How to Grow Taiwan Moss? (Guide for beginners)

Taiwan moss contains similar characteristics; hence, they are hardly noticeable when you keep them with other moss plants.

Few differences in the cultivation process and tiny leaves make the Taiwan moss a unique plant. Taiwan moss is less popular among the other moss plants used in the aquarium, such as Java Moss.

The plant consists of beautiful foliage and thicker fronds. It originated in Taiwan, where the plants are found in the freshwater river bodies and lakes. It is naturally sturdy; thus, it can be grown in any water condition. The plant’s growth slows down when they are kept in contaminated water.

Also, the plant could sustain itself in low light conditions. So it is suitable for the tank that doesn’t have special lighting conditions. Slow growth would not affect the life span of the plant.

How to Grow Taiwan Moss
How to Grow Taiwan Moss

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Plant keep growing for years and support the aquarium life for an extended period. Use the driftwood to fasten the plant to keep it fixed. The large rock could also give support to the plant.

How to Grow Taiwan Moss?

Taiwan moss is easy to grow in the freshwater tank. The propagation method of the Taxiphyllum is similar to all other moss plants.

It requires less care when the water condition is suitable. Have a proper filtration process to remove a waste product.

Cleaning water more often gives the plant a fresh approach to dealing with the situation. Offer the plant sufficient space to expand.

It could occupy a large portion of the aquarium when untouched. Conduct regular trimming sessions to cut down excess growth.

Propagation technique

  • Get the cup of the Taiwan moss plant.
  • Place these plants into a separate smaller container for a few days with sufficient water. The plant should be fully submerged under the water.
  • Once the plant adopts the current environment and shows signs of growth, you can move the plant to the aquarium.
  • After replanting the plant into an aquarium, start controlling the water condition. The temperature should be kept the temperature between 53°F to 86°F.
  • The pH level should be 5.0 to 8.0.
  • Regular water change is needed to add fresh nutrition to the water.
  • Finally, control the lighting condition. The Taiwan moss plant needs at least 16 hours of light to produce sufficient food and proliferate.

Managing these essential factors that support the healthy growth of the plant will give you the needed outcome. You can grow plants quickly and get the desired results.

Is Taiwan moss easy to grow?

Taiwan moss is easy to grow compared to all other aquarium plants. The plant doesn’t consist of a stem or roots. It matures from leaves and spreads quickly when the water condition is suitable.

The Taiwan moss plant doesn’t need special care. After you plant the tree in the aquarium, you have to maintain the water condition with the filtration and water control environment.

Taiwan moss also supports enhancing water conditions. It consumes more CO2 found in the water and produces oxygen as a byproduct.

Water in the tank stays oxygenated when Taiwan is enjoying healthy growth.

Growing problems of Taiwan Moss?

Taiwan moss does not cause any problems while growing; however, the plant needs special attention to support healthy growth. You will probably face a problem when the plant starts growing faster.

It occupies surrounding space and leaves less space for the fish in the aquarium to swim. You may have to deal with the plant regularly. Experts conduct weekly or monthly trimming sessions, especially for the Taiwan moss plant.

Besides that, less space for the fish would cause them to feel stressed. The moss plant could become the reason for the death of the fish.

You should prepare the maintenance plant for the Taiwan moss before you start propagating them in the aquarium. There is not much negative side to having Taiwan moss plant, but overall, the plant lives healthy when appropriately managed.

Growing methods of Taiwan Moss?

The easiest way to support the growth of the Taiwan moss plant is to have the parent plants and separate them into small pieces. Use a separate tank where you can propagate the plant naturally.

Leave it for a few weeks until the plant adopts the new water condition. Once the plant becomes familiar with the temperature and achieves decent height, you can move the plant to the aquarium.

Placed the new sections in the aquarium and gave it a new life. Taiwan moss generally adopts the new environment quickly. As it is a freshwater plant, the freshwater condition will not affect it significantly.

Moss plant will easily get attached to any surface. Use the mesh to make the Taiwan moss carpet. Additionally, you can use the driftwood to make the plant grow in natural conditions.

The early growth of the plant depends on the size of the plant. The small plant may need a few weeks to reach decent heights. Once the Taiwan moss has reached the average height, you can easily experience faster growth.

Growing surfaces of Taiwan Moss?

Taiwan moss is a flexible plant that can grow on any surface. Tie the pieces of the Taiwan moss plant to the rock or driftwood, and it will start occupying the surrounding area.

Within a few months, you will have an entire jungle of the Taiwan moss plant.

Fresh green leaves of the Taiwan moss look exceptionally well when they are creatively placed on a different surface. Give any shape to the plant to improve the aesthetic. Anything you want to make can be possible with the Taiwan moss plant.

Tips for growing Taiwan moss plant

  • Driftwood could support the plant in the vertical growth.
  • Use the rocks to create a beautiful looking landscape.
  • Use mesh to create the background made of the Taiwan moss. You can also use it as the carpet at the bottom layer.
  • Place them in the background and tie them with the cotton rope to the bottom to hold it in the position.
  • You can also keep the Taiwan moss floating near the surface.

Does Taiwan Moss need CO2?

The presence of CO2 is not necessary for the plant; however, the CO2 will help the plant thrive quickly. Freshwater plants use CO2 for the photosynthesis process and produce more food.

More food contributes to faster growth. So it is acceptable to have CO2 in the water. Alternatively, you can use fertilizer to provide the necessary nutrition to the plant.

Does Taiwan Moss need light?

Taiwan moss can live in low light conditions. The light source is essential as the plant need to perform a photosynthesis process to generate food. Java moss plants in the aquarium could show faster growth when sufficient light is offered.

Algae slow down plant growth and make the plant die due to less food and essential nutrition. Avoid bright light as it will make the algae grow around the plant. Moderated light condition is recommended for the plants.

How long does Taiwan Moss take to grow?

The Taiwan moss plant will start spreading within a few weeks. It is one of the fastest-growing plants in the aquarium. If you are using the small pieces of the plants in the aquarium, then it will take some time to reach a decent height.

The large size Taiwan moss plant doesn’t need special attention. They start expanding from the first day itself. Plants will be ready within a few weeks and cover a large area in the tank.

Why is my Taiwan Moss not growing Fast?

An adequate lighting condition slowed down the Taiwan moss plant growth. The plant only slows the development when the light condition is not sufficient.

Changing the color of the leaves is the first sign of a health problem in the plant. Thus, you should have proper lightning conditions to control plant growth.

In some cases, the debris could affect the light situation. The plant submerged under the water could not get sufficient light; hence you will have negative growth on the plant. So check the light condition, and with that, the cleaning is needed.


Taiwan moss is known as the beginner plant. It multiplies without needing special attention. As the plant triggers earlier growth, you will enjoy faster plant growth.

The plant is strong enough to deal with the various kinds of water conditions. It is immune to face harmful bacteria, chemical-rich water, and algae. You will enjoy planting the Taiwan moss in the aquarium.

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