Does Goldfish like Riccia Moss?

Gold Fish is a famous type of indoor fish used in almost any type of Fish Tank. It is said that the Goldfish are helpful in increasing the good luck of the house.

These Fish are the most sacred and prosperity bringing fish, out of all the other types of fish. They look like Gold and add a glow of gold into your life as well.

There are over 200 breeds of Goldfish found all around the world and almost all of them are used in any type of Aquarium or tank all around the world.

Goldfish like Riccia Moss
Goldfish like Riccia Moss

Goldfish are herbivorous animals and they feed on most of the Aquatic plants added in any Aquarium when not fed well enough. Even at times, they are, well-fed, as they eat anything that fits in their mouth they will feed on the aquatic plants in your tank.

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So when adding a Riccia Moss plant to your tank, a beautiful decoration to your tank, it is to be seen that these plants are kept away from the reach of the goldfish in the tank.

Does Goldfish like Riccia Moss?

Yes, the Goldfish does well with all types of aquatic plants, and also they can do well with the Riccia Moss. However, the goldfish are plant eaters.

They put anything that fits in their mouth. So it would be better to keep away the Riccia Moss out of reach from the Goldfish.

Will Goldfish eat Riccia Moss?

Yes, the goldfish are great plant-eaters. They will not only eat the plants but will put anything that fits into their mouths. They will feed on the Riccia Moss plants in the tank as well. When not properly fed.

Is Riccia Moss toxic to Goldfish?

No, Riccia Moss is not toxic to the goldfish until it stays healthy and lively in the tank. But if these plants are kept dying in the tank for a long time. Then it will be harmful to the goldfish as the riccia might produce toxins in the tank.

Is Goldfish poop harmful to Riccia Moss?

Proper and regular cleaning of the fish tank will keep the goldfish poop away from the Riccia Moss.

But when there is fish poop collected in the tank for a long time without cleaning, fish poop will get stuck in the Riccia Moss and will produce a bad smell in the tank.

This might have a bad effect on Riccia Moss and might even cause them to die.

Does Riccia Moss support breeding fish?

The Riccia Moss plant will be a great nesting place for the Goldfish to lay their Eggs. They can also have a good shelter and a great hiding place for their eggs from other types of fish in your tank.

Do baby goldfish eat Riccia Moss?

Yes, as plant-eaters even the baby goldfish will feed on the Riccia Moss in your tank. But will not feed on huge chunks as the larger goldfish does. But these baby goldfish might cause slight damage to the Riccia Moss in the tank.


Riccia Moss and Goldfish are a great addition to your tank. They are a beautiful combination in the tank with the green look in the Riccia Moss and the gold color of the goldfish.

Not only will Riccia Moss be a beautiful decoration to the tank but will also bring other benefits to the tank. So try adding this combination to your tank as well.

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