Can I use Riccia Moss as a Carpet?

The Riccia Moss also known as the Riccia Fluitans or the Crystal Wort is a foreground plant.

This plant grows in Europe, America, and Asia. A Japanese aqua scaper, Takashi Amano popularized this plant to be used in aquariums and fish tanks.

Since then this plant has been used in the decorating of aquariums. The Riccia Moss is an easy and fast-growing plant, therefore it will spread in the tank within a short period and will almost cover the whole tank.

Can I use Riccia Moss as a Carpet
Can I use Riccia Moss as a Carpet

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Therefore this plant can be grown on any surface.

Can I use Riccia Moss as a carpet?

Yes, the Riccia Moss can be used as a carpet for your tank or aquarium. It will be a great and beautiful addition to your tank.

But as a very fast-growing plant, you will have to see that this plant is regularly cleaned and trimmed so that this plant does not cover the whole tank and other plants in it.

How can I get Riccia Moss out of the carpet?

Taking Riccia Moss out of the carpet and placing them on other parts of the tanks to grow is not that much of a difficult task.

The Riccia Moss is a fast-growing plant, therefore you will find a large amount of this moss-grown in the carpet.

You can take a pair of scissors and cut small pieces on this plant and place them elsewhere in the tank so that they can grow.

How fast does Riccia carpet Moss grow?

Riccia Moss, compared to other aquatic plants and mosses is a fast-growing plant. Therefore it will grow very fast in the tank.

Therefore the Riccia Moss carpet will grow in the tank at a much faster rate than other plants and cover the tank.

Can Riccia Moss carpet on gravel?

Yes, the Riccia Moss can carpet on gravel. Riccia Moss can grow almost on any surface. They will grow on sand, rocks, on any type of substrate in your tank or aquarium, therefore they can grow on gravel too.

Is Riccia Moss carpet spawn proof?

No, moss carpets are not always spawned proof, the mobs will not spawn on the carpets but in the carpets.


Riccia Moss, compared to the other plants used in aquariums and fish tanks is an easier plant to be grown. Also, this plant is easy to be taken care of with minimum maintenance.

As this plant can grow itself anywhere you can have this plant added in different ways to your tank. This plant can be let to grow as a carpet at the bottom of the tank, or else attached to the rocks and driftwood in the tank.

n any way, this plant will bring a green and beautiful look to the tank. So if you are yet to add a nice looking fish tank to your home place or work premises try adding some riccia moss to your tank.

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