Is Java Moss Good for Shrimps?

Is Java moss good for shrimps? Java moss is a companion plant for shrimps. It will offer a sufficient hiding place for the shrimps in the tank. It is most commonly used in aqua scaping. The plant has a high tolerance rate to a wide range of water conditions. It is an ideal plant for the beginner.

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Java Moss for all Types of Shrimps

Java moss plant has many benefits that offer perfect water conditions for the shrimp to grow. The plant is supporting all kinds of shrimps.

Is Java Moss Good for Shrimps
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Here are some of the key uses of the java moss in the Shrimp tank.

  • Aqua scaping:

Java moss is the perfect plant for Aqua scaping. It is flexible and adopts any shape when placed on the plant or rock. Attach the java moss on any decorative items with the help of a fishing line. Spread the java moss in the tank and enhance the beauty of the plant.

  • Protection:

Shrimp loves the java moss plant due to its dense region. Java moss plant grows quickly and create a cave-like structure where the shrimp can hide under. The dense area offers an adequate hiding place for the shrimp.

The fish is very vulnerable and get stress out easily when they are kept in the open water. They feel any predator can attack them if they live in the open water. The availability of the java moss plant in the tank offers them enough space to hide.

  • Emergency Food:

Also, the small size leaves are great food for the shrimp. When there is less food available in the tank, the java moss could become instant food. Java moss plant provides nutrition to the plant as they grow.

  • Healthy environment:

Java moss plant keeps the water condition intact. As the plant consumes the CO2 from the water, it releases the oxygen and keeps the water oxygenated. The shrimp will never have trouble consuming the oxygen from the water.

Needs for Growing Java Moss in a Shrimp Tank

While growing java moss in the shrimp tank, there are certain things that you should be taking care of to allow the plant as shrimp both enjoy healthy water growth.

Water condition:

Java moss doesn’t require a particular type of plant. It is tough to plant grows in various types of water without needing maintenance. The ideal water condition would be good water current, soft acid water. If we talk about the temperature so keep the water temperature between 21-24oC.

The plant can easily sustain in the water temperature up to 30oC. In the warmer water, the plant’s growth rate will slow down compared to the cooler water. If you want the java moss to grow faster, then maintain the water temperature around 24oC. The plant grows healthier at this temperature.


If you want to expedite the growth of the java moss, then use the CO2 and fertilizer. However, the plant doesn’t require CO2, but it will support faster and healthy growth.

Tank size:

The java moss plant doesn’t have a specific requirement for the tank size. It can grow comfortably in any size of a tank. You can put them in the Nano tank, shrimp tank, or betta tank. Choose the minimum size of 5 gallons of water to allow the java moss to grow faster.


Java moss can grow in high as well as low lighting conditions. In the bright light, the java moss will have exponential growth. And in the low light, the growth will be moderated. Bright light is not recommended because it may allow the algae to take place on the java moss plant.

The brightness makes the water condition suitable for the algae, and they start growing on the leaves of the java moss. Once there are algae on the plant, the java moss plant will start turning yellow, and the center part will turn brown.

It is an indication that the java moss plant is having difficulty consuming the light due to the algae. Keep the low light in the shrimp tank when you are using the java moss plant.

Can shrimps live with Java moss?

Yes. The java moss is a relatively good plant and offers many benefits to the fish. Due to its faster growth, the java moss plant will help the shrimp find the cover under the plant. Shrimp like to hide behind the plant and rocks. The java moss plant will produce a natural habitat where they can comfortably live and enjoy their time.

Importance of planting Java moss for maintaining a healthy shrimp tank

Here are some of the benefits of planting java moss in the shrimp tank.

  1. The plant is easiest among all other plants to grow in the shrimp tank.
  2. Less maintenance saves a good amount of time to focus on the care of the shrimp.
  3. Java moss adopt the water condition easily and sustainably even the water condition is harsh. No lightning, cleaning, or temperature change may not bother the java moss.
  4. No need to use fertilizer for growth. Naturally, the java moss sustains longer and grows faster.
  5. You can place the java moss on any object or lay the plant down at the bottom. The java moss automatically surrounds the object and takes the shape of it. You can even place them on the rock and let it cover the entire rock as it grows, which will look beautiful when it is fully covered.
    Some aquarist prefers to plant the java moss in the vertical form at the back of the tank. It looks awesome when the plant starts growing and covers half of the tank space with the leaves.
    You can throw the plant in the tank, and it starts growing without needing any maintenance.
  6. Java moss also supports shrimp breeding. The dense structure of the java moss will allow the shrimp baby to hide when they are born. Plant protects them from getting eaten by other fish or large shrimp. You can create the wall structure using java moss, protected from the other fish and shrimps.
  7. Java moss emits the natural habitat of the shrimp and allows them to stay stress-free. The shrimp can hide behind the plant when they sense danger. Without the plant or proper hiding place, the shrimp develops anxiety which leads to high health problems.
  8. Once the java moss starts growing in the tank, it will create a structure like a spider web. Any waste product larger than the leaves will be trapped in the structure, which keeps the water clean. Trapped products are sent to the ground, where the shrimp can feed themselves.

How to decorate your shrimp tank by using Java moss?

Using java moss for decoration purposes is quite easy. There are several ways you can place the java moss in the tank. Following are some of the common ways you can use java moss to make your aquarium look beautiful.

Vertical covering:

Place the java moss on the back of the tank in the vertical structure. Use the fishing line to attach the java moss to the back properly. Use the specialized design suction cup that gets stick to the back of the glass and offers the perfect position to the java moss plant. Once the plant covers the entire backdrop, the aquarium looks awesome.


Use the driftwood to make the natural tree in the aquarium. Use the fishing line to tie the plant to the wood. Ensure that the driftwood is properly attached to the bottom of the tank. It makes it look beautiful when the java moss covers the entire driftwood. The aquarium will have full of vegetation and greenery everywhere.


Java moss is mostly used as a carpet in the tank. You can spread the java moss at the bottom. Ensure that you put some weight on it to avoid it from floating. The carpet structure gives the soft bed at the bottom of the tank for the shrimp. When the leaves grow bigger, it will create a sufficient hiding place for the shrimp.

Uses of Java moss for breeding shrimps

Shrimp can comfortably lay their fry in the dense region of the java moss plant. The hidden structure allows the fry to stay safe from the other fish and even the large Shrimp. If you put the fry in the open place, they will get eaten by others.

The java moss plant creates the wall between the large fish and the fry. Also, the structure allows the shrimp to breed without any stress. Hiding place in the tank is vital for keeping the health of the shrimp intact.

Do shrimps poop harmful for Java moss?

The excess amount of shrimp poop may reduce the water quality, which may harm the growth of the java moss. However, there is no direct impact of the shrimp poop on the java moss plant. Control the water condition by removing the waste product from the tank.

Change the 25% of the water every 15 days to keep the water clean and oxygenated. The freshwater also adds nutrition to the water, which keeps the shrimp healthy.

Do cherry shrimps eat Java moss?

The Cherry shrimps occasionally eat the java moss plant. You may notice the plant leaves are trimmed down overnight. The nibbling of the plant is natural, and you may face the challenges of keeping your plant healthy when you large size shrimp in the tank. It is advisable to keep your shrimp full by offering a sufficient amount of food.

Do Amano shrimps eat Java moss?

The Amano shrimp will pick the moss to find the edibles in the plant, but they generally avoid eating the moss plant. The shrimp eat the java moss plant only when they find no food in the aquarium.

Will My Shrimps Die Eating Java Moss?

No. The java moss plant is healthy and offers supplementary food to the shrimp in the absence of food. The Java moss also offers space for the micro bacteria, which are good for newborn shrimp babies. So overall, the java moss is a great plant for the shrimp and their growth.

Java Moss for a Nano Shrimp Tank

Java moss plant can be grown in the nano shrimp tank. However, you to should track the growth of the java moss plant regularly. Trim down the plant whenever you find them occupying the free space in the tank.

Provide sufficient swimming space for the shrimp else, and they will get stressed out. The 50% space in the tank should be kept free to allow the Shrimp to wander around in the tank.

Is shrimp get stuck in java moss?

Generally, the shrimp finds a way out from the java moss plant. The leaves are small, and the stem is smooth. There is minimal possibility of shrimp getting stuck in the java moss. If you face such a problem, then keep the java moss plant free from the net structure.

Do not allow the java moss to build the wall that can stick the shrimp. Instead, you can place the java moss on the driftwood or rock or use the java moss ball. The shrimp can easily get out of it as these structures are small and soft.


Java moss is a great companion plant for shrimp. It will grow quickly and stay healthy. When the java moss is small, keep track of growth. Please do not use any fertilizer as they can grow quickly. Java moss is the fastest growing plant, so keep trimming them to avoid shrimp getting suck in the net of the java moss plant. The plant will produce a great home for the shrimp.

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