Is Marimo Moss Ball a Pet?

The Marimo Moss Ball is a kind of Algae seen mostly grown in Japanese Lakes. These Marimo Balls live for over 100 years.

They are considered an heirloom by the Japanese and passed through Generation to Generation. And even some of the Japanese consider them as charms of Good Luck.

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As per the Japanese legend, these Marimo Moss Balls are the hearts of two lovers whose love was forbidden due to social issues.

Is Marimo Moss Ball a Pet? The Marimo Moss Ball is a greeny, velvety large ball in Appearance. They are very soft, squishy, and fun to hold. Also don’t require any food from the outside as they make food of their own.

They are easy to take care of. With all these features, they can be considered pets and an enduring symbol of love and devotion.

In Japan, these Marimo Moss Balls are handed over to Japanese children as pets as they require minimum care compared to other pets.

Is Marimo Moss Ball a Pet
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Is Marimo Moss Ball Pets Animal?

The Marimo Moss Ball is a gift of nature. The velvety greeny and circular figure were given to it by nature look very smooth and funny to hold. Very easy to be taken care of. It’s still considered a plant and not an animal.

How to take care of a Moss Ball Pet?

The Moss Ball pet cannot survive in direct sunlight. I met with natural sunlight, and it will change the color to brown or grey. If such a color change on the Moss occurs, it is suitable to move your pet to a colder location with less direct sunlight.

Another way of taking care of your pet is to change the water with regular tap water once in two weeks. The Marimo accumulates mulm or crud around it. Therefore it is suitable to change the tank water once in a while.

Also, if you are highly concerned about your pet’s health, it is required to roll your Marimo once in a while, which helps maintain its circular shape and helps it maintain its green color without being rot.

Do Moss Balls Pets have feelings?

All plants have feelings, and it is the same with the Marimo. The Marimo cannot exist in too much hot water. They feel sick with the temperature change and start to rot and change their color when met with too hot water.

Also, when the water in the tank is not clean enough for the Marimo, it will tend to change its color and rot.

Where to Buy Marimo Moss Ball Pets?

Marimo Moss Balls Pets can be bought at garden shops and aquariums which specialize in them. Or even can be ordered and brought through online methods such as eBay and Amazon according to your requirement.

The best method to buy them is to physically examine the Marimo and get one at a local aquarium.

But when considered with other aquarium plants, the Marimo Moss Balls hold a higher price than the other plants.

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