Can I Grow Riccia Moss without CO2?

The Riccia Moss or also known as the Crystal wort or the Riccia fluitans is a plant native to Europe, America, and Asia.

This plant is a foreground plant and grows very beautifully up to a height of around 03 to 05 cm tall. This is a very fast-growing plant and can be easily grown.

Grow Riccia Moss without CO2
Grow Riccia Moss without CO2

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Does Riccia Moss need CO2?

Riccia Moss is a plant without a root system, so it does not necessarily require CO2 for its growth. However, if added CO2 the plant will have a greener look and a healthy growth.

Can I grow Riccia Moss without CO2?

Riccia Moss like all other plants makes its own food, therefore they can grow without the infusion of CO2.

Can Riccia Moss live without CO2?

When provided with other factors such as enough amount of light, temperature, and other requirements, the Riccia Moss will still be without even CO2. But when infused with CO2 the plant will have better growth in the tank or aquarium.

What happens if you plant Riccia Moss without CO2?

The Riccia Moss will still grow in the tank at a lower rate than when added with CO2. The plant will not have a much greener look when planted without CO2.

Do fish produce enough CO2 for Riccia Moss?

The CO2 produced by fish is enough for the aquatic plants in the tank when there is a low to moderate amount of light in the tank.

Riccia Mosses at the top of the tank require only a moderate amount of light whereas the riccia moss lying at the bottom of the tank will require a higher amount of light.

So therefore the CO2 produced by fish will be insufficient for the Riccia Moss lying at the bottom of the tank. But will still grow.

Will adding CO2 reduce algae in Riccia Moss?

Yes, adding CO2 to the Riccia Moss will help to reduce the algae growth on the Riccia Moss if they are receiving too much light in the tank.

Can too much CO2 cause the spreading of algae in Riccia fluitans?

No, algae occur in the Riccia Moss when there is too much light received and fewer nutrients received. So algae will spread in the Riccia fluitans when there is less amount of CO2 received in the tank.

How long should I run CO2 in my riccia moss aquarium?

The Running of CO2 received on the Riccia moss depends on the time of light received on the plants.

If the tank receives light for 06 hours of time CO2 will be added during the full amount of time and if the tank receives light for around 8 hours of time, the CO 2 can be turned on for 8 hours a day.

What happens if riccia moss plants have too much CO2?

Riccia Moss plants in the tank will be happier to receive much CO2 so that they can have a healthier and faster growth.

But too much CO2 on the Riccia Moss will cause the PH levels of the plants to drop and thereafter might even kill them.

Do Riccia Moss plants need CO2 at night?

No, the Riccia Moss plants do not require CO2 at night.

Can CO2 burn Riccia Moss plants?

No, CO2 will not burn the Riccia Moss in the tank, however, it should be seen that the addition of CO2 does not reduce the PH levels of the Riccia Moss. If the PH level reduces it will cause these plants to die.

Does CO2 work with LED lights in my Riccia Moss aquarium tank?

Yes, if balanced properly CO2 will work with the LED lights in the Riccia Moss tank.


Riccia Moss is a plant that can add beauty to the fish tank, as well as provide other benefits to the tank. Therefore you can have one of these plants added to the tank.

CO2 can help these plants to have a green look and a healthier growth in the tank.

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