How to Clean Algae from Christmas Moss? (Rid of Algae)

In a Fish tank or Aquarium an Algae is an invasive aquatic organism that brings harm on the Aquatic plants and the Aquatic life in your Aquarium.

Algae grows within your tank or Aquarium due to the Imbalance between the Nutrients and Lighting in the Aquarium.

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The Christmas Moss with its compact structure of branches and leaves has a more capacity than the other Aquatic plants to attract the Algae towards it.

How to clean algae from Christmas Moss
How to clean algae from Christmas Moss

This at times will be far for complicated to be removed than on the other Aquatic plants.

How to Clean Algae from Christmas Moss?

Cleaning Algae from the Christmas Moss will be far more complicate than the other plants with its structure.

You can remove the Christmas Moss out of the tank , give a thorough and gentle wash to it in a way that the branches of the Moss does not break. This washing will help you to remove the Algae within the Moss as much as possible.

Thereafter you can use a tweezer or a toothbrush to gently remove the Algae hidden within the Moss.

Placing the Moss in another Jar with a lower amount of light received and a less amount of nutrition will help the Algae in it to remove gradually.

How can I keep My Christmas Moss Clean?

The Christmas Moss is a fresh water plant therefore to keep the plant clean you will have to have a regular and a proper cleaning of your tank.

At the time of cleaning you have to see that the Christmas Moss in the tank also received the proper amount of cleaning required.

Also see that there isn’t any remaining fish food or other debris collected within the leaves of these plants which is another factor affecting the cleanliness of your Christmas Moss.

Having a clean tank will help you to get rid of Algae within the tank up to a certain level.

Why is Algae growing in Christmas Moss?

An Algae growth can happen in any type of tank with any type of Aquatic plants.

But the Christmas Moss is a plant which can attract more of the Algae towards it than the other Aquatic plants.

This Algae growth within the Moss happens when there is too much of bright light received on these plants as well as an in balance in the Nutrition received on these plants.

Therefore you have to give a careful look into these factors when growing a Christmas Moss plant in your tank.

How Can I get rid of Hair Algae in the Christmas Moss?

Hair Algae Removal in the Christmas Moss will take a longer time.

You can remove the Moss out of your tank and give a thorough wash to the plant,

Thereafter you can dip the plant in a jar of water in a very careful way which does not damage the branches and the leaves in the plant.

After dipping the Moss in water and you still have the Algae within the Moss you can use a tweezer or a tooth brush to remove the remaining Algae within the plant.

Will Algae kill my Christmas Moss?

A longer period of time where the Algae holds on to your Moss without any care for a longer time period can even kill the Christmas Moss.

Therefore precautionary methods to clean the Algae out of the Moss as soon as they are identified will stop the Algae from killing your Christmas Moss.

Can I remove Algae without killing my Christmas Moss?

Yes , you can kill the Algae in the Christmas Moss without killing the Moss.

The cleaning of the Moss should be done very gently and with care which can help you to remove the Algae in the Moss without killing the Moss.

How to get rid of Algae Spread in Christmas Moss?

Providing the proper and required amount of light, a proper and regular cleaning of the water, having the plant near to a place where there is a flow of water in your tank and having a balanced nutrition level can help you to get rid of the Algae spread within the Christmas Moss.

How long will it take to kill Algae in Christmas Moss?

You can have a manual cleaning of the Moss so that the Algae in the Moss removes.

Thereafter providing a lower amount of light and a balance amount of Nutrition can help the Algae in the plant to be killed within a couple of weeks.

Is Baking Soda good to kill Algae in Christmas Moss?

Baking soda will kill the Algae on your Christmas Moss plant, but it will not be suitable to use Baking soda on your Christmas Moss plants as there is a possibility of Baking Soda killing your Moss.

Will Hyrogen Peroxide kill Algae in Christmas Moss?

Hydrogen Peroxide has the ability to kill the Algae grown in your S Moss plant, however using this on the Star Moss might even cause your Moss to die.

Do Algae reduce Nitrates in Christmas Moss?

Yes, there are certain types of Micro Algae which are not visible to your eyes which can reduce the Nitrate compound in the Christmas Moss in your tank.

Can I get rid of Algae in Christmas Moss Naturally?

Yes, you can use natural methods such as soaking the Christmas Moss in water,using some equipment such as a tweezer to remove the Algae in the Christmas Moss.

Can I use Algae Eaters to clean Algae in the Christmas Moss?

Yes, you can add some Algae Eaters in to your tank to remove the Algae in your tank. But you have to look carefully before adding these tank eaters in to the tank, as there are some of these Algae Eaters which also feed on live plants. This might bring harm on your Christmas Moss plant in the tank.

There are certain recommended Algae Eaters which you can add to your tank with Christmas Moss plant in it.

They can be classified under Fish Snails and Shrimps.

The recommended Algae Eater Fish for the Christmas Moss plants are,

  • Bristle nose Plecostomus
  • Siamese Algae Eaters
  • Chinese Algae Eaters
  • Otocinclus Cat Fish
  • Twig Catfish and
  • Live Bearers

The recommended Algae Eater Snails for the Christmas Moss plants are,

  • The Mystery Snail
  • Nerite Snail and
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snail

The recommended Algae Eater Shrimps for the Christmas Moss plants are,

  • The Cherry Shrimp and
  • Amano Shrimp


The Christmas Moss plant is a very expensive plant to your Aquarium compared to the other Aquatic plants in use. So if you are having one of these plants in your tank it would be much better if you can keep away the Algae attacks on these plants.

The best way to keep Algae away from your Christmas Moss plant is to see that it receives enough amount of Nutrients and light on it which is the minimum care requirement on your Christmas moss plant.

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