How to Reproduce Christmas Moss? (Propagate Method)

The Christmas Moss is a native plant to the Tropical Asia and is seen growing on wet Surfaces in these Areas.

This greenly and Christmas tree like looking plant grows nearby to streams, river banks, rocks and the Forest Trees.

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As long as they receive the enough amount of light and a wet surface for growth they can grow very easily spreading throughout a vast Area.

Reproduce Christmas Moss
Reproduce Christmas Moss

These Days this plant has become one of the mostly used Aquatic plant for fresh water Aquariums all around the world. A lot of beautiful creations can be added to your Aquarium with the use of this plant.

How to Reproduce Christmas Moss?

Reproducing a Christmas Moss will not be that easy. But you can still try the propagation of these moss very carefully.

The propagation of the Christmas Moss can be done in two ways.

  • You can have the Existing Moss divided into smaller parts using your hand and paste them on to another surface using a cotton thread or a fishing line
  • Or else you can use the trimming of these plants go create mays.

Do Christmas Moss have Babies?

At certain times you might see tiny plants growing inside the spreading Christmas Moss in your tank which can be considered as Christmas Moss Babies.

How to make Christmas Moss Babies Grow Faster?

To make the Christmas Moss babies to grow faster you can use Fertilizers or infuse CO2 in to it.

Also a proper amount of lighting, always having a clean and fresh water tank and placing these Christmas Moss babies closer to a flow of water in the tank are other ways which can help them to grow faster.

How to properly cut a Christmas Moss to Reproduce?

A smooth and slow cut of the Christmas Moss should be done in order to reproduce it.

This cutting should be done without any harm on the roots of the plant so that they can attach themselves onto the new surface of placing thereafter.

Main problems of Multiplying Christmas Moss?

There are certain problems that you will have to face when propagating the Christmas Moss.

  • Not at all times the new plants will grow, some of them might grow but some of the other plants will melt off and die. This will at times cause you to lose a large amount of these plants.
  • Also this will be time consuming and if the end result does not come as expected it will be a waste of your time.

If you are using the dry start method to propagate these plants you will have to give them your full attention and see that the surface of growth remains moist all the time. This might at time be difficult to be dealt with.

How long does it take the Christmas Moss to Reproduce?

The Christmas Moss is identified as one of the slow growing plants compared to the other types of Aquatic plants.

So when they are removed from one place and placed into another surface the roots of these plants will take some time to attach towards the surface and grow itself.

So the reproduction of these plants will take a couple of months to grow.

Do Christmas Moss have Genders?

Yes, a Single Christmas Moss can both genders of plants growing in it.

How can I propagate Christmas Moss in the house?

To propagate the Christmas Moss in the house you can use the Dry Start Method.

The Dry Start Method is keeping the cut or removed part of the Christmas Moss out of the fish tank in a moist place so that they can grow themselves.

Here the plant can receive the enough amount of carbon dioxide through air and also you will have to see that the surface of the growth of this plant remains wet at all times.

How can I encourage Christmas Moss to Spread?

So as to encourage your Christmas Moss to grow faster you have to see that the Moss receives the enough amount of room light or sunlight for its growth and see that there is enough amount of clean water for it to grow.

Also placing the Christmas Moss near to the filter of your tank will encourage it to grow faster.

Another method in which you can help your Christmas Moss to grow faster is to infuse CO 2 or Fertilizer to the plant. This will make the Moss to grow faster than the normal growing rate.


Although the propagation of the Christmas Moss will look a bit of difficult. You can try the propagation of this plant and have a beautiful looking new Mosses to decorate your tank.

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