Is Flame Moss Good for Turtles in my Aquarium?

Turtles are Reptile seen in the waters, people nowadays use to have different types of turtles as pets at their residences.

Is Flame moss good for Turtles
Is Flame moss good for Turtles

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Is Flame Moss good for Turtles?

Yes, the Flame Moss is a harmless plant, so therefore it will be safe to have a Flame Moss plant in your turtle’s tank.

Do Turtles eat Flame Moss?

Yes, turtles in your tank will feed on the Flame Moss in your tank, therefore it will be best to have the Flame moss in the tank away from the turtles.

Do Turtles like to live with Flame Moss?

Turtles will like living with the Flame Moss, as they are a source of food for them and also provide them with other benefits such as shelter.

Can I put Flame Moss in a turtle tank?

Yes, you can have Flame Moss in the turtle tank with certain precautionary measures to keep away the turtles from eating the Flame mosses in your tank.

Is Flame Moss toxic to Turtles?

No, it cannot be said that Flame Moss is always toxic on the turtles in the tank, but if there is a dying Flame Moss in the tank left for a longer period, then these mosses will produce toxins to the tank which will at times be harmful to the turtles in the tank.

Do Turtles eat algae in Flame Moss?

Yes, like the goldfish the turtles will eat anything that fits into their mouth, therefore they will eat the algae on the Flame Mosses too.

How does Flame Moss affect breeding?

The Flame moss will help the Turtles as a hiding place to have their Eggs laid and help the Turtles in the Breeding Process.

Is Flame Moss good for baby Turtles?

Yes, the Flame moss being a harmless plant will not have any bad effects on the baby turtles in the tank, until it is left dying in the tank for a longer time. A live Flame Moss will provide the baby turtles with the required shelter, a great hiding place for the baby turtles as well as something for the baby turtles to play with.

How do I clean a Flame Moss turtle tank?

A Turtle tank needs to be cleaned once a week to keep the tank and the water clean if not the unclean water will kill the turtles. This Cleaning will also help to keep the Flame mosses in the tank clean as well.

So when you clean your turtle tank you can take the Flame Mosses out of the tank clean them with water, dip them in water so that the mule that is collected around the Moss is cleaned, and then place them back in the tank.’

How to stop Turtles from eating Flame Moss?

Setting up Barriers

You can use the other Aquatic plants or use some other barriers to keep away the Flame Moss from the reach of your turtles in the tank. By this way you can have a healthy Flame Moss plant growing in your tank.

Feeding the turtles

Feeding the turtles with a sufficient amount of food can help to keep away the Flame mosses away from the turtles. When the turtles are fed enough they will not reach the flame mosses and eat them.

Can Turtles be happy with Flame Moss?

Yes, the Flame Mosses are bushy plants in the aquarium, so the baby turtles will get a safe hiding place and shelter from other larger tank mates in the tank as well as they can have a happy time playing inside these mosses.

Is it difficult to plant Flame Moss in a turtle tank?

No, it’s not that difficult to grow Flame Mosses in a turtle tank if the necessary precautionary measures are taken to keep away the turtles from eating the mosses. When the turtles are kept away from reaching and eating these mosses the Flame Mosses can have a healthy and beautiful growth in the turtles tank.

What are the best aquarium plants for turtle tanks?

The best aquarium plants for a turtle tank can be identified as the ,

  • Java Fern- Java Ferns are resilient, hardy and a good plant to clear the contaminants out of the water and is one of the best plants to a turtles tank
  • Java Moss- Java Mosses are plants that are easy to be taken care of and is an ideal plant to the turtles tank
  • The Greenpro anubias nana potted
  • The Anubias bundle
  • Brazilian Pennywort Bundle
  • Water Sprite Ceratopteris Thalictroides
  • Hygrophila Difformis Water Wisteria


The Flame Moss is a harmless plant to the turtles in your tank. However, the turtles might cause harm to these Mosses by eating them. Therefore you have to see that measures are taken to keep away the turtles from reaching your Flame Mosses. So that you can have a beautiful and healthy growing Flame Moss in your tank.

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