How to Get Rid of Snails on Flame Moss?

The ornamental Fish and Fish Tank industry have a very fast growth these days. Every person today has been attracted to these fish tanks by the beauty made by the Aquarists on them.

Not only these different types and colors of fish have made this beautiful but also the Aquarium plants have made a difference to these Tanks up to a great extent.

One such gorgeous-looking decorative plant added to these Aquariums is the Flame Moss plant.

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The Flame Moss or the Taxiphyllum Flame is a Moss that belongs to the family of Hypnaceae. This moss is native to South and Southeast Asia and mainly grows in the rivers in these areas.

How to Get Rid of Snails on Flame Moss?
How to Get Rid of Snails on Flame Moss?

This Moss has a dark green appearance compared to the other Mosses and also has a thick growth and bushy appearance.

How to Get Rid of Snails on Flame Moss?

When adding other Aquatic plants into your tank see that there are no snails in these plants. You can Quarantine or bleach dip these plants before adding these plants into the tank.

Make a regular cleaning of the tank so that there is a water change regularly and also see that you remove all the Algae within the walls are inside the tank which will help you to reduce the Snails in the tank.

Add creatures like Loaches or the Pufferfish which eat the Snails.

Also, you can manually remove these animals out of the tank which is another helpful method to get rid of the Snails in the Flame moss tank.

Can Snails live with Flame Moss?

Yes, there are certain types of snails that are intentionally added to the tanks to add beauty to the tank.

Among these snails, certain types can live in harmony with the Flame Moss in the tank.

Do Snails eat Flame Moss?

Yes, there are certain types of snails that feed on the Flame Moss in your tank such as,

Pond Snails

Pond Snails are a type of herbivorous Snails. These Snails are identified as ones that feed on Aquatic plants and decays in the tank or pond.

So if these Snails are added to your Flame Moss tank that will make an effect on your Flame Mosses. If these types of Snails are added to the tank make sure to keep these Snails out of the reach from your Flame Moss and the other Aquatic plants in your tank.

Apple Snails

Another type of Snail which might make an effect on the Flame Mosses and the other Aquatic life in your tank are the Apple Snails. Apple Snails have also planted eaters and they use a wide variety of plants as their food. They feed on the plant either be it alive or dead.

Ramshorn Snails

Ide freshwater fresh water animal, the Ramshorn Snail as well as the pond snail and the Apple Snail is also a plant-eater. Other than plants these Snails feed on the fish food as well.

This Animal is most commonly not used by the Aquarists if they have live plants growing with them in their tank.

So if you are preferring of adding these Snails to your tank with Flame Mosses in it, it should be seen that these animals are well-fed and use other precautionary measures to keep these animals out of the reach of your Flame Mosses.

Does which type of Snails do not eat Flame Moss?

There are certain types of snails that are added to the fish tanks to make the fish tank beautiful. These types of snails will not eat or harm the aquatic plants in your tank. They are,

Mystery Snails

Mystery Snails are Animals that feed on Algae so they do not feed on live plants. Even when these animals are hungry they will not feed on the Aquatic plants in your tank. So the Mystery Snails will be a good addition to the Flame Moss Tank.

Bladder Snails

Another great addition to your Flame Moss tank is the Bladder Snails. Bladder Snails do not have any interest in the live plants in your tank but they will feed on the dead plants in the tank when they are not fed enough.

Assassin Snails

Not all types of Snails are herbivorous. There are also certain types of Snails among them which are identified as Carnivorous. The Assassin Snails are one such type.

The Assassin Snails feed on Meat or any other Snail within the tank. They will not harm or eat the Flame Moss plants or any other type of Aquatic plant in your tank.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Malaysian Trumpet Snail is another animal whichthat not feed on any live Aquatic plant. Therefore these Snails are also a harmless addition to the Flame Moss tank.

Nerite Snails

The Nerite Snails are another one of the safest additions to the Flame Moss tank. These Snails feed on Algae within the tank and will not affect the live plants.

Are Snails bad for Flame Moss Aquarium Tanks?

Not all snails are bad for your Flame Moss tank, certain types of snails can live in harmony with the Flame Moss plants in your tank. But there are certain types of snails, mainly herbivorous ones that can eat the Flame Moss plants in the tank and damage the plants.

How do snails spread in Flame Moss Aquarium Tanks?

A Snail lays a lot of eggs at one time, these eggs at times will be hidden within the aquatic plants and will not be seen clearly.

And after a few days, they start to grow all over the tank which will be too late to be stopped. Even though these snails are not added intentionally to the tank.

They can come to your tank hidden in other aquatic plants at the time of purchase. So before adding in newly brought aquatic plants into the tank it should be seen that they are thoroughly cleaned which will even remove a certain amount of snails out of the plants.

How to recover Flame Moss eaten by Snails?

You can try keeping the Flame mosses out of the reach of these Snails by using coverage on the Mosses in the tank. So that they cannot reach your Flame Moss plants.

Also, you can use other types of plants in your tank to which the Snails will attach and eat so that they do not reach the Flame Mosses in your tank.

Will Snails eat brown Flame Moss?

Yes, certain herbivorous snails will eat the brown flame mosses in your tank as their source of food, whereas there are certainly other types of snails that will not feed on the brown flame moss in the tank.

Will Snails eat dead Flame Moss?

Certain snails will feed on the dead flame moss plants in the tank whereas some others will not feed on the dead Flame Moss plants

Will Garden Snails eat Flame Moss?

Yes, herbivorous snails will feed on plants as well as aquatic plants in the tank, therefore certain types of garden snails will feed on the Flame Moss if found.


Flame Mosses are a great and beautiful addition to your fish tank. Not only these plants will add beauty to the tank but will also have certain other advantages to your tank such as providing the tank with oxygen, a shelter for the fish in the tank, etc.

But if there are snail attacks on the Flame Moss plants in your tank, necessary precautions should be taken to remove these snails out of the Flame Moss tank as soon as possible. This will help you to have a beautiful and healthy-looking Flame Moss plant in your tank.

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