Is Star Moss Good for Goldfish?

Is Star Moss Good for Goldfish? The Star Moss even though not an Aquatic plant from origin does not have any harmful effect on the other Aquatic plants and life when used in a tank.

Therefore if you have a Star Moss plant in your Goldfish tank there is nothing to worry about any harm caused by your plant to the goldfish in it.

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Is Star Moss Good for Goldfish?
Is Star Moss Good for Goldfish?


Gold Fish are a famous type of indoor fish used in almost any type of Fish Tank. It is said that the Goldfish are helpful in increasing the good luck of the house.

These Fish are the most sacred and prosperity bringing fishes out of all the other types of fish. They look like Gold and adds a glow of gold in to your life as well.

There are over 200 breeds of Goldfish found all around the world and almost all of them are used in any type of Aquarium or tank all around the world.

Goldfish are herbivorous animals and they feed on most of the Aquatic plants added in any Aquarium when not fed well enough. Even at times they are well fed, as they eat anything that fits into their mouth they will take a nibble of the Aquatic plants in your Aquarium or tank.

Speaking of the Star Moss, the Star Moss is not actually an Aquatic plant. These plants are seen grown in the grounds of Grasslands, Forests, Desserts and even the Arctic.

But with its beautiful greenly look and Starry shaped big leaves aquarists have been using these plants as one of the decorations to their Aquariums and tanks.

Not only this plant is a beautiful decoration but also has certain other benefits to the tank as well as its tank mates.

Does Goldfish Eat Star Moss?

The Goldfish will eat on anything that they can put in their mouth. Also they are herbivorous animals. So yes they will eat the Star moss plants in your tank, which is not that good to the Star Moss plant.

Why Goldfish Eat Star Moss?

Goldfish are a type of plant eating Aquatic life. They should be well fed with any type of fish food or whatever that you use to feed them on time.

When they are not fed well and not given the proper care they will eat on the Aquatic plants in the tank and if there is a Star Moss plant in the tank which is easily reachable by them they will eat the Star Moss plant as well.

Will My Goldfish Die Eating Star Moss?

No, the Goldfish will not die eating the Star Moss plant in your tank. But if the plant is decaying and about to die or already dead and it has been lying the same for a long time period without taking any care of.

On such an occurrence a bite of these plants will bring harm to the Goldfish in the tank.

How to stop the Goldfish eating your Star Moss?

Distancing the Star Moss from the Goldfish and feeding them well enough are the ways that you can separate your Goldfish from eating the Star Moss plants in your tank.

Will My Goldfish Get Sick Quickly Eating Star Moss?

A bite from the Star Moss plant will not cause your Goldfish from getting sick. But if the plant is dried out and decaying in the tank for a longer time period then eating such plants will make the Goldfish to get sick.

Tips to Keep Star Moss with Goldfish

Feeding on Time

You can feed your Goldfish with fish food, vegetables, and fruits and even cooked rice at your residence. See that they are well fed with these and they are full so that they keep away from the Star Moss plant as well as other Aquatic plants in your Aquarium or Tank.

Plants Keep Away

If still feeding your Goldfish does not keep away them from the Star Moss plant in your tank then you will have to try a method such as adding a barrier against the Star Moss plant and the Goldfish so that they cannot get through to the plant.

Is Goldfish Poop Good For Star Moss Plant?

Fish Poop does not have any effect on any type of Aquatic plant in use. Therefore it’s the same with the Star Moss Plant.

Goldfish Poop is harmless on the Star Moss plant. But a regular cleaning of the tank should be done to keep away the Fish waste away from your tank.

Can I use Fake Star Moss Plant in My Goldfish Tank?

You can always use a Fake Star Moss plant in to your Aquarium or tank with your Gold Fish in it.Gold Fish always nibble into anything that they can put in to their mouth so they will try to nibble on this Star Moss also.

But will not do a greater harm on them. However the Fake Stare Moss plant will not be able to provide the tank with other benefits provided through a live Star Moss plant.

Therefore if you are willing to use a Fake Star Moss plant in your tank instead of a live plant then relevant measures should be taken by you to provide the tank with the benefits provided by a live Star Moss plant.

Does Star Moss Offer Shelter & Security for Goldfish?

The Star Moss plant has large greenly leaves which lies together as a Carpet in your tank. So yes the Star Moss can offer the Goldfish with the required Shelter and Security from other larger tank mates in your tank.


The Star Moss plant and the Gold Fish are a great colour addition and a perfect decorating tool to your Fish tank of Aquarium.

If you have a tank or is willing to have one in the future then try adding both the Star Moss and the Goldfish in it which will not only add beauty to your place but will also bring peace to the mind.

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