Does Star Moss Make Oxygen?

Star Moss or Tortola Ruralis is a very versatile plant. By the name itself this plant has star shaped leaves and is able to survive in both the dry and wet periods.

When these plants are provided with the required amount of water their leaves turn into a bright green color and when dry the leaves will turn into a brown red color. This plant will survive the same without dying until it’s given the required amount of water.

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With the star shaped leaves this plant is very attractive and is used by aquarists in the decoration of their fish tanks. This plant has many benefits when used in the tanks.

Does Star Moss Make Oxygen?

The Star Moss like all the other plants take in the carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen required in to the tank and completes the process of photosynthesis.

Does Star Moss make Oxygen
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Does Star Moss Clear Water?

Star Moss helps in the cleaning process of the water in the tank. When this plant is held in the tank it sucks the dirt and debris in the tank as food and also the dirt which sticks to the plant makes it easier to clean the tank.

Star Moss advantages for Tank Mates

The Star Moss does not grow very long as other plants and therefore other than its beautiful look one other reason for using these plants in aquariums is it being short in size.

The main advantage of using the Star Moss plant in tank with fish and other types of tank mates is that it provides the required amount of oxygen in to the tank.

Other than the above main advantage this plant also provides a great hiding place to the small tank mates within the tank as some are shy and feels safe within these plants when they are held with larger tank mates than them.

What toxins does Star Moss Release?

The Star Moss plant will provide the required amount of oxygen to the tank when held in the tank. But even though this plant is held in the aquariums this pant is not an aquarium plant.

Therefore even if this plant is fully submerged in water or even if not fully submerged in water this plant will hold itself in the water only for a period of around 90 days.

Thereafter this plant will start to decay and produce toxic acids to the tank which will be harmful to its tank mates.

Is Star Moss good to use in the House Aquarium?

Star Moss like the other mosses is not that difficult to grow. It requires a minimum amount of maintenance and can survive itself in the bright and low levels of sunlight. And also it does not have any harm.

Even though the existence of the plant is not that much in the water with its beautiful look and easy maintenance this plant can be used even in the house aquariums to add a beauty to the tank as well as keep the tank clean and provide the tank with the required amount of oxygen.

The Star Moss plant, another gift of nature is a very decorative plant. You can have one of these plants in your aquarium too. So therefore try one of these plants in your terrarium too.

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