Can My Marimo Moss Balls Die?

Marimo Moss Balls, an Algae which grows in Japanese and Nothern Europe Lakes and Rivers is said to grow only five Mm in Diameter.

They do not die that hard in their natural waters and grows for over 100 to 200 years. But when it comes to use as an Aquarium Plant which is used to decorate Aquariums and Fish Tanks the situation Changes.

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Can My Marimo Moss Balls Die
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Can My Marimo Moss Balls Die?

Compared to other Aquatic plants in an Aquarium Marimo Moss Ball require a Minimium Maintainance.

But when these minimum requirments of the Marimo Moss Balls are not met and if you cause any other physical damage to these moss ball it might even cause the Marimos in your tank to die (decay).

Therefore the Answer to the above question is yes,Marimo Moss Balls can Die.

How Do I know if my Marimo Moss Ball has Died?

Marimo Moss Balls are green balls with a velvety and a smooth look. It may change in colour such as Brown or Grey or sometimes white when these Moss Balls are not treated properly.

The worst of this is your Marimo Moss Ball is Black in colour which means that your Marimo Moss Ball is dying.

Signs of a Dying Marimo Moss Ball

If you look close in to the Moss Balls you will see that they don’t have the green look in them.

They will not look very live. If you take out these Moss Balls out of the tank and smell they will have an awful smell and the moss will not stay together they will fall apart.

Reasons for Marimo Moss Ball Dying

Marimo Moss Balls in the Aquarium can die either because you have damaged them while cleaning the Moss Balls or they are not given the proper maintainance in your Aquarium.

Marimo Moss balls need to be cleaned very often. When cleaning the Moss Balls you should squeeze and roll these moss balls so that they have their circular shape and also they remove the other algae which is gathered in its Moss.

This should be done very gently.If the Marimo Moss Balls are cleaned in a harsh manner it will cause damage to the Moss Balls and cause them to die.

Another reason for the Marimo Moss Balls to die is when they are not given their proper maintenance.

Marimo Moss Balls should be cleaned at least once a week or at least during the second week from the previous cleaning.

If they are not cleaned properly they will start to rot and turn into a brown colour.

Also they should receive the proper amount of sunlight and too much of Sunlight is also not good on these Marimo Moss Balls.

Another problems that these Marimo Moss Balls face are attacks by other Algae and attacks by Parasites.

The above mentioned factors affecting the Marimo Moss Balls can be solved easily,but when atleast if one of the above mentioned are not treated properly and kept for a long time without a cure , then it will cause the Marimos to Die.

How do I save a Dying Marimo Moss Ball?

If you are willing to save your Marimo Moss Balls Dying,you will have to try cleaning these balls as much as possible but without making any damage on the Moss Balls.

You can take the Moss Balls out of your fish tank and gently wash them with water.

Or you can try soaking the Moss Balls in water and try to clean the mulm which is gathered within its moss or

You can try putting a small amount of salt into another container and have the Moss Balls in this water for some time where the Moss Balls might turn back in green.

But if the situation of the Marimo Moss Balls are too critical the above mentioned methods of saving your Moss Balls might not work,but you can have a try on it.

Is Dead Marimo Moss Ball Bad for Fish Tank?

When Dead the Marimo Moss Ball will stink and will remove in parts and at times will move all around the fish tank if necessary action to take them out as soon as possible is not taken.

These Dead Marimo Moss Balls will produce toxic ammonia which will move around the fish tank with the water and even kill the Fish in the tank.

So dead Marimo Moss Balls need to be moved out of the fish tank as soon as possible.

Is Dead Marimo Moss Ball Harmful for other Aquarium Plants?

Like on the Fish in the tank Dead Marimo Moss might also have a harmful effect on other Aquatic plants.

As the Marimo Moss Balls when dead will produce toxic ammonia.

How to Recover the Dying Marimo Moss Ball?

A Dying Marimo Moss Ball will be black in colour,but if all parts of this Marimo is not black in colour you can remove the black parts of the Moss and take the remaining green parts of the Moss and form small moss balls and place them in the tank.

But before placing these Moss Balls in the fish tank where your Moss Balls died earlier you would have to find the cause for the dead Marimos and take precautionary methods on the same before placing the new ones.

How to Clean Dead Marimo Moss Ball in Tanks?

You can take out the dead Marimo Moss Balls out of the tank and clean your tank and other Aquatic plants in your tank.

If there are other Marimos in the tank which are not dead,thoroughly clean them before placing back in the tank .

If these Marimos have been lying dead in the tank for a long period of time without taking any measures and you think of cleaning it thereafter you will have to be careful when taking them out the tank because it might be breaking in parts.

Can I kill a Marimo Moss Ball?

Marimo Moss Balls are hard to kill.

Until you give the Marimo Moss Balls the required amount of maintenance and nutrition it will not die.

But if you keep these Moss Balls in untreated tap water, salt water or in a tank where there are nutrients in the waste you can kill the Marimos.

Taking care of the Marimo Moss Balls in your Aquarium or fish tank will save you your time which you will have to spend on the Marimos when they are unwell and also the money which you have used in purchasing them.

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