How to Clean Algae from Marimo Moss Balls?

Marimo Moss Balls, even though an Algae will have other types of Algae growing on them when they are not given their proper minimum maintainance.

When in their natural waters they get all the required temperature of water, sunlight and a regular rounding through the waves of the water which will help them get rid of unwanted Algae or other particles hiding within them in their Moss.

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How to Clean Algae from Marimo Moss Balls
How to Clean Algae from Marimo Moss Balls? : Image Source

However this situation changes when the Marimos are in Aquariums. Every requirement of the marimos should be fulfilled manually. And one such problem that you will have to deal is cleaning unwanted Algae from the Moss Balls.

Among the popular Algae that grow on the Marimo Moss Balls are the Hair Algae and the Spot Algae.

Hair Algae

Hair Algae grow in any tank when there is a nutrient imbalance. Long lighting hours or too much heat from the lights can be main reasons for growth of hair Algae.

Spot Algae

Spot Algae are bright green circular shaped spots which grow in any tank with the excess light or excess amount of Nutrients.

What are the reasons for growing Algae in Marimo Moss Balls?

Water Condition

Marimo Moss Balls require clean water for them to grow and survive. A cleaning of the tank for at least once a week or once in two weeks for the Marimo Moss Balls tank is required.

When the water conditions are not clean enough for these Moss Balls, Algae will form on the Moss Balls which will cause them to rot and even die.

Bright Light/Sunlight-Marimo Moss Balls require low to medium tempered water and a low level of light or sunlight to grow. When there is too much of light or sunlight the heat of the water will rise and will cause more Algae growth in the tank which is not good for the Marimo Moss Balls.

How to clean Algae from Marimo Moss Balls?

Algae growth on the Marimo Moss Balls will cause the Marimos to die. Therefore necessary steps should be taken,

As the 1st step take the Moss Balls out of the tank and wash them thoroughly in a gentle manner which will not damage the Moss Balls.

The second step is to dip the Moss Balls in a clean water container and squeeze them so that the Algae is removed.

The third step is to have the Marimos in clean brackish water until the invasive Algae is fully removed.

Can I use Algae Eaters for removing Algae in Moss Balls?

Yes, you can use Algae Eaters in your tank to remove Algae in the Marimo Moss Balls.

Algae Eaters for the Marimo Moss Balls can be divided into three groups as the fish, snails and the Shrimps

The recommended Algae Eater Fish for the Marimo Moss Balls are,

  • Bristle nose Plecostomus
  • Siamese Algae Eaters
  • Chinese Algae Eaters
  • Otocinclus Cat Fish
  • Twig Catfish
  • Live Bearers

The recommended Algae Eater Snails for the Marimo Moss Balls are,

  • The Mystery Snail
  • Nerite Snail
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snail

The recommended Algae Eater Shrimps for Marimo Moss Balls are,

  • The Cherry Shrimp
  • Amano Shrimp

How can I Remove Hair Algae from Marimo Moss Balls?

Algae removal from Marimo Moss Balls is not such a difficult task, you can take the Moss Balls out of the tank and wash them gently do that the Hair Algae in the Moss is removed.

If you still have the Algae remaining within the moss and cannot be removed with water, you can take a pair of tweezers and remove the Algae within the Moss.

Will Algae kill Marimo Moss Balls?

If you find the Algae attack on the Marimo Moss Balls at its initial stage, then you can take steps to clean the Marimo Moss Balls and turn them back to healthy Marimos.

But if you haven’t taken any steps and kept the Marimos with Algae for a long period of time then there will be a problem.

You can try to get back your Marimos to a healthy state, but at times this Algae attack can kill the Marimo Moss Balls.

How to get rid of spread Algae in Moss Balls?

Getting rid of the spread of Algae in the Moss Balls is not that difficult, what you will have to do is to clean the Marimo Moss Balls and its tank regularly, provide them with the required light conditions.

Control the amount of fish food that remains in the tank without being eaten. You can use a filter for this purpose as the filter will get rid of the unwanted particles within the tank.

And also see that there aren’t any particles remaining with the substrate of the tank if you have them in the tank.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide kill Algae in Marimo Moss Balls?

Hydrogen Peroxide will kill Algae on the Marimo Moss Balls, but is not recommended to use the Marimos as it will kill the whole of the Marimo Moss Ball too.

Hydrogen peroxide is harmful to the Marimo Moss Balls.

Can Baking Soda kill Algae in Moss Balls?

Baking soda will kill the Algae on the Marimo Moss Balls, but it will not be suitable to use Baking soda on the Moss Balls as Baking soda will also kill the Marimo.

Having Marimo Moss Balls in your tank compared to other aquatic plants will be easy as they require a minimum maintenance when compared to the other plants.

Caring for your Marimo Moss Balls will help you have a healthy marimo moss ball and also a beautiful decoration addition to your home place.

One of the problems that you will have to face in the growing of Marimo Moss Balls like all other aquatic plants is the growth of Algae on them.

This is an easy problem to be solved with when considering the Marimo Moss Balls. Keeping your tank clean, providing the correct light conditions and cold tempered water can keep your Marimo Moss Balls away from Algae.

Not only the Algae you can even get rid of the unwanted parasite attacks on the Marimo Moss Balls.

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