How to Grow Taiwan Moss in Substrate?

Taiwan moss is freshwater riverbanks plant found in various parts of the world, but it is originally from Taiwan. Taiwan moss propagation involves placing the plant into fully submerged water like any other moss plant.

Moisture around the leaves is essential for the growth of the plant. The rivers’ fast-moving water helps the moss get the necessary nutrition. Besides that, the temperature of hardy plants sustains even the temperature shift more often.

Because of the sturdy appearance of the plant, Taiwan moss is considered a beginner-friendly aquarium plant.

The plant shows healthy growth when it is anchored to the substrates. Hence, warm and cold water tanks could support the plant’s growth.

How to Grow Taiwan Moss in Substrate
How to Grow Taiwan Moss in Substrate

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How to Grow Taiwan Moss in Substrate?

The propagation procedure of the Taiwan moss is relatively easy compared to the other aquarium plants. Taiwan moss needs substrates to stay in the position; otherwise, it will start floating in the water. Determine what kinds of substrate you would prefer in the aquarium.

The Taiwan moss plant doesn’t have roots or stem structure. They grow directly from the leaves. When you start propagating the plant, the leaves will begin spreading and soon occupy a large area of the plant.

The flexible structure of the plant gives needed benefits to it. As you put the plant in the water, you will be able to get the desired shape with the help of the different types of substrate.

You can use a mesh-like structure to propagate the plant to create a green carpet. Furthermore, you have the option to use the rock structure to create a fantastic mountain shape. Create a vertical garden with the Taiwan moss and mount it in the background of the aquarium. Use the cotton threads to hold the verticle garden in the place.

Propagation of the Taiwan Moss technique

Get the parent’s plant and separate it into different pieces. Find the place to place the plant. You need substrate to hold the Taiwan moss in the area; else, it may start floating in the water. Once the plant starts growing, it will attach itself to the surfaces and substrates in the tank.

Use the cotton string to tie down the plant in the place. After the plant grows, it adjusts to the structure and creates a grip around the substrate. Cotton string easily dissolves in the water; even the fish eating the cotton thread will not seriously impact their health.

Plant with well-cared and maintained condition helps the stems to grow faster. Use the moderate light and periodic trimmings to support the faster growth. After you are done with placing the plant in its position, the next step is to add nutritional water.

Within a few weeks, you will have a fully grown Taiwan moss garden in your aquarium. Colonies of the Taiwan moss plant will support faster growth. Control the temperature under 86 degrees. Plant slows down their growth in too hot or too cold temperatures.

What is the best substrate to plant Taiwan Moss?

Due to the flexible nature of the plant, you can quickly propagate the Taiwan moss to any surface. Taiwan moss acquires the shape of any substrate. You can have the plant on the mesh, or rock, place it at the bottom of the tank or even leave the plant floating in the water.

The majority of the aquarist chose to build the carpet made from the Taiwan moss plant. The moss ball is also prevalent in the aquarium. You can turn your ordinary-looking aquarium into a growing jungle with the Taiwan moss.

As the plant grows, it occupies a large area around it. Trimming the plant is essential to control excess growth. If you leave the plant as it is, it will soon occupy ample space, and you will have trouble managing it.

What is the best way to grow Taiwan Moss?

Generally, Taiwan moss is grown in freshwater with the substrate attached to it. Plant need substrate to stay in the position; otherwise, they will start floating.

Control the pH level and temperature to support healthy growth. You will have to trim the excess growth as the plant starts growing. Leaving the plant in the aquarium is not recommended because it will occupy a large swimming area. So you should cut the excess growth and keep the plant in the right shape.

Does Taiwan Moss float or sink?

Taiwan moss is a floating plant. It requires a heavy substrate to sink at the bottom. When you keep it without using a substrate, or it is not attached to anything, the moss will start floating due to its lightweight. It will immediately climb into the water and touch the surface.

So it is up to you how you are willing to place Taiwan moss in the plant. You can decorate the plant in any way and enjoy the different types of styles. Taiwan moss is a sturdy plant and does not require too much maintenance. When the Taiwan moss is kept in the water, they quickly adapt to the environment.

Does Taiwan Moss attach itself?

Yes. Taiwan moss is the fastest growing plant that automatically attaches itself to the substrate.

It takes the shape of the substrates, rocks, or meshes you place to hold it.

Within a few days, you will notice that the moss doesn’t need a particular thread or supporting structure to keep it in the position. The plant covers the area meticulously and becomes part of the substrate.

How Can I Plant Taiwan Moss in Substrate?

Taiwan moss is known as one of the favorite plants in aquarist. The fish keeper likes the plant because it offers needed flexibility.

You can do many things with the plant and get the desired shape. Here is the list of the substrates used to propagate and decorate the aquarium using the Taiwan Moss.

Carpet: Green carpet made of the Taiwan moss looks incredible when you put them at the bottom of the tank. Keeping the carpet in the tank is the perfect solution to the bottom layer.

Carpet made of Taiwan moss gives the best solution to the fish as they feel protected by the soft cushion-like structure. Also, It will be the perfect hiding space for the newborn fry.

Driftwood: Popular substrate Driftwood makes an amazing aquarium under a water tree. Make the pieces of the original Taiwan moss plant, and fix them on the driftwood with the cotton thread or the glue.

As the plant starts propagating, it will attach to the driftwood from the surrounding area and take the shape of the driftwood. Within a few months, you will have a perfectly-looking green plant.

Rock: Aquarium rock with the pores is used to propagate Taiwan moss. Tie the pieces of the Taiwan moss plant and wait for it to grow. Plant soon cover the area around the rock, making it a perfect solution for the growth.

Mesh: The mesh can place the Taiwan moss plant in the set position. Place the mesh in vertical form and wait for the plant to grow.

You can develop a vertical garden in the back of your tank. Well, think about the Taiwan moss: it automatically spreads around the mesh and takes the shape of the substrate. Once the Taiwan moss is fully grown, it will look extraordinary.

Coconut Shell: The coconut shell is used to make the moss ball. Take the coconut shell and clean it thoroughly before placing it in the water.

Next, attach the Taiwan moss around the coconut shell with glue or cotton thread. Once the moss is fixed to the coconut shell, you are ready to use it.

Fabric: You can make the carpet or any other shape with cotton fabric.

The cotton threads are made of organic substances; thus, they dilute in the water over time. Also, it doesn’t release any chemicals, so it will not impact the water quality.

Gravel: The gravel can be used to grow the grass-like structure at the bottom of the tank. Sow the Taiwan moss plant into the rock and develop an excellent facility.

Sand: The sand could be a perfect solution to create the marine structure. Sow the Taiwan moss plant into the sand and allow it to grow faster.

Wait for a few weeks, and the Taiwan moss will reach the needed height. After that, you will have a perfect balance of Taiwan moss plants in the aquarium.

Is Taiwan moss a carpet plant?

Yes. Developing a carpet structure to make the moss plant healthy is pretty simple. You can build a carpet out of the Taiwan moss plant.

Use mesh to create the carpet or take the cloth made of cotton. Place the Taiwan moss on the mesh, tie them with the thread and leave it under water to grow.

Can Taiwan moss be used to carpet?

Yes. Taiwan moss is a perfect plant to be used as a carpet moss. The plant is more robust and easy to propagate.

It grows naturally and occupies an ample space around the substrate. Soon you will have a beautiful-looking new green carpet structure.

Can I grow Taiwan moss on my carpet?

Taiwan moss needs moisture around it. Thus, growing the Taiwan moss on the regular floor carpet would be impossible.

The condition for the Taiwan moss should be suitable. It starts dying due to excess heat and evaporation from the plant.

How do I prepare driftwood to plant Taiwan Moss?

There is a way you use driftwood to grow the Taiwan moss plant. Driftwood plants are the washed-away branch of the tree floating in the seawater.

The branch slowly reaches the shore. You should not put them directly into the aquarium after getting them from the sea or store. First, wash the driftwood with clean water.

After that, boil the water and put the driftwood in the hot water container. Let it boil for a few minutes. Hot water will kill the bacteria trapped in the driftwood.

After a few minutes of boiling, remove the driftwood from the water. Keep it aside to cool down. Once the driftwood is cooled down, you can put it in the aquarium.

Now you are ready to use the driftwood as the aquarium decorative. Attach the Taiwan moss to the driftwood, let it grow, and make an artistic plant design.

Can I anchor Taiwan Moss?

Yes. You need substrate to hold the Taiwan moss plant in place. Anchor it with the help of rock, wooden stick, mesh, gravel, or any other substance.

Use a heavy object to attach to the Taiwan moss plant. It is easy to anchor the Taiwan moss plant in the aquarium.

What is the best glue to attach Taiwan moss?

You have to use cyanoacrylate super-glue. The super glue makes it easy to attach the Taiwan moss plant to any substrate. Alternatively, you can use glue made of gel to set the Taiwan moss in place.

Use glue that is safe for the aquarium. It should not release any chemicals. Water may become contaminated if the glue is not water adhesive. Take care of this thing, and everything will be fine.

How to apply glue to attach Taiwan Moss?

The type of substrates you use for the Taiwan moss will decide how you should place the glue.

If you are using the driftwood, then use the pores in the driftwood to fix the Taiwan moss plant. Sometimes, you may also have to use the thread to hold the moss plant in place.

After that, apply the glue over it. The line will help to keep the driftwood in position. Glue can be used on top of it; until it dries, you will have the perfectly arranged Taiwan moss plant.

Can I attach Taiwan Moss on driftwood without glue?

You can use cotton thread to attach driftwood to its position. It will hold the plant in the right place until the plant itself covers the driftwood. Within a few weeks, the plant will stand itself.

Can I use super glue to attach Taiwan Moss?

Yes. Super glue makes it easy to attach to the Taiwan moss plant. Setting the plant to its place becomes easy with the Glue. Also, you have more control over the plant when it comes to fixing them with glue.

Do’s & Don’ts of planting Taiwan Moss on Substrate.

Here are the top Do’s and Don’t of planting Taiwan moss on a substrate


  • Take fresh Taiwan moss plant when you are propagating it.
  • Handle with care because it can be breaded easily.
  • Use the substrate carefully because Taiwan moss is a lightweight plant. It effortlessly floats and reaches the top layer of the aquarium.
  • Conduct regular maintenance to trim the plant.


Use super Glue when attaching the plant to the substrate. Ordinary Glue affects the water. Also, some glues are chemical-rich.

Do not leave the plant untouched. It will occupy a large area and become challenging to maintain.


Taiwan moss can be grown in many ways. You do not have to be worried about the maintenance. Moreover, the water quality will get improved. Next time when you decide to have a Taiwan moss plant, do not need to think twice. Get it and start propagating.

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