Is Christmas Moss Good For Shrimps?

Shrimps are identified as Omnivorous Animals which mainly feed on Algae. Shrimps of different types are used by People to decorate their tanks. Not only to decorate the Tank but also to keep the tank clean.

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The Christmas Moss is a greenly looking plant which can add colour to your tank. Being a fresh water plant, this plant is used by Aquarists all around the world.

Is Christmas Moss Good For Shrimps
Is Christmas Moss Good For Shrimps

The Christmas Moss in your tank can have a great combination with the Shrimps in your tank.

Is Christmas Moss good for Shrimps?

The Christmas Moss is a harmless plant for all types of Aquatic plants and tank mates in the tank.

As for the Shrimps, they can have a good combination in the tank and live in harmony.

Do Shrimps eat Christmas Moss?

Shrimps do not feed on Christmas Moss. The Shrimps will feed on the left over food and other particles remaining within the plant and take a small nibble on the moss but they will not eat out large chunks of this plant.

Are Christmas Moss Good for All Types of Shrimps?

The Christmas Moss will be good to all types of Shrimps. They can live in peace and harmony within the tank or Aquarium.

The Most commonly used Shrimps in a tank are,

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimps also known as the glass shrimp are fresh water Crustacean. Ghost Shrimp is popular among the fish keepers and is very easy to be taken care of.

Adding of Christmas Moss into your Ghost Shrimp tank will not make any harm on them . The Ghost Shrimp will only feed on the tiny bits of food resting on the Christmas Moss.

Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp are tiny shrimps red in colour used to decorate tanks.

Same as the Ghost Shrimps, adding of the Christmas Moss into your Red Shrimp tank will not cause any harm on these shrimps.

As the Ghost Shrimps these shrimps will also feed on the food resting on the moss but will not make any harm on the balls.

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp also known as Algae eating shrimp are kept in tanks to keep the tanks debris free.

Amano Shrimp as an Algae eating shrimp will nibble on the food stuck on the Christmas Moss but will not eat the Moss itself.

Even if it eats the Moss it will only eat the decayed parts of the moss and leave out the healthy parts.

Basic Tips to Grow Christmas Moss in the Shrimp Tank

Water Condition

The Christmas Moss is a fresh water plant. This plant cannot survive itself in dirty water or the salt waters. Therefore it should always be seen that there is a regular cleaning of your water in the tank.

Also you need to see that the water in your tank is not too warm for these plants. Too much of warm water can make the plant to melt and Die.


The Christmas Moss makes its own food like all other plants .For this process you should see that the plant receives the enough amount of light. Insufficient amount of light received on the plant will stop the growth of the plant.

Also if you are willing to add CO2 to you plant, you can purchase them and infuse to your plants. This will help in increasing the health as well as the growth of the plant.

Tank Size

the Christmas Moss grows spreading around a vast area of your tank. Therefore you should see that the tank size is enough for the shrimps, other tank mates and the Christmas Moss to live in.


Christmas Moss requires bright light for its growth. But not too much of bright light which will warm the water of the tank as well as increase the Algae growth within the Moss.

A sufficient amount of bright light should be received on the plant for its growth.

How to Decorate Your Shrimp Tank by Using Christmas Moss?

The Christmas Moss can be used in many ways to decorate the Shrimps tank.

The Moss can be used as a Carpet at the bottom of the tank or floating at the top of the tank.

Or else as a wall hanging on either sides of the wall of the tank, or even as a tree inside the tank.

As the Christmas Moss is able to grow itself anywhere as long as there is a wet surface you can attach these Mosses in to driftwood, rocks and gravel and place them within the tank too.

How Does Christmas Moss help in Breeding Shrimps?

Shrimps carry their eggs on the underside of their body until hatch. They do not lay eggs or give live birth. The Shrimps provide these eggs with the required oxygen and also keep them clean and out of the reach of other bacteria’s.

So the Christmas Moss help them in this process by providing the oxygen and sucking up the Nitrates.

Do Shrimps lay eggs on Christmas Moss?

No, Shrimps will not lay their eggs on the Christmas Moss as they have their eggs on the underside of their body until they hatch. But the Christmas Moss will provide the Female Shrimps with a good resting place.

Is Shrimp Poop Harmful for Christmas Moss?

Shrimp Poop will not be harmful on the Christmas Moss.

But having these unwanted particles remaining within the tank for a longer period of time without cleaning can make the water in the tank dirty which will have effects on the health of the Christmas Moss in the tank.

Will my Shrimps Die Eating Christmas Moss?

No, Shrimps will not get themselves killed by Eating Christmas Moss.

They will not eat the Christmas Moss but only take a nibble on these plants.

However as a harmless plant, the Christmas Moss will not bring any Bad effects on the shrimps.

Do Shrimps get stuck in the Christmas Moss?

At times with the structure of branches of these plants, the Shrimps might get stuck within the Moss. However this will not be for too long .They can make themselves out of these plants.

Can Shrimps be Happy with Christmas Moss?

Yes, the Shrimps can be happy living with the Christmas Moss. Christmas Moss will provide the Shrimps with Security and Shelter, while also providing a great place of play to them.

The Shrimps can enjoy themselves on the Christmas moss as well as use them as Beds.


Shrimps of different colours and a greenly looking Christmas Moss plant will be a great addition to a tank.

If you are yet to try out having a fish tank at home try having Shrimps in the tank with a Christmas Moss. You will never regret this decision.

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