Is Phoenix Moss Easy To Grow? (Beginner’s Guide)

If you’re an aquarist thinking about getting into Moss Terrariums, perhaps Phoenix Moss maybe your plant.

It’s attractive, grows quickly and easily in aquariums, and provides one of the most interesting terrarium options.

But before jumping head first into this project, don’t forget to research what condition your tank needs.

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Is Phoenix Moss Easy To Grow?
Is Phoenix Moss Easy To Grow?

Is Phoenix Moss Easy To Grow?

Recently Phoenix moss is becoming a famous and preferred aquatic plant for indoor aquariums. This is all because they are very easy to grow. Yes, Phoenix moss needs very less care and maintenance to be best for your fish tank.

You have to get the Phoenix moss plant and keep it in your tank under a suitable environment, and they will begin to grow.

What Is The Essential Thing To Successfully Grow Phoenix Moss?

You need to take care of several things while growing Phoenix moss. First, you’ll need at least a 20-gallon aquarium with good filtration.

Also, remember that Phoenix Moss is not poisonous or aggressive but has a large surface area, requiring frequent water changes if you want to keep it healthy. So don’t forget to plan for these without delay.

Evergreen, hardy, and easy to grow, Phoenix Moss is an attractive plant that looks best in planted aquariums or terrariums. However, to grow them properly, you need to take care of a few essential things, such as :

  • Water: Phoenix moss does well in water ranging from very soft to slightly hard. It does not need the same conditions as other varieties of moss, but it will be best to keep your phoenix moss in a low pH environment of around 6.5-7.
  • Temperature: Phoenix Moss can tolerate many temperatures from the low 40’s to the mid-’80s. The best conditions for Phoenix Moss are around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit with 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a tropical region, you can keep your Phoenix Moss in the area it will be kept.
  • Lighting: Phoenix does not require bright light but still likes indirect sunlight, so you should keep your tank lit at around 12 hours of lighting per day.

Phoenix Moss is fast-growing and can take over your entire tank quite easily if not cared for. It also has very sensitive roots, so some care must be taken regarding nutrient levels and water changes.

Growing Methods Of Phoenix Moss

Phoenix moss can provide oxygen to the water, and it can help reduce nitrates in the water. Here are the three steps to easily plant the Phoenix moss in your Aquarium.

  • To grow moss, you need to break up the gravel and make a proper substrate for them. You should use top-quality substrate for your Aquarium with a mixture of rock and black soil. The substrate will ensure that the Phoenix can extract the nutrients from the soil.
  • Then take the pieces of moss and attach them to the wire mesh. You can take the help of thread or glue to attach them to the wire mesh.
  • Then you have to put these moss pieces into the tank, and it will start growing itself.

Moss will grow within two or three weeks when placed under normal conditions. Water should be replaced once dry, and make sure there is no litter in your tank.

Give your plant a good fertilizing dose once every week or so. This can be done by adding in some atmospheric fish fertilizer. This is effective as it is perfectly safe for plants and easy to use.

Main Growing Problems Of Phoenix Moss

The main problem which people face while growing Phoenix moss is the problem of algae, phoenix moss dying and not using proper ways to maintain them. At the same time, Phoenix moss is very easy to care for and maintain, but they require a minimal amount of attention.

Unfortunately, many people forget to take care of them after planting them. As a result, they see their moss getting brown and finally die.

You can overcome the issue by proper cleaning and regulating the water flow of the Aquarium at regular intervals of time. You should also take time to clean the bottom of the tank to avoid polluting the substrate.

Algae are a very common problem that people can face in their aquariums. If they get rich in the population, they can destroy your whole ecosystem of Aquarium, and you sure do not want this happening with your tank.

This happens because you sometimes provide extra nutrients in the water that lead to algae growth. They often grow in the dirty tank, a tank that is not maintained regularly.

Thus to ensure your effort of planting Phoenix moss does not go to waste, it is mandatory to take care of the problem of algae as soon as you find them in your tank.

How Long Does Phoenix Moss Take To Grow?

It has been reported that some people see growth within two weeks, but it could take as long as two to three months or longer to see any noticeable difference in the Phoenix moss.

The growth rate largely depends on water temperature, the light you provide, the flow rate of water, nitrate levels, and pH levels.

Many factors contribute to the growth rate of Phoenix Moss, but the temperature is one of the most important. Phoenix Moss needs cool temperatures to thrive.

At 18-22 degrees Celsius, most species will grow at 3cm per month or as much as 0.6 inches per month. But below 18 degrees Celsius is not ideal for moss growth at all.

Hence you would see that the growth of Phoenix moss has been stopped due to poor environmental conditions.

How Can I Make My Phoenix Moss Grow Faster In Aquarium?

Aquariums are an exciting hobby that you can enjoy. However, one common problem among novice aquarists is the slow rate of growth afflicted upon their Phoenix moss.

Phoenix moss is a popular aquatic plant that most people prefer to plant in their aquariums. So here are a few tips for speeding up your plants’ development:

Go for quality substrate

A well-balanced nutrient program can help your plants develop faster by improving the substrate’s quality, ensuring adequate foliar nutrition, and minimizing the occurrence of iron deficiencies.

Fertilizing with a product such as Seachem Flourish will ensure that plants regularly receive adequate nutrients.


The next tip for growing your Phoenix moss is giving them the fertilizers. Generally, Phoenix does not require fertilizers, but if you want to faster the growth rate, you can use this tip.

Do this for two weeks at the start of your plants’ development. Do not overuse fertilizers as they can be harmful to your plant and other aquatic species in the tank.

The last tip for growing your Phoenix moss faster is pruning them. When you think your plants are starting to overgrow, cut off all their leaves and trim them to encourage the growth of your moss.

What Kind Of Fertilizer Does Phoenix Moss Need?

Phoenix moss is a freshwater plant and will be fine with just the standard fish tank setup. The best fertilizers for Phoenix moss are liquid fertilizers from the pet store, with nitrate-nitrogen levels at least as high as 15%.

In addition, fertilizers made for plants have at least as high as 8% phosphorous-phosphorus levels.

Can I Grow Phoenix Moss Plant Without Fertilizer?

Phoenix is a very hardy plant that can take on extreme conditions to thrive and survive in the wild. This makes it a great choice for both home and commercial aquariums, as it can survive most types of fluctuations in the environment, from temperature to water quality.

The Phoenix Moss also has an advantage in that it does not need much fertilizer to grow well. Instead, arching stems are produced, which will form dense mats that populate the surface of your Aquarium quickly.

The only real requirement is that the water conditions are ideal and stable. The Phoenix Moss does its work by extracting nutrients from the water and processing them into more of the plant.

However, too much fertilizer causes the moss to grow too quickly, which can cause stress to the plant and cause it to die.

Basic Tips To Maintain Phoenix Moss Successfully

Here are some of the tips that you can use with your Phoenix moss to see the positive effect.


Continually removing clumps of detritus from the Aquarium’s substrate and replacing them with fresh, clean water is necessary to maintain a thriving planted aquarium.

Missing this step will result in a loss of nutrients and an increased risk of an algae bloom. Here are some basic tips to make sure you’re taking care of your Phoenix moss properly:

Correct gravel

Use the appropriate size gravel for your tank. If you have too much or too little, it can affect the growth of Phoenix moss.

Avoid too much lighting.

Avoid having too much light on your moss. If the light intensity is too high, it can make some moss turn brown or even die. To prevent this, try using a plant that thrives in low lighting conditions; you can have an impressive aquarium without too much hassle.

Protection from algae

Always keep an eye out for algae growth nearby your Phoenix Moss. This can be a hassle to clean, especially in large amounts.

Aquarists have found that the easiest way to prevent algae growth near your Phoenix Moss is to keep an average amount of light on your tank and clean your substrate regularly.

If you plan to add Phoenix moss to your aquarium, you can go for it. By using tips and processes of growing them in the above guide.

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