How to Make a Unique Marimo Moss Ball in a Jar?(Moss Ball Terrarium)

Marimo Moss Balls are beautiful looking green and velvety Moss Balls. If you are willing to have them at the Aquarium or home place you can give an artistic look on them.

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Marimo Moss Ball in a Jar
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How to Make a Unique Marimo Moss Ball in a Jar?

You can make a Unique Marimo Moss Ball in a Jar.All you need is ,

  • A Marimo Moss Ball
  • A Jar
  • A Lid or Stopper for the Jar
  • Non Porous objects such as Rocks, Shells and Sand for decoration
  • Distilled Water

1ST Step

The First Step of Making a Moss Ball Terrarium is to select a suitable Container.

This container should not have any texture or cloudiness in the glass so you can easily see what is inside the Terrarium.

Also this container should be able to hold at least one quart of water or more depending on the size of the Moss Ball.

2ND Step

Decorations for the Moss Ball Terrarium

You can create your own Masterpiece .You can add shells,sticks,glass beads,rocks,and even sand as decorations.

Be Artistic and choose whatever that would highlight the Moss Ball’s bright green colour and Spherical Shape.

Before adding any of these in the terrarium see that all these objects are washed thoroughly and no bacteria or any other harmful things are available in these objects which will affect the Marimo Moss Ball.

3RD Step

Assemble the Moss Ball Terrarium

Here you will have to carefully add the Materials for the decoration of the floor of the Terrarium.So that they will not make any crack to the vessel.

Next add the distilled water or tap water will be good .If Tap water is added see that the Chlorine content of this water is removed.This will be much safer for the Marimo Moss Ball.

Fill the jar mostly full, but keep a space between the top of the jar and the water line.

Thereafter add the Marimo Moss Ball.As Marimos are squishy they can be pressed and fit into any tight space.But don’t squeeze too tight as you will have to remove the Marimo occasionally for the cleaning of the Terrarium.

Thereafter if you wish to you can add a lid to the terrarium which is not too tight, which will help to minimize the dust or other particles entering the terrarium.

If you like you can add other aquatic plant or fish in this terrarium.

But this adding would require frequent cleaning of the terrarium as it will cause unwanted Algae or bacterial growth.

04TH Step

Care for the Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

Marimo Moss Balls require minimum maintainance.But you should clean the Terrarium once every two weeks.

You can empty the terrarium and take out the Marimo if possible.Squeeze the old water from the Marimo and rinse with distilled water. Also rinse the objects in the container with distilled water.

Replace the Moss ball and the other objects in the terrarium and fill with water.

If the Marimo Moss Ball turns brown in colour then it is required for the water to be changed or addition of some salt.

You can add a teaspoon of salt water to the terrarium. Leave this salt water for a few days until the Marimo turns back in good health and replace the water after using the Aquarium salt.

In a terrarium Moss Balls will grow 1/8 “per year and reach four inches in diameter.

Can I keep a Moss Ball in a Mason Jar?

Mason Jars can be used to keep the Marimo Moss Ball. They have a small Jar top which is not too small.

Here you can enter all the objects needed for your decoration and the Marimo Moss Ball.

Mason Jars come in different sizes,so if you want to have more objects added as decorations for your terrarium ,you will have to select a bigger Mason Jar.

And better not to have the lid of this jar closed, because it might be too tight and make the Marimo to have an effect on its health condition.

How to take care of Marimo Moss Ball in a Mason jar?

As Mason jars have somewhat of a big mouth it will be easy to take the Marimo out of the Jar and clean the Jar.

Keep the Jar in a place that it receives enough amount of light through it for the Marimo to grow.

Also you have to keep in mind that too much of light is not good for the Marimo. If the jar receives too much of direct sunlight it might cause the glass of the jar to heat with the water and may make a damage on the Marimo.

What are the best glasses to make Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium?

When selecting a glass jar to make the Moss Ball Terrarium you will have to look if the glass is thick enough to hold the water and the other objects in the Jar.

Or else at times the glass might crack.

Also see that if this glass is able to stand against the light and the heat.

Also select a glass jar without texture or any other cloudiness, so that you are able to see clearly on the objects in the Terrarium.

Can Moss Balls grow in a Closed Jar?

Marimo Moss Balls can be grown in a closed Jar, but the lid of this Jar should not be too tight on it or else the Marimo will not receive the enough amount of air to grow.

Marimos require a certain amount of environmental air for its growth,so having a lid on the jar will block its way of receiving air.

Can I Put a fish in to a Marimo Moss Ball Jar?

You can put fish in a Marimo Moss Ball Jar,if the jar mouth is small it will be suitable to add small fish in to this Jar which will be easy for you in cleaning the tank.

The best addition to this Jar would be fish like Betta Fish, Small Shrimps and Guppies which are also harmless on the Marimo Moss Balls.

But when adding fish to your Marimo Moss Ball Jar you will also have to consider on the fact that addition of fish to the jar will make the jar unclean very easily and also will have a harm on the Marimo Moss Ball.Cleaning of the Jar will have to be done more regularly.

So having a Moss Ball Jar will not only be an artistic addition to your table but also this might help you have a peace in mind at Stressful times.

So try of making a Moss Ball terrarium and add a nice decoration to your home place.

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