Is Flame Moss Good for Guppies?

A Guppy also known as a Rainbow Fish, is the most famous freshwater aquarium fish species.

This fish is mostly found in the Rivers and Lakes of South America. Guppies are always used by people to fill up their tanks along with living aquarium plants.

The Flame Moss or scientifically known as the Taxiphyllum Flame is a dark green plant mostly used by Aquarists in the decoration of their fish tanks and aquariums these days.

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These plants are thick and in bushy shape which makes the plant very eye-catching.

Is Flame Moss Good for Guppies
Is Flame Moss Good for Guppies

These Mosses can be kept fully submerged in the water or kept floating on the water at the top of your tank. In any way they are used in your tank it will have a very nice look in it.

These Flame Mosses and the Guppies in the tank will be a great combination to the tank and also very attractive.

Is Flame Moss Good for Guppies?

Flame Moss is a very harmless plant growing in the rivers of South and Southeast Asia. As long as you fulfill the requirements for this plant’s growth such as clean water, low flow of water in the tank, and a lower amount of light, the plant will have healthy growth within the tank.

When the Flame Moss has a good health condition within the tank there will not be any harm done by these plants to the Guppies.

But if these Mosses are dead in the tank and kept in the same manner without taking any care of them for a longer period then these plants will be harmful to the Guppies in the tank.

Can Guppies live with Flame Moss?

Guppies are very active and social creatures in your fish tank and the Flame Moss is a harmless Moss that can be used in your fish tank.

So they can live in harmony with each other in the tank.

Do Guppies Eat Flame Moss?

Guppies are tiny little fish in a tank, they will nibble a tiny bit of the Flame Moss in your tank but will not feed on chunks of the Moss like other herbivorous fish such as the Goldfish.

Will my Guppies die if they eat Flame Moss?

No, the Guppies will not die nibbling a little amount from the Flame Moss in your tank. They can have a healthy life with the Flame Moss plants in your tank.

Is Flame Moss provide security to Guppies?

The Flame Moss is a thick and Bushy plant, so when they are planted in your tank they will cover a wide area of the tank with their bushiness while also providing the guppies with shelter and security from the other larger tank mates in the tank

Is Flame Moss good for all types of Guppies?

Guppies are of different types and there are around 50 kinds of guppies used in the Aquarium Industry.

Among these guppies, the most famous are the

  • Fancy Guppy Fish
  • Endler Guppy
  • Veiltail
  • Triangle tail
  • Fantail
  • Scarftail
  • Double Swordtail and numerous other kinds.

All these guppies may have different looks but are sociable creatures. So whatever the type of Guppy is, they can live in peace and harmony with the Flame Mosses in your tank.

How does Flame Moss help in breeding Guppies?

Guppies give live birth to their fry. ( Baby Guppies ). The Female Guppies will move to the bottom of the tank when they are about to give birth.

So at this stage, the Flame Moss with its thick and bush look will be a great helping hand to the Guppies to protect their fry from the larger and other types of fish in the tank.

Is Flame Moss safe for baby Guppies?

Guppy Babies are completely safe with the Flame Moss in the tank. They will provide the shelter and safety required by the baby guppies in the tank.

But if your Flame Moss is at a dying stage or already dead and decaying in the tank, care should be taken to remove them off the tank immediately so that they don’t bring harm to the Baby Guppies.

Is Guppy poop harmful to Flame Moss in my Aquarium?

No, Guppy Poop will not be harmful to the Flame Moss plants in your tank. The tank should be given a proper cleaning regularly to keep away the Poop collecting within the Mosses of this plant. Too much poop on the Moss will make the plant dirty and unable to be cleaned very easily.

Advantages & Disadvantages of using Flame Moss to my Guppy tank

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of using the Flame Moss to the Guppy Tank.

Certain advantages are,

  • These Mosses provide the oxygen requirement of the tank up to a certain level, helping the guppies and other tank mates to breathe.
  • They help in the sucking up of Nitrates in the tank.

Also, there are certain disadvantages as,

These plants require a low level of light for growth, too much light received on the tank will cause harm to the growth of this Moss.

Flame Moss like other mosses tends to attract Algae towards it when there is too much light, these Algae will not easy to be recovered.

These Mosses require a slow-moving of water in the tank, so the filter of the tank should move slowly, a higher move of water will tear the Moss and cause it to die.

Is it difficult to grow Flame Moss in a Guppy tank?

No, it is not difficult to grow a Flame Moss in your Guppy tank. Guppies and Flame Moss can live in harmony together. Therefore you can easily have a Flame Moss growing in your tank while the basic requirements of the plant to grow are met.

How to fast grow Flame Moss in my Guppy tank?

The Flame Moss has rhizoids in it which will help them to absorb the nutrients in the tank for its normal growth. Also, you can use Fertilizer or CO 2 added to the Moss which is not necessarily required but will make the Moss grow faster and healthier within the tank.

How is Flame Moss Entertaining Guppies in my Aquarium tank?

Flame Moss has a thick and bushy appearance. The Guppies can hide and play within the mosses of these plants as well as use the top of this plant as a playground to play with.

Can I put a fake Flame Moss plant in my Guppy tank?

Yes, you can have a Fake Flame Moss plant in your Guppy tank. It will add beauty to the tank as well as easy to be taken care of rather than alive and real Flame Moss.

However, the Fake Moss will not provide the guppy tank with certain benefits such as providing the tank with oxygen and sucking up the nitrates in the tank.


Guppies are a kind of fish that are very active and sociable. These different types and colors of Guppies will add an eye-catching look to your tank. At the same time adding one of these Flame Mosses into the tank will increase its beauty.

So if you are yet to try a moss to your guppy tank, the flame moss will be a perfect addition to your tank.

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