Does the Flame Moss Need CO2? (How Does It Get CO2)

The Flame Moss is scientifically known as the Taxiphyllum Flame. This Moss belongs to the Family of Hypnaceae and is mainly seen growing in South and Southeast Asia.

Compared to the other types of Mosses used in aqua scaping this Moss takes a bright green look, and by this look itself, many aquarists all around the world have come to mostly use this Moss in their aquariums.

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Flame Moss Need CO2
Flame Moss Need CO2

The Flame Moss is a plant that can grow itself almost anywhere it is planted. These Mosses can be grown fully submerged in the waters or even immersed.

These Mosses grow from Rhizoids. After a certain period of attaching these rhizoids will anchor the moss and help the Moss to absorb the nutrients needed.

These Mosses like all other plants make their food through the process of photosynthesis. But their growth can be increased with the use of certain fertilizers as well as CO 2.

So let’s look at how CO 2 is used and how it affects the growth of the plant.

Does the Flame Moss need CO2?

No, the Flame Moss does not necessarily require the infusion of CO2 to it. However, infusing CO2 to the Moss will make the Moss healthier, increase its growth and also give a much greener look to the Moss.

What will happen if I plant Flame Moss without CO2?

The Flame Moss like all other plants makes its food through the process of Photosynthesis, therefore not infusing CO2 into the Moss will not have any health effects on the Moss. The Moss will still grow in your tank but at a slower rate compared to the moss that has been infused with CO2.

Can Flame Moss live without CO2?

As all plants do, the Flame Moss also makes its own food, therefore it can be said that infusion of CO2 to the Moss is not necessarily required and the Moss can survive itself without CO2. However, when kept in the Aquarium it would be better to infuse CO2 into the Moss for healthier growth of the Moss.

What Moss does not need CO2?

Among the mosses that are being used in aquascaping the Java Moss is identified as a Moss that can survive itself without CO 2. Java Moss is identified as a Moss that can survive in your tank under a wide variety of Circumstances.

If I add more CO2 for my Flame Moss tank, is it harmful to the Fish?

No, adding CO2 to your Flame Moss tank will not have any harmful effects on the fish in your tank.

The fish can have a healthy life in the tank.

Adding Air pump will reduce CO 2 level in my Flame Moss Aquarium Tank?

Yes, adding an air pump to the tank will reduce the CO2 level in the flame moss tank, but the extra O2 and circulation will benefit the tank.


Even though adding CO2 is not necessarily required to the growth of the Flame Moss, when these Mosses are infused with CO 2, they will have a much better and healthier growth within the tank. Also, they will show a much greener look in them.

So if you are having Flame Mosses in your tank without adding CO 2 on them, try adding some CO2 to the Moss and see the beautiful growth that they will have in your tank.

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