Is Christmas Moss Easy to Grow?

The Christmas Moss or the Christmas tree Moss is given this name by the look in it as a Christmas tree.

This plant is a hard and versatile plant which is around 03 to 04 inches tall. The leaves of these plants are around 02 mm in length and takes an oval shape.

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This plant is mainly seen growing in the wet Areas of the Tropical Asia and is also found in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, India and the Japan.

As long as the place is wet and receives the enough amount of light, these plants grow very well near the streams, river banks, and rocks and even on trees in the forest.

Is Christmas Moss Easy to Grow
Is Christmas Moss Easy to Grow? Image Source

With the compact structure of this plant it has a very beautiful look in it, where finally this plant came into be used in the Aquariums and the fish tanks.

Is Christmas Moss Easy to Grow?

The Christmas Moss is a greenly plant which has a slow growth rate and a slow growing root system. However compared to other types of moss and Aquatic plants the Christmas Moss is easy to grow and easy to be taken care of.

As long as the water in your tank is fresh water than salt water this plant will have an easy growth within your tank. As Salt water is not good on these plants which can even cause these plants.

And also the when the Christmas moss receives the enough amount of light and other requirements such as clean water ,these plants will have a good going in your Aquarium or fish tank.

Growing Methods of Christmas Moss

The Christmas Moss can be placed to any place in the Aquarium. This plant can be fixed to the side, bottom or back of the tank which can thereafter be made into a wall or carpet.

The Christmas Moss does not require any substrate to attach it in to. Even keeping these Plants submerged in the water itself will help it grow.

Also as said before the water for these plants should be fresh and free from ammonia. The Christmas Moss does not grow in the dirty or salt waters.

Growing Surfaces of Christmas Moss

The Christmas Moss can be attached to the Fish tank or Aquarium in many ways.


The Christmas Moss can be attached to a Drift wood and placed in the tank. After a certain time period the roots of this plant will start to attach towards the driftwood and grow itself throughout the driftwood


The Christmas Moss can also be attached to gravel in the tanks surface, where the plant can be grown as a carpet in the bottom of the tank.


The Christmas Moss will also grow on rocks if its surface is wet for the plant to grow.

So you can try having some rocks in that tank having the Christmas Moss plant attached to them.

Floating in the tank

One of the main advantages of the Christmas Moss is it does not require a specific surface attached for its growth.

Until the plant receives the required amount of water to its root system these plants can even be kept floating at the top of the tank which can also be used as a carpet to the tank.

Attached to the tank it self- Attaching the Christmas Moss to the tank itself can also be done. The Christmas Moss can be used as a wall on either sides of the tank or as a carpet at the bottom of the tank.

Main Growing Problems of Christmas Moss

Although the Christmas Moss is an easy to take care of plant compared to other Aquatic plants , there are certain growing problems that you will have to face with them such as the below,

Incorrect Caring Methods

As each and every plant requires a proper caring the Christmas Moss also requires a certain type of caring in the tank. The Christmas Moss is a fresh water plant, it cannot survive itself in dirty or salt water, therefore a proper and regular cleaning of the water is required.

If you don’t clean your tank in a regular manner this can have health problems to the Christmas Moss plant in your tank.

Also caring for your Christmas moss plant, you should see that this plant receives the enough amount of food and nutrients for its growth. This factor mainly concerns with the light received on the plant.

See that the Christmas moss receives the enough amount of light which is not too bright or too low.


The Christmas Moss is a plant which can very easily attach Algae towards it. Therefore it should always be seen that these plants in your tank receives only the required amount of light and nutrients for its growth.


Snails that feed on plants are another problem that you will have to face when growing the Christmas Moss. At times even though you do not add snails in to your tank or Aquarium.

They might come to your tank with other Aquatic plants when purchasing them.

They might come to your tank along with the Christmas Moss as well. You will not be able to notice them at the initial stage of purchasing as they might be eggs at the time.

So a thorough cleaning and a good inspection of these plants before adding them in to your tank will be required.

Turning Brown Color

The Christmas Moss plant requires a regular trimming of the plant to have its shape short and light in the tank. Even though this plant grows very slowly it can grow itself covering a vast area of the tank.

This growing will be too heavy to the plant itself and the inside of the plant will turn brownish in colour. This being kept for a long time period will totally turn the plant to brown in colour and might even cause the plant to die.


The Dying of the Christmas Moss plant can happen due to several factors.

Not receiving the enough amount of light on the plant, too much of dirty water, not enough water for the plant to grow, no proper trimming done to the plant are the causes of the Christmas Moss plant dying .

Enemy Fish

Enemy Fish can be identified as the tank mates in your tank which feed on Aquatic plants. If there are fish such as the gold fish in the tank they will eat the Christmas moss plants which will damage the plant.

Is Christmas Moss Growing Fast?

The Christmas Moss does not grow very fast as certain other Aquatic plants.

This plant has a slower growth, but however can cover a vast area of the tank with its structure of branches.

Provided the requirements of the plant the growth of the plant can be increased.

How can I make my Christmas Moss grow Faster?

Providing factors such as enough amount of bright light , be it sunlight or room light , enough amount of water with a flow in in, addition of fertilizer and CO2 to the plant can make the growing the Christmas much more faster than the normal growth.

Does Christmas Moss need CO2 for fast Growing?

Like all other plants the Christmas Moss also has the ability to make its own food through the process of photosynthesis. Therefore infusion of CO2 to the plant will not be necessarily required.

However if you wish to you can add CO2 to the plant which will increase its growth as well as improve its health.

How long Christmas Moss takes to grow?

The Christmas Moss is a plant with a slow growth compared to other Aquatic plants.

The main factors affecting the growth of this plant are the amount of light received on it as well as the wetness of the place and the flow of the water.

As long as these three factors are fulfilled the plant will have its growth even though at a very low rate but cover a vast area of your tank or Aquarium.

Fertilizer for Christmas Moss

The Christmas Moss does not require any additional addition of Fertilizer for its growth because this plant cam make its own food.

However adding fertilizer will not harm the Christmas Moss. Addition of Fertilizer to the Christmas Moss will increase its health and will also help in improving its rate of growth.

What are the correct parameters for successfully planting a Christmas Moss?

When growing the Christmas Moss plant you will have to give your concern on the below factors,


Light is a key factor for the growth of the Christmas Moss plant. This plant is said to grow at a faster rate when it receives a bright amount of light. But not too much of it as it will cause the plant to dry itself and die.


The temperature for the Christmas Moss plants should be between 65-77 degrees Fahrenheit.


the Christmas Moss is a fresh water plant, therefore you should see that your tank or Aquarium is completely free from salt water. Salt water is a factor which can cause the Christmas Moss to die.

PH level

The PH Level for the Christmas Moss plant should be between 5 to 7.5 %.

Basic tips to maintain Christmas Moss Successfully

As we identified, the Christmas moss plant is an easy growing plant.

So when growing one of these plants at your place some basic factors as mentioned below should be taken in to consideration,

  • The Cleanliness of the water, Christmas moss is a fresh water plant and therefore cannot grow in the salt waters or dirty waters
  • See that the plant receives the enough amount of bright light for its growth which is also not too high.
  • If you are having this plant in a terrarium without water, see that the surface of its growth is always wet, if it gets dry it might cause the plant to die.
  • The Christmas moss plant has a higher growth when there is a flow of water, so see that this plant is placed near the filter of your tank if you have one inserted.


The Christmas Moss is a greenly plant with a very beautiful look in it. This plant is not only a beautiful decoration to your tank but will also bring certain other benefits to the tank as well as its tank mates.

Compared to the other Aquatic plants and types of Mosses this plant can be easily grown and easily taken care of. Although this plant has a slow growth rate, this plant can spread itself to a great extent covering a vast area in the tank or Aquarium.

So if you are still thinking of what type of plant that you can add to your tank or aquarium, the Christmas Moss is the ideal plant.

So try adding one of these plants in to your tank and enjoy the true beauty of it.

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