How to Clean Algae from Star Moss Aquarium Plant?

In concern with a Fish tank or Aquarium an Algae is an invasive aquatic organism that brings harm on the Aquatic plants and the Aquatic life in your Aquarium.

Algae grows within your tank or Aquarium due to the Imbalance between the Nutrients and Lighting in the Aquarium.

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Like on all other Aquatic plants when there is an imbalance in the Nutrients and Lighting received on your tank with Star Moss plants. These plants will also be under an Algae Attack.

How to Clean Algae from Star Moss Aquarium Plant?
How to Clean Algae from Star Moss Aquarium Plant : Image Source

The Star moss plant in an Aquarium will be effected mainly by the below two types of Algae. That is the Hair Algae and the Spot Algae.

Hair Algae

Hair Algae grow in any tank when there is a nutrient imbalance. Long lighting hours or too much heat from the lights can be main reasons for growth of hair Algae.

Spot Algae

Spot Algae are bright green circular shaped spots which grow in any tank with the excess light or excess amount of Nutrients.

What are the Reasons for Growing Algae in the Star Moss?

Algae in your Star Moss plant will grow on different reasons,

Water Condition

the Water Condition of your Tank highly effects the Algae growth in your Tank. Too much of left of fish food, fish waste can make the water in the tank unclean very easily. Unclean water increases the growth of Algae within the tank.

Bright Light/Sunlight

Another reason that increases the Algae growth within your tank is too much of bright room light or too much of Sunlight on your tank.

Therefore you have to see that your fish tank only receives the enough amount of minimum light for the growth of the tank mates and the Aquatic plants in it.

Is LED Lights Effects for Grow More Algae in the Star Moss?

No, LED lights will not affect more Algae to grow within the tank. These lights can be adjusted to a low beam suitable for your fish tank.

However lighting with a high amount of yellow and green in it can increase the Growth of Algae within the tank.

How to Clean Algae from Star Moss?

Algae within your Star Moss can be cleaned very easily.

Firstly you have to remove the Star Moss plant out from the Gravel and the tank. Thereafter a thorough and gentle wash of the plant should be done.

Do not add salt water in to the water as it will harm the Star Moss plant. If you still see the Algae within the leaves of the plant then you can dip the plant in the water so that the remaining Algae is also removed.

Another method is you can use an object such as a tweezer to remove the Algae out of the Star Moss plant.

Can I use Algae Eaters for Remove Algae in the Star Moss?

Yes, you can add some Algae Eaters in to your tank to remove the Algae in your tank. But you have to look carefully before adding these tank eaters in to the tank, as there are some of these Algae Eaters which also feed on live plants. This might bring harm on your Star Moss plant in the tank.

There are certain recommended Algae Eaters which you can add to your tank with Star Moss plant in it.

They can be classified under Fish Snails and Shrimps.

The recommended Algae Eater Fish for the Star Moss plants are,

  • Bristle nose Plecostomus
  • Siamese Algae Eaters
  • Chinese Algae Eaters
  • Otocinclus Cat Fish
  • Twig Catfish and
  • Live Bearers

The recommended Algae Eater Snails for the Star Moss plants are,

  • The Mystery Snail
  • Nerite Snail
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snail

The recommended Algae Eater Shrimps for the Star Moss plants are,

  • The Cherry Shrimp
  • Amano Shrimp

How can I remove Hair Algae from Star Moss?

Hair Algae in the Star Moss will take some time to be removed within its leaves.

The way that you can remove the Hair Algae out of your Star Moss plant is to scrub or scrape these Algae from the plant.

You can use something like a toothbrush in this process which will make it easier to scrape out the hair out of the plant.

Will Algae kill Star Moss?

Identifying the Algae growth on your Star Moss plant at the initial stage of the growth and taking the necessary action on it can help you get rid of the Algae.

But if you do not give the proper care to remove these Algae from your Star Moss plant then these Algae will make a much more harm on your Star Moss plant which might also cause the Plant to die.

How to get rid of Spread Algae in Star Moss?

Having a proper amount of lighting and a proper Nutrition to your Star Moss plant can help it get rid of the Algae growth within in it.

Adding CO2 to the tank so that the plants receives the proper amount of nutrition and a change of your water tank regularly can help to get rid of the Algae spread in the Star Moss.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide kill Algae in Star Moss?

Hydrogen Peroxide has the ability to kill the Algae grown in your Star Moss plant, however using this on the Star Moss might even cause your Star Moss plant to die.

Can Baking Soda kill Algae in the Star Moss?

Baking soda will kill the Algae on your Star Moss plant, but it will not be suitable to use Baking soda on your Star Moss plants as there is a possibility of Baking Soda killing your Star Moss plant.

How to get rid of Green Spot Algae in Star Moss?

Green spot Algae occurs in your Star Moss plant with the lack of Phosphates in the tank. So what you can do to get rid of this situation is to have a regular cleaning of the tank and having a regular water change within the tank.

Also another option is to scrape or scrub the Green Spot Algae from the Star Moss plant.

How Do I get rid of Algae without killing the Star Moss?

A Proper and regular cleaning of the tank and adding Algae Eaters to your tank can stop the Algae growing within the Tank. Also adding a Water Filter to the tank is another option that you can use to get rid of the Algae.

However if these methods aren’t enough and you still see Algae within your Star Moss plants then you can have a natural remedy of adding Barley Straw to get rid of the Algae on your Star Moss without killing your Star Moss.

Barley Straw is a main ingredient which helps in the prevention of Algae Growth. When the Barley Straw decomposes it produces a chemical in to the water which will help to get rid of the Algae within your Star Moss.

It would be better to have a separate container with only your Star Moss plant when you are performing this process.


The Star Moss plant is a very expensive plant to your Aquarium compared to the other Aquatic plants in use. So if you are having one of these plants in your tank it would be much better if you can keep away the Algae attacks on these plants.

The best way to keep Algae away from your Star Moss plant is to see that it receives enough amount of Nutrients and light on it which is the minimum care requirement on your Star moss plant.

Or else if you don’t give your plant with the proper care and consideration there might be a possibility of your Star Moss plant dying which is both a waste of your time and money.

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