Is Marimo Moss Ball Good for Shrimps?

Shrimps are identified as Omnivorous Animals which mainly feed on Algae. Shrimps of different types are used by People to decorate their tanks. Not only to decorate the Tank but also to keep the tank clean.

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Is Marimo Moss Ball Good for Shrimps
Is Marimo Moss Ball Good for Shrimps

Is Marimo Moss Ball Good for Shrimps?

Among the Tank Mates that can live with the Marimo Moss Balls, Shrimps take a prominent place.

Marimo Moss Balls are a good addition to the Shrimp tank which will add the tank with beauty and also give benefits such as sucking up the nitrates, giving oxygen, removing excess algae and also has less maintenance when compared to other Aquatic plants .

Are Shrimps Eat Marimo Moss Balls?

Shrimps might not eat the Moss on the Marimo Moss Balls they will feed on the tiny food particles that are stuck up within the Moss but not make any harm on the Marimo Moss Balls.

Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for All Types of Shrimps?

Shrimps are of different types, among them the commonly used shrimps in the tanks are the Ghost Shrimps, Red Cherry Shrimps and Amano Shrimps.

  • Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimps also known as the glass shrimp are fresh water Crustacean. Ghost Shrimp is popular among the fish keepers and is very easy to be taken care of.

Adding of Marimo Moss Balls into your Ghost Shrimp tank will not make any harm on them . The Ghost Shrimp will only feed on the tiny bits of food resting on these Marimo Moss Balls.

  • Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp are tiny shrimps red in colour used to decorate tanks. Same as the Ghost Shrimps, adding of the Marimo Moss Balls into your Red Shrimp tank will not cause any harm on these shrimps.

As the Ghost Shrimps these shrimps will also feed on the food resting on the Moss Balls but will not make any harm on the balls.

  • Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp also known as Algae eating shrimp are kept in tanks to keep the tanks debris free. Having Marimo Moss Balls in an Amano Shrimp tank, the Amano shrimp will roll the moss balls around for fun.

Amano Shrimp as an Algae eating shrimp will nibble on the food stuck on the Moss Ball but will not eat the Moss itself.

Even if it eats the Moss it will only eat the decayed parts of the moss and leave out the healthy parts.

How to Help Marimo Moss Balls for Breeding Shrimps?

Shrimps carry their eggs on the underside of their body until hatch. They do not lay eggs or give live birth. The Shrimps provide these eggs with the required oxygen and also keep them clean and out of the reach of other bacteria’s.

So the Marimo Moss Balls help them in this process by providing the oxygen, removing unwanted Algae’s and also sucking up the Nitrates.

Do Shrimp lay Eggs on Marimo Moss Balls?

Shrimps have their Eggs held under the tail of their females, so the Shrimps will not lay their Eggs on the Marimo Moss Balls.

Do Shrimp Poop Harmful for Marimo Moss Balls?

Shrimp poop will not be harmful on the Marimo Moss Balls as the Marimo Moss Balls sucks up the nitrates.

However if your tank is with Shrimp Poop for a long period and the water of the tank is might have an effect on the Marimos to rot. So in such a situation it will be good to clean your shrimp tank quickly.

Can Shrimp Be Happy With Marimo Moss Balls?

Marimo Moss Balls has certain advantages when added to your tank such as providing oxygen, removing the unwanted Algae in your tank and even sucking up the Nitrates.

And even with the Moss in these Marimos it will provide a hiding place for the Shrimps too.

Some Shrimps even roll around these Moss Balls and have fun with them, therefore the Shrimp can be happy having Marimo Moss Balls in their tank.

Will my Shrimp Die Eating Marimo Moss Balls?

Shrimps as considered one of the best tank mates with a Marimo Moss Ball will not eat the Moss of the Marimo Moss Balls. And even if they eat the Marimos , as an harmless Algae eating of the Marimo Moss Ball will not kill the Shrimps.

Adding of Marimo Moss Balls into your Shrimp tank as a decoration will bring a definite beauty to your tank.

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