How to Grow Weeping Moss? (Complete Guide for Beginners)

Weeping Moss is a sturdy plant that thrives when placed in a suitable environment. The plant doesn’t require too much nutrition to flourish. Adaptable conditions contribute to fast development.

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A plant can sustain a water temperature between 18 to 28 degrees Celsius. However, you should control the moderated temperature as the change in the temperature reduce the growth.

Rapidly increasing pH levels raise the water temperature as well. Keep the pH level between 5 to 7.

How to Grow Weeping Moss
How to Grow Weeping Moss : Image Source

When the temperature reaches above 29 degrees, the condition becomes unbearable. Weeping Moss will have trouble producing the food at a high temperature.

As a consequence, the leaves blacken and break down in the water. Thus, control the temperature between 18 to 28 degrees Celsius.

How to Grow Weeping Moss?

Weeping Moss doesn’t contain true roots, stems, or substantial parts like any other plant. Thus, the plant grows from every edge from where it is cut.

Water condition, temperature, and nutritional value are essential parts of plant growth. Weeping Moss endures when things are appropriate to them.

CO2 is essential to the plant, but you should also consider the health of the aquarium fish. A large amount of CO2 in the water may develop health problems in the fish.

Added CO2 water will enable the plant to consume nutrition from the water and expand quickly. The plant will create eye-catching colors and flourish more beautifully.

Place weeping moss on the driftwood and let it blossom fast. The plant will take the shape of the tree as it starts growing. Add multiple layouts in the aquarium and attach weeping moss on top of it to create natural habitat.

Manage the water temperature, add fresh water weekly, control CO2 level, moderate pH level, and safety net to prevent aquarium fish from nibbling the plant. Moss eater fish will slow down the growth of the weeping most.

Therefore, if possible, plant the weeping moss in a separate tank without fish and grow in a comfortable environment. Once the early growth has been achieved, you can move the plant to the new destination. Fully grown weeping moss will recover from the loss quickly.

The weeping moss plant grows throughout the year. Occasional trimming is also part of the weeping moss maintenance. Perform trimming whenever it is essential, and else the plant will take away the swimming space of the fish if they are left alone.

Is Weeping Moss Easy to Grow?

Weeping Moss is a freshwater plant that grows in a wide range of water temperatures and conditions. Compared to any other aquarium plant, weeping moss is easy to grow. They are hardy and adaptable to any environment.

Put them directly into water and offer UV lights to produce food. The plant will flourish, and growth will be extended significantly. Because of its easy-to-grow characteristics, both beginners and experienced aquarists can use it to enhance its beauty in their aquarium.

Growing Methods of Weeping Moss

Weeping Moss is found submerged under the water. Keep them in the aquarium with fresh water and sufficient oxygen supply through the pump. Weeping moss growth happens significantly; thus, you should control the growth at the desired length.

Use the firm surface where the moss is attached. Driftwood, mesh, vertical placement, or even laying on the bottom could work for the weeping moss.

The idea is to offer enough space for the plant to flourish. A small area may reduce the growth of the plant.

Use the aquarium light that delivers the UV rays. When it comes to getting a good light source, the UV lights affect the plant. The plant uses the UV rays to run the photosynthesis process. The plant needs to produce adequate food.

Beginners first take the portion of the weeping moss plant. There is a possibility that the plant holds fish eggs or bacteria. Clean them thoroughly after you bring them from the store. Rinsing them under the running water will remove the unwanted stuff.

Next, cut sections of the moss plant. Attach them to the driftwood, stone or use mesh to fix position. Find the ideal position to place the plant where it will not bother the fish and provide sufficient space.

Use the clipping or super glue to fix the moss plant to the new area. Once the plant is established in the tank, it will start growing. The plant will stretch in different directions within a few weeks and occupy the entire space. Branches of the plant will overgrow.

A suitable environment makes the plant flourish quickly. Control the pH level of the water and moderate lighting. Once the plant reaches the desired height, use the trimming method to cut the excess amount of the plant. Give it the desired look and ensure the plant stays within the set area.

Growing Surfaces of Weeping Moss

Weeping Moss doesn’t have roots; hence the plant grows from branches and spreads across the space. Weeping Moss can grow on various surfaces due to its unique characteristics.

It absorbs nutrients found in the water and expands its territory quickly. The shallow root structure enables the plant to grow from any direction.

The plant is found anchored to the branches fallen from the trees in the original habitat. Weeping Moss requires stable ground to stay underwater or adequate moisture to remain immaculate.

The substrate used to create the surface allows the moss plant to latch on. Driftwood, mesh, large rocks, and the bottom of the tank will provide enough space to expand.

Can I Carpet Weeping Moss?

Yes. Cut the moss into pieces and place it in a different mesh section. Moss doesn’t have roots, so you can attach it to the mesh to make the weeping moss carpet. Keep the freshwater flowing near the weeping moss.

The weeping moss will cover the entire mesh within a few weeks, giving it a carpet-like appearance. The mesh also helps you in holding the carpet in hand.

How can I get Weeping Moss out of a Carpet?

Weeping moss carpet can be developed using the mesh found in the market. Weeping Moss is widely used in the aquarium as it takes a few weeks to grow and flourish then after for years.

It is easy to grow and makes the aquarium look beautiful.

Use the thread to fix the section of the moss. After that, place the mesh in the aquarium and turn on the UV lights.

Remember that the plant needs a sufficient amount of UV lights; it will not sustain longer if it cannot produce food. The plant will have an excellent carpet-like structure in the tank within a few weeks.

Why is my Weeping Moss not Growing?

Weeping Moss thrives in the water when the condition is suitable. Find out the reasons why moss is having trouble growing.

  • Water temperature impacts the plant’s growth when the temperature grows beyond 28 degrees Celsius. Lower the temperature, the better the growth. Most of the aquarium plants cannot stand in increasing temperature.
  • The plant needs an adequate amount of nutrients for the plant. Add some liquid fertilizers to support the fast growth. Ensure that you are adding the fertilizer in the recommended doses in the aquarium. An excessive amount of fertilizer may contaminate the water.
  • Lighting is essential for plant growth. Weeping Moss uses UV lights to produce food through a process called photosynthesis. Change the lighting and get aquarium-friendly lights with more UV than visible light.
  • Clean the water every fortnight to remove the waste products and dirt particles. Contaminated water reduces the efficiency of the plant. Also, dirt in the water works as a barrier between the light source and the plant. Less amount of UV lights could affect plant growth.
  • The planting time also plays a critical part in the growth of the weeping moss. In the beginning, the gain will be limited, but as the plant flourish, it will blossom.

Does Weeping Moss Fast Growing Plant?

Yes. Weeping Moss may take some time to grow early; however, the growth rate will significantly enhance once the plant adjusts to the environment.

Use the bright UV light source to supply fresh water and nutrients essential for plant growth. Weeping Moss will show rapid development within a few weeks.

Tips to make my Weeping Moss Grow Faster

These are some of the necessary elements that contribute to the fast growth of the Weeping moss plant.

  • Low water temperatures cause the plant to grow faster.
  • Essential nutrients in the water bring rapid growth.
  • Bright UV lights make photosynthesis easy for the plant.
  • Allocate space to the plant as the plant will flourish quickly and may need room to grow.
  • Freshwater is needed to supply minerals and nutrition. Change the 20% water weekly to maintain the nutrition level in the water.

Is Weeping Moss Required Co2 for Fast-Growing?

Yes. CO2 contributes to fast growth and makes the plant flourish quickly on any surface. However, you should control the CO2 level in the aquarium as some of the fish may develop health problems due to growing CO2 levels.

How long does the Weeping Moss plant take to grow?

Weeping moss plants will grow about a height of 1 to 1.5 inches within a month when the condition in the aquarium is suitable. In the new environment, the plant needs some time to adjust.

It may take a few weeks to grow. Generally, the weeping moss requires four weeks before you experience fast growth. Until then, the plant will grow at a nominal rate.

Best Fertilizers for Weeping Moss plant?

The weeping moss plant proliferates when the water contains a high level of CO2 and essential nutrients. You can add liquid fertilizer available in the stores.

These are some popular weeping moss plant fertilizers available in the store. You can consult with the local aquarium store to find which is better for your plant.

  • APT Complete
  • CO2 Art Pro-Elite

What are the correct parameters for successfully planting weeping moss?

The weeping moss plant doesn’t need special care. It can grow in any water condition. The only requirement is the light source should be strong enough to allow the plant to produce sufficient food.

Water temperature below 26 degrees is helpful for plant growth. Additionally, moisture makes the plant stay alive longer. Keep the pH level between 5 to 7 to extend its growth.

Is Weeping Moss suitable for freshwater aquariums?

Weeping moss is found in the fresh water in their natural habitat. They are primarily grown in the reverbed and lake where freshwater supply is consistent. Therefore, the aquarist could not have trouble developing the moss plant.

What is the best water condition for growing Weeping Moss?

Weeping moss thrives when they are placed in moderate water condition. The growth of the leaves will touch to 1 to 1.5 inches. The temperature of the water should be between 60 to 85 degrees F. The pH level should be around 5.0 – 6.0 and not more than that.

What is the correct water level for successfully growing Weeping Moss?

Weeping moss needs fresh water filled with a high amount of nutrition. When the water becomes dirty, the growth goes down. Therefore, ensure that the water level stays in moderated condition.

Change 20% water every week to supply fresh water. Water temperature should be between 70–75 °F (21–24 °C). Use a heater if you live cold region. Maintain pH level between 5 to 8. Use the pH test kit frequently to check and control the growing pH level.


Weeping is a sturdy plant; it flourishes easily and covers a large part of the aquarium when the condition meets.

Weeping moss doesn’t require personal care. You can grow it quickly in the freshwater aquarium. Experience the exponential boost when the water reaches the desired level.

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