Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for an Aquarium?

An Aquarium is a tank of water where live fish, other water creatures and plants are kept.

Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for an Aquarium? Marimo Moss Balls are a perfect addition to an Aquarium compared to other Aquatic plants. And is one of the most famous ones these days.

Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for an Aquarium?
Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for an Aquarium? Image Source

Marimo Moss Balls has a larger life span compared to other Aquatic plants and also requires minimum maintenance required to other Aquatic plants in the Aquarium.

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Marimo Moss Balls are also known as Betta Buddies/ Shrimp Buddies and Tank Enhancers. Marimos are a harmless Algae and can live with any type of Aquatic life and plant.

Benefits of Marimo Moss Balls in an Aquarium

Marimo Moss Balls have several Benefits when used in an Aquarium.

The first benefit is its low requirement of maintenance compared to other Aquatic Plants in an Aquarium. They should be taken out of the tank once in a while rolled and squeezed and put in the tank again.

Another Benefit is like other Aquatic plants the marimos need not be anchored to anything on your Aquariums. It will stay for a few days floating on the top of the tank and thereafter rest its place at the bottom of the Aquarium.

It also sucks up the Nitrates and like other plants provides oxygen to the Aquarium which can be used to oxygenate the Aquarium.

As another Benefit the Marimos also help your Aquarium to prevent the excess growth of Algae in it.

How to put on Marimo Moss Balls in an Aquarium?

Before putting your Marimo Moss Balls into your Aquarium you should wash these Moss Balls thoroughly to remove any dirt within it.

Once these Marimos are put into the Aquarium they will float on the top of the Aquarium for a certain time and get to the bottom of the tank once they absorb water into the Moss.

Why put Marimo Moss Balls in an Aquarium?

Marimo Moss Balls are very much loved by some kinds of fish, they take these Balls around the Aquarium as footballs and play with them . They are a source of fun to these Fish.

Also with the Moss on this Algae they provide a great hiding place to the fish.

Marimo Moss Balls with its moss collect a large amount of mulm around it and will make the cleaning process of your Aquarium easy.

They also promote the development of Biofilm and microorganisms which might provide food for the small fish in the Aquarium.

These microorganisms and biofilm are beneficial for the shrimp, fish fry and small varities of fish.

How do you clean Moss Balls in an Aquarium?

Cleaning of the Marimo Moss Balls in the Aquarium should be done at least once in two weeks.

You should take the Marimo Moss Balls out of the Aquarium clean them by dipping in water so that all the mulm and crud on it is removed, squeeze and roll the Balls for them to have its circular shape and avoid rot .

Thereafter place them back in the Aquarium.

Why does my Moss Ball stink in an Aquarium?

Sometimes the Marimo Moss Balls will stink and produce a bad smell, this may occur when the Aquarium is kept uncleaned for a long time period with high tempered water .

In such situations you can clean your Aquarium and the Stink of the Moss Balls will reduce.

So Marimo Moss Balls can be kept in your Aquarium with minimum Maintenance when compared to other types of Aquatic plants.

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