How to Reproduce Taiwan Moss? (Propagation Method)

Taiwan moss is quite popular in many Asian countries. Origin in the eastern part of Asia, the type of moss is found everywhere in this region.

Because of their similar appearance and standard structure, the Taiwan moss brings aliveness to the tank.

It is an excellent plant for the aquarium. Many aquarists use the Taiwan moss as an alternative to the Java or weeping moss plant.

Taiwan moss plant can deal with changing temperatures very well. As being a sturdy plant, Taiwan moss requires less maintenance.

It is the perfect plant for beginners looking for stable growth without needing much care.

Reproduce Taiwan Moss
Reproduce Taiwan Moss

Most of the time, the Taiwan moss is mistaken for the weeping moss plant because they look similar on many points.

Cultivation of the Taiwan moss is relatively easy. You can grow the moss plant in a freshwater aquarium with a controlled environment.

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How to Reproduce Taiwan Moss? (Write Step by Step)

The guide will teach you how to propagate Taxiphyllum or Taiwan moss in the aquarium.

Get Parent plant

You need the parent plants in a healthy condition. Get it from the aquarium store. Cut them into smaller pieces.

Taiwan moss plant doesn’t contain roots or stems. It grows directly from the plant once the environment around it is suitable for growth.


Once you are done with the initiation cutting, the next step is to plant it in the preferred area. Find a suitable place where the plant growth will not affect the fish in the tank.

Establish a clear swimming area for the fish, and the fish will have difficulty swimming.

Attach the plant with the help of the cotton thread or clipping to keep them in the set position. Use super glue if required to hold the plant in the position.

Adjust lightning

Taiwan moss plants require good lightning to grow food. You must offer at least 16 hours of lightning to the plant.

Moderated lightning makes the plant flourish in the tank and extends its growth slowly.

Water change

Conduct regular water changes to provide nutrition to the plant. Perform a 25 per cent water change weekly to keep the water clean.


The trimming is also required to maintain the plant to its natural growth. Sometimes, the part of the Taiwan moss plant will increase to other areas.

In that case, the plant will occupy a large extent, causing the fish to develop stress due to less space for swimming.

Trimming ensures the plant grows in a stable environment without causing trouble to other plants.

Taiwan moss uses CO2 available in the water to grow faster. You can add some portion of CO2 to the water to enhance the growth rate. Using these propagation methods will support the faster growth of the plant.

Does Taiwan Moss have Genders?

No. Like any other aquarium plant, the Taiwan moss growth also depends on the natural process. The growth rate, propagation process or genetic modification is not affected by any unnatural process.

Does Taiwan Moss Have Babies?

No. Taiwan moss is a freshwater aquarium plant. It cannot produce eggs or babies like animals.

The plant shares similar propagation methods that you find in other aquarium plants. Moss are different because you can quickly grow them without having roots or stem structures.

How to Make Taiwan Moss Babies Grow Faster?

Taiwan moss is the aquarium plant and not the animal species which can give birth to babies.

The plant doesn’t multiply the way an animal does; hence you cannot grow the babies faster. Taiwan moss plant is easy to grow with the various propagation methods.

You do not have to put much effort into maintaining the growth. Place the plant in the aquarium and provide sufficient lighting conditions, and you are ready to fill your aquarium with the fresh green Taiwan moss plant.

How to correctly trim a Taiwan Moss to Reproduce?

Trimming Taiwan moss plants to reproduce is super easy. Take the small gardening scissor and cut the plant into tiny pieces. Each piece of the plant is capable of producing.

When trimming the moss plant under the water, remember that the tiny parts will start floating in the plant. So you might have to perform the cleaning after you are done trimming.

While trimming, turn off the filtration so the water flow will be reduced. The trimmed part of the plant will float to the surface instead of diving down to the water.

If you want to grow the trimmed part of the Taiwan moss again:

  • Attach the piece to the substrate.
  • Use the cotton thread or super glue to hold the plant in the position.
  • Maintain the water condition and let the plant grow moderated.

Within a few weeks of trimming, the plant will start reproducing, and growth will be visible to you.

Main Problems of Multiply Taiwan Moss

The Taiwan moss plant will have an independent growth rate. When you keep multiple Taiwan moss plants, they may differ in the growth rate.

Some may grow faster, and some may experience slow growth. Sometimes, the slower growth rate cause problem for the aquarium because you cannot achieve the Taiwan moss plant’s purpose.

In contrast, the faster growth of multiple Taiwan moss plants makes it difficult for the owner to control their water condition.

Once the plant starts occupying a large area in the tank, the fish in the tank would have trouble swimming in the water.

How Long Does It Take for a Taiwan Moss to Reproduce?

Once the plant is submerged under water, the Taiwan moss will start growing, and within a week or two, you will see the plant reproducing.

The plant’s growth will be fast after a few weeks, and soon, it will occupy large parts of the aquarium.

Can I propagate Taiwan Moss in-house? (Indoor propagate)

Yes. You can propagate Taiwan moss in-house as well. Indoor propagation requires a moist environment around the plant. Taiwan moss is mainly found near the river or submerged under the water body.

Without sufficient water to propagate, the Taiwan moss will have trouble growing in the water. It is advisable to develop it in the aquarium. The water will allow the plant to stay fresh and grow faster.

How can I encourage Taiwan Moss to spread?

The best way to propagate the Taiwan moss plant is by attaching the plant to the substrate.

The Taiwan moss spreads quickly when they are given sufficient space to spread. Even you can leave the plant floating near the surface.

You will experience faster growth in the Taiwan moss when the light exposure is high to the plant.

Underwater, the light effects get reduced. Near the surface, the light reaches directly to the plant giving them sufficient time to produce the food.


Taiwan moss plant propagation is easy, and amateurs can manage the plant in the aquarium.

There is no need to get training to manage the plant. Control the water condition to the moderated temperature, and the plant will thrive naturally.

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