and dry wood in place. The java moss will start growing on the dry wood, and they will occupy the space quickly, giving the plant a beautiful green texture.

How Long Can Java Moss live without water?

Java moss cannot live without water for too long. The leaves will start drying out within a day. As the food source decreases, the plant will stop growing, and whatever leaves are remaining will soon dry out through the water vaporization process.

Once the entire water vaporizes from the leaves, the plant can no longer produce food and eventually dies.

Java moss survival depends on the food source and moisture level. Java moss does not consume food from the roots as they don’t have one. Thus, leaves are the only source for them to produce food and survive.

Without the right amount of food, the plant starts drying out. Once the plant begins drying out, the food source decreases.

After 48 hours, the entire java moss plant will be near-death and eventually reach the point where they cannot be recovered.

How Many Days Can Java Moss Survive Out of Water?

The survival of the java moss plant depends on various factors when they are kept out of water. The plant in the moist environment can sustain longer without needing to submerge in water. The Java moss plant needs a sufficient amount of water to produce food.

With the water, the UV rays or direct sunlight is also necessary for a plant to sustain itself. Ensure that the Java moss plant is not under direct sunlight when it is out of water.

The sun may heat the plant and vaporize the entire water trapped in the leaves and make them dry quickly.

If you put the java moss in moist condition, they can comfortably survive for weeks. In an environment with a hot temperature, the plant would have difficulty holding the water.

Without water, the plant will not be able to run the photosynthesis process and lack food. The plant will die soon as soon as they run out of water and food.

Symptoms of Growing Java Moss Out of Water

Java moss plants struggle in growth when they are growing out of water. In most cases, the growth rate of the java moss plant decreases significantly. The plant experiences excess heat, which they are not prone to deal with.

The photosynthesis process slows down, which reduces food development. As a result, the growth of the java moss plant decreases.

Java moss plant is not immune to survive out of water. The condition becomes lethal for them as the temperature rises. Also, the moisture level in the air is generally deficient, which slowdowns the java moss plant growth.

If you are facing the flow growth rate of the java moss plant, then check whether your plant has penetrated the water or not. In any case, the exponential growth of java moss plants makes them reach the surface and go out of the water.

This is where the problem starts occurring in the java moss plant. Underwater growth may continue, but as the plant penetrate the water, it slows down the development, and you will experience the plant is not developing.

You may have to move the plant in the bigger tank, but trim down the half of the plant and move them to another fish tank or put the rest half at the bottom of the tank.

How to Sell Java Moss Without Water Packaging?

You need proper packaging to keep moisture inside the package to avoid the java moss plant from drying out. Use the paper towels and put the java moss plant inside.

Wet the towel with sprinkling water on it. It will keep the moisture in the package and avoid leakage.

After that, pack the paper towel with java moss in it in the zip lock bag that does not allow air to pass through it. The zip lock bag put the moss away from excess heat.

Choose the speedy delivery service to send the package within 2 to 3 days. Longer than that may kill the java moss plant.


Java moss plants will slow down significantly if you put them out of water. The plant needs a good amount of water and nutrition, which cannot be produced in the air. Without the leaves touching the water, it will be difficult for the plant to create the necessary food.

If you want to grow the java moss plant out of the water, then have the proper condition around the plant. Moisture is essential, so create a system that ensures the water is spread on the plant every few minutes or hours to keep the plant moist.

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