Is Star Moss Good for Shrimps?

Is Star Moss Good For Shrimps? The Star Moss is a harmless plant in the Aquarium, although the same is not an Aquarium plant. These plants will have a very friendly relationship with the Shrimps in your tank.

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Is Star Moss Good for Shrimps
Is Star Moss Good for Shrimps


Shrimps are Invertebrates found in both the fresh waters as well as the Sea Water. The Shrimps are a great addition to your fresh water tank as it helps you in keeping your tank clean from Algae and other fish food waste.

The Shrimps are sociable creatures which are easy to take care of and fun to observe.

The Star Moss plant, or the Tortula Ruralis by the other hand is a very beautiful looking plant. This plant has leaves as of a Star with a greenly look in them.

Although found grown in grasslands, forests and the dessert, with the beauty of this plant Aquarists all around the world is having this as a decorative tool in their Aquariums.

Do Shrimps Eat Star Moss?

Shrimps are animals which feed mainly on Algae and Food Waste. They will have a small nibble on the Star Moss plant when getting the Algae hidden within the leaves of these plants.

Are Star Moss Good for All Types of Shrimps?

Shrimps are of different types, among them the commonly used shrimps in the tanks are the Ghost Shrimps, Red Cherry Shrimps and Amano Shrimps.

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimps also known as the glass shrimp are fresh water Crustacean. Ghost Shrimp is popular among the fish keepers and is very easy to be taken care of.

Adding of Star Moss plants into your Ghost Shrimp tank will not make any harm on them. The Ghost Shrimp will only feed on the tiny bits of food resting on the Star Moss plants.

Red Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp are tiny shrimps red in colour used to decorate tanks.

Same as the Ghost Shrimps, adding of the Star Moss plants into your Red Shrimp tank will not cause any harm on these shrimps.

As the Ghost Shrimps these shrimps will also feed on the food resting on the Star Moss plant but will not make any harm on the balls

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp also known as Algae eating shrimp are kept in tanks to keep the tanks debris free.

Amano Shrimp as an Algae eating shrimp will nibble on the Algae and left over food within the Star Moss plant but will not eat the Star Moss.

Needs for Growing Star Moss in Shrimp Tank

Water Condition

The Star Moss plant is a fresh water plant. Using of Salt Water to your tank will cause harm on your plant and it might also cause in to die.

So see that that you don’t add any salt in to your water with the Star Moss in it. And like on all other Aquatic plants see that the water is clean enough for the Star Moss plant to stay in within the tank.

A regular cleaning of the tank will be highly effective on the health of your Star moss plant in the Shrimp tank.


Like all the other plants the Star Moss also needs CO2 for its growth. So you have to make sure that they receive the amount of light needed on this process.

Also if you wish to you can infuse CO 2 to your Star Moss plant.

Tank Size

the Star Moss plant even though has a very slow growth will spread within the tank after a certain amount of time. So you have to see that the size of your tank is enough for the Star Moss plant as well as the Shrimps and the Tank Mates in it.

Because if the Star Moss plant tries covering the whole of your tank, then there will be not much space for the other tank mated to swim in.


The Star Moss plant requires a low to a medium rate of lighting on its survival. So you have to see that this plant receives this amount of Sunlight or room light for its growth.

Too much of Sunlight or room light on the tank with the Star Moss will make the plant dry and will also cause it to die .

How to decorate your Shrimp Tank by using the Star Moss?

The Star Moss plant is a very short plant in its tallness. However they can cover a wide area of your tank in use.

So when decorating your Shrimp tank with the Star Moss plant you can use this plant as a Carpet attached to the Substrate of your tank, or as a Wall in the tank either on all four sides of the tank or any way as you wish to.

Another method that you can use is to attach this plant to a driftwood and place within your Shrimp tank. Or else you can use any other method as per your wish.

Having this plant in any of the above ways will give benefits to your Shrimp tank and will also make a great place for the Shrimps to play and have fun with.

How does Star Moss Help for Breeding Shrimps?

Shrimps carry their eggs on the underside of their body until hatch. They do not lay eggs or give live birth. The Shrimps provide these eggs with the required oxygen and also keep them clean and out of the reach of other bacteria.

So the Star Moss plants help them in this process by providing the oxygen, removing unwanted Algae and also sucking up the Nitrates.

Do Shrimps lay eggs on the Star Moss?

Shrimps have their Eggs held under the tail of their females, so the Shrimps will not lay their Eggs on the Star Moss plant.

Is Shrimp poop Harmful for Star Moss?

A small amount of Shrimp poop collected in your tank will not have an effect on the Star Moss plant in your tank. But you have to see that you give a regular cleaning to your tank to move out these Shrimp poop out of your tank.

Beacuse too much of Shrimp poop in the tank will have an effect on the health of the Star moss plant.

Also it would be wise to use a filter to your tank, as it will help to keep away the Shrimp poop from your tank.

Will my Shrimps Die Eating Star Moss?

The Shrimps will not eat the Star Moss Balls in big amounts. They will nibble on the Algae remaining within the leaves and roots of this plant.

However when they feed on this Algae they will take a small nibble on the plant as well. This eating of the plant will not kill the Shrimps in your tank.

Do Shrimps get stuck in the Star Moss?

Shrimps are very active animals within your tank. So they will always run here and there in your tank. So when running around and within the Star Moss plants they will at times get stuck among these plants.

However as the Star Moss plant has shallow roots in them the Shrimps can easily get out of these plants.

Can Shrimp be Happy with the Star Moss?

Shrimps are very Sociable animals in your Fish Tank. They can have a very Happy and a Peaceful stay with your Star Moss plants in the tank. The Star Moss Plant also being a very harmless plant will provide all its benefits to the tank.

Shrimps are able to have fun running around the Star Moss plants in your tank and these plants also provide a great hiding place to the Shrimps.


Shrimps are a great addition to a fish tank and is fun to look at. So adding these Shrimps in to your tank will not only add colour to the tank but will also help release you’re Stress.

Having a Star Moss plant in your shrimp tank will make your tank more beautiful. So if you are still willing to add a Star Moss plant in to your Shrimp tank make your decision as soon as possible. If you have already a Star Moss plant in your Shrimp tank then you can enjoy its beauty.

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