Lightning Requirements for Growing Christmas Moss

Christmas Moss by its name itself gives us a beautiful image of the plant.

This plant grows the same as a Christmas tree, therefore it has been given the name of Christmas Moss or the Christmas Tree Moss.

The Branches of this plant are similar to that of a Christmas tree and also has fir like leaves in it which is formed at a 90 degree angle from its stem.

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The Scientific name of this plant is Vesicularia Montagnei and is mainly seen growing within the Tropical Asia, while the plant also grows in Thailand, India, Japan and the Philippines.

Lightning Requirements for Growing Christmas Moss
Lightning Requirements for Growing Christmas Moss

The main growth areas of this plant are wet areas such as nearby to streams, wet rocks, nearby to river banks and the Forest Trees.

This plant can grow itself in any place as long as its surface is wet but will melt out and die when there isn’t sufficient amount of water and a wet surface for growth.

Not only a wet surface and water, the other key factor affecting the growth of this plant is the amount of light received on the plant.

When in its natural habitat, these plants receive the enough amount of light and water for their growth.

But when brought in to Indoor tanks and Aquariums it should be seen that these requirements of the plant are fulfilled for a healthy growing Christmas Moss within your tank.

Basic Lightning Requirements for Christmas Moss

As we said earlier the Lightning is one of the key requirements of the Christmas Moss Plant.

These plants can survive themselves in a low to medium amount of light, however requires a much brighter amount of light which is not too bright for the growth of the plant.

It has been identified that when the Christmas Moss receives a higher amount of light the plant will grow itself more horizontally and more vertically when there is a lesser amount of light received.

Is Christmas Moss a Low Light Plant?

No, the Christmas Moss is not a low light plant, the plant needs a brighter amount of light for growth.

However they can survive their growth even when there is a low light with the required wet surface to grow.

Does Christmas Moss need High Lightning to Grow?

Yes, the Christmas Moss requires a High Amount of lightning for its growth. A high amount of light increases the growth of the plant.

But not of too much of bright light which will make the water in your tank or Aquarium hot and affect the health of the plant.

A bright amount of light and a proper trimming of the plant will help you have a good looking and healthy Christmas moss.

Can Christmas Moss Grow in Dark?

The Christmas Moss can survive themselves in the dark until their surface of growing is wet.

But the growing speed of the plant will be much lesser when compared to a plant that receives light.

How many hours of light does Christmas Moss Need?

A regular amount of day light will be sufficient for the Christmas Moss to grow.

If the plant is not receiving sunlight and is under a room light it would be better to have around 05 to 06 hours of light.

Too much of bright light will attract more Algae towards the plant which you cannot very easily get rid of on the Christmas Moss compared to the other Aquatic plants.

Is Sun light needed for Growing Christmas Moss?

The only light received by these plants in the nature will be sunlight.

Sunlight is a main requirement of these plants which helps them in their food making process.

But if you are not in a position to place your tank or Aquarium nearby to a place where it receives sunlight. A room light which is bright enough will also be helpful for their growth.

Can Christmas Moss grow in a room without Sunlight?

Yes, the Christmas Moss can grow itself in a room without Sunlight until it receives the sufficient amount of room light.

Light is a crucial factor for the growth of the Christmas Moss. If you are unable to provide the Moss with Sunlight then it should be seen that it receives the enough amount of room light.

What is the best LED lights for Christmas Moss?

Among the LED lights that are used for Aquascaping the perfectly and mostly used are the below mentioned LED lights.These LED lights will also be a perfect match for the Christmas Moss in your tank.

  • Twinstar LED Lights and
  • The Serene RGB Light.

Is Christmas Moss turn yellow/ Brown without a proper Lightning?

Yes, the Christmas Moss can change its colour into yellow or Brown when there isn’t the proper amount of lightning.

This mostly happens when there is too much of light on the plant. Too much of light making the water of the tank warm will lead towards the Christmas Moss turning brown in colour.

What is the correct lightning method for Brown Christmas Moss?

A careful trimming of the plant and making the Moss shorter and light while reducing the current amount of bright light received on the plant can help the plant to turn back in green again.


Compared to the other Aquatic plants and Mosses the Christmas Moss is one of the plants which is easy to be taken care of. The only two basic requirements of this Moss are light and a wet surface to grow.

As long as these two requirements are met your Christmas Moss will have a healthy growth and a beautiful look in your tank.

If you are a Starter you can begin your Aquascaping with the Christmas Moss which will bring you more satisfaction. Not only have that helped you in the saving of your time as well as the money.

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