Does Christmas Moss Make Oxygen?

The Christmas Moss or the Christmas Moss is a greenly looking plant with similarities to a real Christmas tree. This Moss has fir like leaves and is around 03 to 04 inches tall.

This tree grows on wet surfaces such as nearby to streams, river banks, wet rocks and the wet Forest Trees.

This plant is native to the Tropical Asia and also countries like India, Thailand, Phillippenes and the Japan.

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The Christmas Moss is a fresh water plant and survive itself in the fresh water tanks or aquariums. Salt water or dirty water in your tank will kill the Christmas Moss.

Does Christmas moss make oxygen
Does Christmas moss make oxygen?

All fish and aquarium plants in your tank requires a certain amount of oxygen for living, the Christmas moss also like other plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis and provides the tank and its tank mates a certain amount of oxygen for survival.

Does Christmas Moss make Oxygen?

Yes, like all other plants and Mosses the Christmas Moss also makes its own food through the process of Photosynthesis, producing out a certain amount of oxygen requirement to the tank.

Importance of Making Oxygen in Christmas Moss

All Aquatic life as well as the tank mates in your tank requires oxygen for living as well as growing.

Therefore producing of oxygen by the Christmas Moss in your tank is highly important.

This producing of oxygen by the Christmas Moss helps the fish and other tank mates in the tank to live.

Also helps to have a balanced Eco system within the tank.

Does Christmas Moss plant provide oxygen 24 Hours?

No, like all the other plants the Christmas Moss will provide the oxygen requirement of the tank during the day time and vice versa during the Night time.

Does Christmas Moss provide Oxygen at Night?

Christmas Moss will not provide the tank with Oxygen during the Night.

Like all other plants the Christmas Moss will produce out carbon dioxide during the night while absorbing the oxygen.

Does Christmas Moss make Oxygen more than other Aquarium Plants?

A fast spread Christmas Moss in your tank can produce much more oxygen to your tank than one or two Aquatic plants in the tank.

However there are certain Aquatic plants which are in use that are able to provide the tank with more oxygen than the Christmas Moss.

What Aquarium Plants release more Oxygen?

Every Fish Tank or Aquarium needs Oxygen for the living of its tank mates and plants.

Aquatic plants play a major role in providing the required amount of oxygen to the tank.

Among these Aquatic plants, there are certain plants that can produce a much more amount of oxygen compared to the other Aquatic plants.

Such plants are the,


The Hornwort or otherwise known as the Coontail is a highly used plant in Fish Keeping. These plants can survive a wide range of climates.

However it’s best to keep this plants in a cooler water tank than in a tank with warm water as cold water is able to hold more oxygen produced by this plant.

This plant requires a high amount of light and is able to produce more oxygen when attached to substrate or any other object in the tank.


Eelgrass is an attractive plant which is easy to be taken care of. This plant is one of the best oxygenating plants with its large coverage area and long Fauna.

This plant can be considered as a one of the best oxygenating plants that can fill the tank. However overgrowth of this plant will tend to reduce the oxygen level in your tank. Therefore you have to see that this plant does not overgrow within the tank.

Green Camboda

This plant is an oxygenating plant which is mainly used in the outdoor ponds.

This plant can grow very rapidly in the tank with a medium to high amount of lighting.

This plant is also one of the best oxygenating plants to your tank.

Red Ludwigia

This plant is of two varieties the red and the green. This plant is also a fast growing oxygenating plant and requires a large amount of light and fertilizer for a better growth.


the Anacharis also known as the water weeds is a plant that can provide your tank with a large amount of oxygen. Attaching the plant in substrate and providing a sufficient amount of fertilizer to the tank can increase the growth of this plant.

Can Christmas Moss grow without CO2?

Yes, as the Christmas Moss produces its own food an addition infusion of CO 2 will not be required.

However adding CO2 to the Moss will help the growth of the Moss faster and healthier.

Does Christmas Moss Clean Water?

Yes, like all other Aquatic plants and Mosses used in any Aquarium or tank a live Christmas Moss in your tank can help to clean and improve the quality of water in it.

The Christmas Moss absorbs the Nitrates and other Nutrients in the Water and helps to keep the water in the tank or Aquarium clean.

What toxins does Christmas Moss Release?

A live Christmas Moss will not release any toxins to your tank, instead they will absorb the nitrates and help in cleaning the water of the tank.

However if the Christmas Moss is left dying and decaying in the tank for a longer period of time , like all other plants there is a possibility of the Christmas Moss to produce Nitrite and Ammonia toxins to your tank.

Is Christmas Moss good to use in the House Aquarium?

Yes, the Christmas Moss is good to be used in the House Aquarium. There will be no harm in having this plant in your House Aquarium.

They will do well in the Aquarium as long as there is a sufficient amount of clean and fresh water in your Aquarium while also receiving the enough amount of light.


A Christmas Moss in your tank can be easily taken care of. They will add a beauty to the tank as well as provide other benefits to the tank as well. One such Benefit of Christmas Moss is providing oxygen to the tank.

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