Is Weeping Moss Good for Guppies?

Weeping moss is a suitable plant for the Guppies. It creates natural habitat in the tank keeping the Guppies stress free.

It will protect them in the early stage of the growth from predictors. Newborn fry could find sufficient hiding space in the plant.

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Moss plants are flexible in their growth. The sturdy growth of the weeping moss plant makes them grow quickly, even in low light conditions.

You can give any shape to the plant and create an aesthetically beautiful-looking aquarium.

Is Weeping Moss Good for Guppies
Is Weeping Moss Good for Guppies?

Create a giant ball with the weeping moss plant, and let it enjoy free movement in the tank. Weeping moss carpet covers the bottom of the tank and gives the tank a green sea bed appearance.

There are many ways you can decorate your tanks with the live weeping moss plant. Some aquarists use the vertical carpet made of weeping and place them in the back of the tank. The entire tank will look like a forest.

The driftwood concept is popular among artists who like to see the wood covered in the weeping moss plant.

Overall the weeping moss plant is good for the Guppies in many ways. It helps you create a stress-free natural environment in the aquarium and allow the Guppies to live happily together.

Is Weeping Moss Good for Guppies?

The weeping moss plant will add significant value to your fish tank. Guppies are always alert about their surroundings. They develop fear for the preditor attack. Thus, a hiding place is critical for them to stay calm.

Weeping moss plant leaves create a natural hiding place where the guppies can hide. The feel of the natural habitat prevents them from developing anxiety and stress in their life.

Also, when it comes to giving birth to the fry, the plant will provide the hiding space to fry. Until the fry becomes self-sufficient and able to protect from the preditor, they can hide in the weeping moss plant.

The plant increases the Guppy’s survival rate. When fry is left alone in the open water, it is highly possible to get eaten.

Can Guppies live with Weeping Moss?

Yes. The weeping moss plant is known for its fast growth when the condition is suitable for them. Guppies will comfortably leave around the weeping moss plant.

One of the plants offers hiding space, food, and reproduction facilities to the Guppies.

Guppies would love to swim around the plant, eat the food, and have good bacteria growing on the plant. Also, when the Guppies feel threatened by something, the weeping moss will offer the hiding space.

Do Guppies Eat Weeping Moss?

Yes. Guppies may eat the java moss plant sometime. They nibble the plant when the food is in limited supply. However, you will not see them eating the moss plant in large quantities. The plant will recover from the damage quickly, so there is nothing to worry about.

Will my Guppies die if they eat Weeping Moss?

No. Weeping moss is not harmful to the Guppies. Eating the plant leaves will not have a health impact on the plant. Weeping moss is a freshwater plant grown around a large number of species. It doesn’t release any harmful chemicals.

Eating the weeping moss will add nutritional food to the diet. Thus, guppies can get food to grow healthy.

Some experts believe you should plant the weeping moss in the aquarium to provide balance food to the guppies. With the regular diet, the natural source of the food keeps them healthy.

Is Weeping Moss provide security & shelter to Guppies?

Yes. The Weeping moss plant grows densely and spreads across the tank. The plant doesn’t possess roots or stems, which allow it to spread in any direction.

The ideal length of the plant will be 1 to 2 inches. It will provide safety from the preditors. Also, when the fry is placed in the moss plant, they instantly move to the plant and hide behind it.

It protects them from the direct attack from the preditors seeking the tiny fish. Sometimes the fry faces danger from their species. Adult guppies will attack the newly born fry and strict the growth of the species.

Is Weeping Moss Good for all Types of Guppies?

The weeping moss is a suitable plant for guppies. All kinds of guppies can survive around the weeping moss.

The plant doesn’t produce harmful chemicals or substances that affect the Guppies’ growth. As soon as the plant starts evolving, the guppies will become more comfortable.

Live plants help the guppies to stay calm. The anxiety is controlled when the plant and fish both flourish naturally. In the natural habitat of the guppies, they are mostly surrounded by green leaves.

Plants found underwater helps them to protect themselves from preditor attack. It is hard to catch the fish hiding behind the plant. Thus, the weeping moss will help the Guppies to flourish and increase their community.

How to help Weeping Moss breeding Guppies?

Weeping moss is a suitable plant for breeding fish like guppies. The objective of plants in the aquarium is to provide a hiding place.

The fry laid by the female stays in a safe environment. Weeping moss gives you access to the deep structure of the plant, where the fry can leave until they become adults.

Weeping moss could offer a safe place for female guppies. No other fish can see them while they are laying the fry. The hiding space reduces the stress in the guppies because they feel protected.

The decision to give birth to the newborn baby entirely depends on the situation in the water. Another critical factor is that the female feels safe in the aquarium.

The female must feel protected; otherwise, they will avoid giving birth to the fry. Weeping moss and guppies will have perfect companionship.

Is Weeping Moss safe for baby Guppies?

Yes. The weeping moss plant is safe for baby guppies. There is no harm in placing the plant in the aquarium around the guppies. The plant doesn’t have any chemical reaction in the water.

Although the plant grows faster, you may have to perform regular maintenance to trim the plant to a reasonable size.

Baby of guppies needs a suitable place to grow. The weeping moss plant arranges the natural habitat that sustains life and lets the fish grow without any trouble.

Weeping moss is safe and should be used in the aquarium where the guppies give birth to the fry. The safety of the fry is essential and cannot be compromised.

Is Guppy poops harmful for Weeping Moss in my Aquarium Tank?

No. The Guppy poops are not harmful to the weeping moss plant. However, the water condition will change when the waste product starts degrading in the aquarium.

The water chemical content changes to the lethal condition, making it difficult for the weeping moss plant to thrive. The rising pH level and temperature will also affect the plant.

So there is no direct impact to the weeping moss plant from the guppies poops, but it may affect the water condition. You should maintain the water to a suitable condition to allow the plant to grow substantially.

Benefits & disadvantages of using Weeping Moss to my Guppy Tank

Weeping moss is the first choice for starting your aquarium. It is known as a beginner-friendly plant. Several benefits are connected, making the weeping moss a great plant in the aquarium.


  • The sturdy structure of the plant makes it easy to grow in any type of water condition.
  • You can grow weeping moss in low light conditions as well.
  • It can sustain in the high temperature as well.
  • Do not produce any chemicals.
  • It helps in oxygenating the aquarium water.
  • Benefits to living species living in the aquarium.
  • It can be used as an alternative nutritional food for the guppies.


Sometimes the extensive growth of the plant occupies a large area in the water, making it challenging for the fish to swim.

Harmful bacteria, algae, and viruses may proliferate. It may help the water to contaminate.

Is it difficult to grow Weeping Moss in a Guppy tank?

Not at all. The weeping moss plant overgrows in a wide range of temperatures and has even seen fast growth in extreme conditions. As the plant occupies a large area, the guppies will have many hiding spaces to live.

It reduces the stress between the species, and they can survive without needing life support. So you should choose weeping moss over any other aquarium plant when having guppies in the tank.

How to fast grow Weeping Moss in my Guppy Tank?

Water conditions and UV lights are major substances supporting the plant’s growth. As the plant thrives, it grows quickly and consumes a large amount of the CO2 found in the water.

If you can provide CO2 without harming the Guppy fish, the plant will experience fast growth. Perform weekly water changes to remove the contaminated water and offer nutritional water to the plant.

Are fake/plastic Weeping Moss plants OK for Guppies?

Yes. You can place fake or plastic weeping moss plants in the aquarium around guppies. However, you should have a live plant instead of the artificial plant.

Live weeping moss plants provide many benefits to the guppies and help the water stay oxygenated. A plastic plant may contribute to improving the aesthetic of the aquarium, but it doesn’t help in improving water conditions.


Weeping moss and guppies will live together comfortably. It helps the fish to live a happy life and extend their species. You will enjoy the healthy aquarium when weeping moss is growing. It also enhances the aesthetic of the plant.

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