Is Flame Moss Good for Shrimps in My Aquarium Tank?

Shrimps are identified as Omnivorous Animals which mainly feed on Algae. Shrimps of different types are used by People to decorate their tanks. Not only to decorate the Tank but also to keep the tank clean.

Shrimps can give your tank a nice look with any type of Aquarium plant that you have in the tank. They have very bright and beautiful colors and can be a good color combination with the Flame Moss in your tank.

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Flame mosses are dark green bushy type mosses that grow in the rivers. These plants are around 03 to 04 inches tall and will do well even in the small fish tanks that you keep at your home place.

Is Flame Moss Good for Shrimps
Is Flame Moss Good for Shrimps

Is Flame Moss Good for Shrimps?

The Flame Moss is a very harmless plant that grows in the rivers native to South and Southeast Asia. They do not make any effect on the health of the tank mates in your tank.

This is the same with the Shrimps. Shrimps in your tank will not have any difficulties but live happily with the Flame Moss in your tank.

Do Shrimps Eat Flame Moss?

Shrimps are very small creatures in your tank. Like the other tank mates, the shrimps might also take a nibble on the Flame Moss as well as the other aquatic plants in the tank.

But will not feed largely on the Moss. This will not affect the health of the Flame Moss in your tank.

Is Flame Moss Good for all types of Shrimps?

Flame Moss being a harmless plant is good on any type of Shrimp. Any type of Shrimp can live in peace and harmony with the Flame Moss in your tank.

The Most commonly used Shrimps in a tank are,

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimps also known as glass shrimp are freshwater crustaceans. Ghost Shrimp is popular among fish keepers and is very easy to be taken care of.

Adding Flame Moss into your Ghost Shrimp tank will not make any harm to them. The Ghost Shrimp will only feed on the tiny bits of food resting on the Flame Moss.

Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp are tiny shrimp colors used to decorate tanks.

Same as the Ghost Shrimps, adding the Flame Moss into your Red Shrimp tank will not harm these shrimps.

As the Ghost Shrimps, these shrimps will also feed on the food resting on the moss but will not make harm to these mosses.

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp also known as Algae eating shrimp are kept in tanks to get rid of the Algae in the tanks. Amano Shrimp as an Algae eating shrimp will nibble on the food stuck on the Flame moss but will not eat the Moss itself.

Even if it eats the Moss it will only eat the decayed parts of the moss and leave out the healthy parts.

Basic Tips to Grow Flame Moss in Shrimp Tank

Growing Flame Moss in your Shrimp tank will be an easy task. You will have to see that the basic requirements of the Moss are met to strive for itself in the tank.

Water Condition

the Water Conditions of your tank are important for the Growth of the Flame Moss. The Flame Moss requires a low temperature and a low light for growth. Therefore you have to see that the water temperature of your tank is not too high.

Also, these Mosses require a slow flow of water in the tank. Therefore here too you will have to see that there is a slow flow of water through the filter in your tank.


Like all other Aquatic plants in use, the Flame Moss too makes its food through the process of Photosynthesis. Therefore it isn’t necessarily required to infuse CO2 into your Flame Moss in the tank.

However, if you wish to you can add a few drops of CO2 which is specifically used on these Mosses. Infusion of CO2 will help to increase the growth as well as the health of the Flame Moss.

Tank Size

The Size of your tank is another factor affecting the growth of the Flame Moss. Your tank should have enough space for the Shrimps as well as the Flame Moss to grow.

If there isn’t enough space in your tank the Flame Moss might cover a larger area of your tank leaving only a small amount of space for the Shrimps as well as the other tank mates in your tank.


the Flame Moss requires a low amount of light to grow. So you have to see that the tank receives only the required amount of sunlight or room light. Too much light received on the Moss will make the Moss change in color, melt and even die in the tank.

How to decorate your Shrimp tank by using Flame Moss?

The Flame Moss can be kept attached to the Substrate of your tank or also kept up floating at the top of the Tank. These Mosses grow as thick and bushy plants.

How does Flame Moss Support Breeding Shrimps?

Shrimps carry their eggs on the underside of their body until hatch. They do not lay eggs or give live birth. The Shrimps provide these eggs with the required oxygen and also keep them clean and out of the reach of other bacteria.

So the Flame Moss helps them in this process by providing the oxygen and sucking up the Nitrates.

Do Shrimps lay eggs on Flame Moss?

No, Shrimps will not lay their eggs on the Flame Moss as they have their eggs on the underside of their body until they hatch. But the Flame Moss will provide the Female Shrimps with a good resting place as well as safety to the Shrimps.

Is Shrimp Poop dangerous for Flame Moss?

No, the Shrimp poop will not be dangerous on the Flame Moss. However, you have to see that the tank is cleaned regularly so that there isn’t too much Shrimp poo collected in the tank.

As the Flame Moss looks a little bushy when there is too much Shrimp poop collected within the plant for a longer period. It will be hard on removing them from the Moss.

Will my Shrimps die eating Flame Moss?

No, the Shrimps will not die eating the Flame Moss in your tank. Shrimps will only take a small nibble of these plants while taking out other small particles remaining within these plants. This small nibbling will not make the Shrimp die.

Do Shrimps get stuck in Flame Moss?

At certain times these Shrimps might get stuck within the bushy flame mosses but not for a long period. They can easily get out of these Mosses.

Can Shrimp be happy with Flame Moss?

Yes, the Shrimp can live happily with the Flame Moss. They can play within these Mosses and have a happy time with them.


If you are yet to decide on what type of Aquatic plant to be added to your Shrimp tank, the Flame Moss is a suitable Moss to your tank. This greenly-looking Moss will add beautiful decoration to the tank along with the Shrimps in your tank.

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