Is Weeping Moss Good for Shrimps?

Aquarium plants have to deal with various environmental conditions. Weeping moss is the most popular plant category in aqua-scaping.

Thus, it has to be sturdy and prevent chemical reactions during the decaying process if the situation changes in the water.

When you decide to use a live plant in the aquarium, the moss plant’s common name, there are several categories available in the moss.

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The weeping moss is one category that makes the great aqua scaping experience.

Is Weeping Moss Good for Shrimps?
Is Weeping Moss Good for Shrimps?

Weeping moss is a beginner-friendly plant. There will be a lot of mistakes people make when starting their aquarium. Especially the maintenance of the water condition, temperature, and pH level is hard for beginners.

In such a situation, you need an ideal plant that sustains longer even the problem in the water becomes hostile.

The limited amount of exposure to freshwater, UV lights, and growing temperature could affect the ordinary plant, but weeping moss is the only plant that can survive longer.

Is Weeping Moss Good for Shrimps?

Weeping moss could be a perfect solution for the plantation in the aquarium. The plant possesses several qualities that help them overgrow in any water condition.

Aquarium water improves the quality because of the fresh oxygen supply through the plant. Shrimp would have enough oxygen in the water to survive.

Another aspect that makes the weeping moss most likely in the aquarium is the densely grown leaves. The plant produces a dense region where the tiny Shrimp can house and protect themselves from the lethal attack of predators.

Shrimps are an easy target for any living being roaming around the water. They get eaten in a large quantity, making the species’ survival difficult. Thus, having the weeping moss plant in the aquarium will deliver great success to your aquarium.

The plant supports the growth of the nano shrimps. It can sustain high water parameters, making the weeping moss an excellent plant for beginners. Furthermore, the weeping moss contains a high level of tolerance.

The natural hiding space, sufficient food, controlled water temperature, and oxygenated water throughout the day would speed up the growth of the Shrimps.

Do Shrimps Eat Weeping Moss?

All types of Shrimp eat weeping moss plants. The small size leaves are easy to cut and consume. Bee shrimp and many other categories use the weeping moss plant as supplementary food when hungry.

If you find the shrimps overeat the weeping moss plant, then slightly increase their feeding. They might not be getting sufficient food which causes them to rely on alternatives.

Moderate consumption of the weeping moss plant may not harm its growth because it is known for its rapid growth.

The damage will be recovered within a few weeks; however, you should not let the shrimp nibble the plant at an extensive amount. Consistent nibbling affects plant growth.

As a result, the weeping moss will start dying. So keep the activities of the Shrimp under control and do not allow them to attack the plant and tear it down completely.

There are also possibilities that the food you supply is not fulfilling their nutrition requirement. Change the food you are currently supplying to the weeping moss plant and see how they respond.

Is Weeping Moss best for Nano Shrimps?

Yes. Unique characteristics make the weeping moss plant one of the best aquarium plants. The weeping moss is a hardy plant and can tolerate the changing water condition. As the weather changes outside, the water temperature also fluctuates accordingly.

Maintaining the water temperature during the extreme heat and cold is challenging for every aquarium keeper. Weeping moss can sustain in such circumstances without any problem.

Nano Shrimp would get hiding space that they generally find in their natural habitat. It will make them comfortable and relaxed. The stress negatively affects the nano shrimps.

The weeping moss plant will decrease the stress level and support its growth. The Densely packed area of the weeping moss makes the perfect condition for the nano shrimp.

Nano shrimp also eats the weeping moss plant. The nano shrimp can survive on the weeping moss plant if you forget to feed them some days.

Is weeping Moss Good for all types of Shrimps?

Yes. The characteristics of the weeping moss plant make it one of the most suitable aquarium plants of all. Ghost shrimp, red cherry shrimp, and Amano shrimps can thrive on the weeping moss and support rapid growth.

The weeping moss plant creates an ideal condition for the plant, giving them an environment where they can meet in a peaceful atmosphere. It is essential to provide a protective environment to the Shrimp. If the shrimps are dealing with stress, they will not produce babies.

Their survival is of utmost importance to growing their species. The growth rate always stays low when they do not have the support of hiding space in the tank.

So you will find them going through challenging times when they are left alone in the open space without any plants or hiding space in the aquarium.

So you will find them going through challenging times when they are left alone in the open space without any plants or hiding space in the aquarium.

Basic Tips to plant Weeping Moss in Shrimp Tank

You should know the basics before jumping to planting weeping moss in the shrimp tank. You must create a proper condition for the aquarium.

Water Condition

The Shrimp and weeping moss will require freshwater supply regularly. The water temperature should be between 21-24°C (70-75°F). Conduct the water change weekly to maintain the water temperature and provide nutrition to the plant.


CO2 helps the weeping moss plant to grow faster. The high amount of CO2 in the water supports the plant’s photosynthesis process. Food product capacity of the plant increases, contributing to faster growth.

Tank size

Weeping moss plants will grow extensively when the condition is suitable. Therefore, you may require a minimum of 5 gallons of a tank for the growth. The larger the tank is better for the development. If you are placing the Shrimp, the tank should have a minimum of 10 gallons of water.


The weeping moss plant needs lights to grow. Generally, the modern aquarium comes with UV lights that provide decent exposure to the aquarium. The UV light rays are used to produce food for survival.

The more lights it offers to the plant, the faster the growth is seen in the plant. Clean water, CO2 level, and fresh nutrition from the regular water change with the UV lights are the keys to growing the weeping moss quickly in the aquarium.

How to support Weeping Moss for Shrimp Breeding?

Shrimp need a suitable environment to grow. As you start breeding the Shrimp in the tank, the weeping moss plant will contribute mainly to maintaining the water temperature, oxygen level and providing hiding space where they can lay down the eggs.

Shrimp looks for a place where no other species can sneak their eggs. They are afraid of the predators eating the eggs and damaging their colony.

Thus, hiding space is essential if you want to grow the Shrimp in the aquarium tank. Once that is done, you have to maintain the tank’s UV lights that make the plant grow faster.

The balance between the need for the Shrimp and the weeping moss plant will make them help each other grow. Nutritional food should be offered during the breeding period. Otherwise, the Shrimp will start eating the weeping moss plant, reducing the growth.

Do Shrimp Lay Eggs on Weeping Moss?

Yes. Shrimp search for the area where they can lay their eggs that others cannot reach. Especially, the predator’s attack should be avoided to let the growth of the Shrimp.

Therefore, the Shrimp uses the densely grown weeping moss plant to thrive and support their community flourish

Fish like to eat baby shrimps. They are fields with a high amount of protein and taste great. Though everything goes well with the baby shrimp with the weeping moss, you should take off the other fish in the tank.

The fish in the tank easily get attracted to the newborn shrimp babies. Additionally, while searching for the Shrimp in the moss plant, there are possibilities that the fish may damage the plant’s growth. Keep an eye on the activities of the other fish in the tank.

Do Shrimps Poop harmful for Weeping Moss?

No. The shrimp poop will not affect the growth of the weeping moss plant. The weeping moss is a sturdy plant that grows comfortably even in challenging conditions.

Poop may not affect the plant significantly, but you must run regular maintenance to ensure the weeping moss plant is doing well. Weekly water changes with the proper filtration make them thrive quickly.

Is Weeping Moss safe for Baby Shrimps?

Yes. The weeping moss plant is ideal for the growth of baby shrimps. The plant growth offers hiding space for the baby shrimp in their early stage.

They hide behind the densely grown weeping moss plant to avoid any attack. When the shrimps are not detectable, the predator will not reach near them, allowing them to grow healthy.

Will My Shrimps Die Eating Weeping Moss?

No. Weeping moss is a safe plant. It doesn’t produce any chemicals or harmful substances that may affect the health of the Shrimp.

So no possibility weeping moss could kill the Shrimp. In contrast, the weeping moss plant offers good nutrition value to the plant, making them live happily.

Are Shrimps Get Stuck in Weeping Moss?

Yes. There are chances that the Shrimp will get stuck in the weeping moss plant when the plant grows densely. You should regularly trim the excess amount of the plant and moderate the growth rate.

Shrimp getting stuck in the weeping moss may sometime not be visible to you because they might be hidden behind the plant. So ensure that you decorate the weeping moss so that you have full access to the front and behind of the plant. It will help in surveillance and prevent the shrimps from getting killed.

Do Cherry Shrimps like Weeping Moss?

Yes. Cherry shrimp and weeping moss plants will share great companionship. The plant proliferates quickly, giving it access to a large area.

Cherry shrimps will have weeping moss as their home to rest comfortably. The hiding space makes them comfortable. Never develop anxiety when they find a suitable place behind the moss plant.

Will Shrimp eat Algae in my Weeping Moss tank?

Yes. The algae growth can happen on the weeping moss plant. The growth rate of the weeping moss allows the algae to take place on the plant. Shrimp will use algae as their substitute food found in nature.

Can Shrimps enjoy Weeping Moss?

Yes. The Shrimp tank must have a weeping moss plant because it creates a natural habitat for the plant. The growth rate of the Shrimp will suddenly increase when you place the weeping moss plant in the tank.

Even the new age of aquarists recommended that every tank must have a weeping moss plant in it because it helps control the oxygen level and provides perfect hiding space for the fish and Shrimp.


The shrimp tank is incomplete without a weeping moss plant. You cannot ignore the plant because it contains various benefits that support Shrimp growth. Use the plant to develop a healthy aqua life and keep the faster growth of the shrimps.

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