Does Riccia Fluitans Need High Light?

Takashi Amano, a Japanese aquarist popularized a beautiful plant that can be added to the aquariums and fish. By name, it’s identified as the Riccia Moss.

Although this plant is identified as a Moss, this is actually a plant that can survive fully submerged in the waters. Only the Japanese plants can be used in such away. Riccia Moss from another origin cannot be used fully submerged in the waters.

This plant is scientifically known as the Riccia fluitans. And other common names for these plants are Crystal wort or the Riccia Moss. The Riccia Moss plant is seen growing in Europe, America, and also Asia, and this plant is a foreground plant.

Riccia Fluitans Need High Light
Riccia Fluitans Need High Light

The Riccia Moss can be easily grown and grows around 03 to 05 cm in height at around one month’s time and can spread and grow all over the tank during a very short period.

Therefore it should be seen that this plant is given a proper clean and trimming once in a while. So that this plant does not overtake the other plants and thereafter the whole tank.

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Another important factor that we should know about this plant is that this plant requires a medium to a high amount of light. Without the proper amount of light received on these plants, these plants will not have healthy growth in the tank.

Does Riccia Fluitans need high light?

Riccia fluitans are plants that need light from a medium to a higher rate. But not too much bright light might cause these plants to burn or get algae attacks and die off.

Is Riccia fluitans a low-light plant?

No, Riccia fluitans are not a low light plant. These plants will find it difficult to grow under low lights. As a fast-growing plant, the Riccia Moss requires light on all parts of the plant.

The parts of the plants that do not receive will decay and die off causing the whole plant to die. Therefore these plants require a moderate to a high amount of light.

Can Riccia Fluitans grow without light?

No, like all other plants the riccia also needs an amount of light to make its food and grow. Therefore they require a medium to a high amount of light. These plants cannot grow without light.

When these plants do not receive the required amount of light, it will have health effects on the plant and cause them to die.

Is Riccia Fluitans dying without proper lighting?

Yes, without the proper amount of lighting the Riccia Moss plants in the tank will die. Riccia moss are plants that require a moderate to a high amount of light. Even a low amount of light will cause these plants to die.

Does Riccia Fluitans need light 24 hours?

No, Riccia fluitans will not require light all 24 hours. Like all other aquatic plants light during the daytime will be sufficient for the Riccia Moss.

Is direct sunlight good for Riccia Fluitans?

Yes, as the Riccia Moss requires a medium to a high amount of direct sunlight will be good on these plants. However, too much of direct sunlight is not good for these plants.

Too much bright sunlight received on the plants will cause the plants to have algae attacks on them.

Can Riccia Moss grow in a dark room?

Riccia moss can grow in a dark room if they are provided with enough amount of light on the tank. Even in a dark room if the tank in which these plants are kept receives enough amount of light the Riccia Moss will grow.

What types of lights are best for Riccia Moss?

Among the LED lights that are used for Aqua scaping the perfectly and most used are the below mentioned LED lights. These LED lights will also be a perfect match for the Riccia Moss in your tank.

  • Twin star LED Lights and
  • The Serene RGB Light.

Is the lighting condition of Riccia Moss directly impacting Algae growth?

Yes, the lighting received on the Riccia Moss can directly impact the Algae growth in the tank. Riccia Moss is a plant that requires a moderate to high amount of light.

But not too high light. Too much of the light received on the plant can cause these plants to eventually have algae attacks them.

And if these algae are not properly removed within a short time, this can even might cause the Riccia Moss in the tank to die.


Riccia Moss is a beautiful addition to any tank. It not only adds a green look to the tank but also provides the tank and the tank mates in it with certain other benefits as well.

As a fast growing plant the Riccia Moss can grow all over the tank within a very short time. Therefore light is an important factor for the health of these plants.

A moderate to a high amount of light can help these plants to grow much faster and healthier in your tank.

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