Do Marimo Moss Balls Need Foods?

Do Marimo Moss Balls Need Foods? The Marimo Moss Ball makes their food through the process of Photosynthesis.

But usually, the Marimo grows only to 05 mm in diameter per year; therefore, people at the aquariums and tank holders are in the process of using certain types of Nutritions on their Marimos to grow them.

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Do Marimo Moss Balls Need Foods

Best Foods for Marimo Moss Balls?

Marimo Moss Ball Liquid Plant Fertilizer 80z

The Liquid plant Fertilizer 80z is a specifically formulated food for the needs of Marimo. This Fertilizer contains a blend of Nitrates, Phosphates, and Salts needed for a Marimo.

The Marimo will grow and thrive in a container for a week with a weekly water change. But with proper nutrition, the Marimo will grow as twice as fast. This liquid plant fertilizer can be added as four drops to the container of Moss every two days.

If the tank holds two more balls, it will be suitable to add 06 drops of the Fertilizer, and if there are 03 or more balls, it is advised to use 08 drops every 02 days.

The Maximum amount of this Fertilizer into your tank should not be more than 08 drops every 02 days.

If there is a formation of algae in your container, it is wise to move the tank to a place with less Sunlight. It should also be noted that this Fertilizer is only just a food and does not include any Marimo.

Luffy Plump Marimo Fertilizer

Luffy Plump Marimo Fertilizer is a liquid food specially designed for the Marimos. It contains calcium, which helps the Marimos grow healthier and greener, and contains phosphate and Nitrate, which also allows it to grow with the required amount of salt.

The Luffy Plump Fertilizer helps the Marimo to grow larger and floppier.

This Fertilizer should be added to your Moss Ball once a week. After a week, remove 50 % water from your tank, squeeze the Moss Balls and repeat the same process.

Other Supplements for Moss Ball Food


Like Human Beings require Oxygen, the Marimo Moss Ball, like other plants, needs CO2. If you require your Marimo to grow big and quickly, then it requires CO2.

There are two methods of Infusing CO2 into your Marimo. Buy a CO2 solution, place the Marimo Balls in a container, infuse the CO2.

Place the Marimos in a container with Seltzer water for a few hours and let the plant receive the required CO2 Automatically.


Too much Sunlight is not suitable for a Marimo. Therefore, it is always better to keep the Tank with Marimos in a cooler place with less direct Sunlight to maintain the Marimo without Rot.


A Marimo can survive without water for several days when held in a closed jar or container but cannot be the same for an extended period. It will start its rot after a few days.

Therefore water is a requirement for the Marimo to grow and hold its color. This water should be cleaned once in two weeks with the regular tap water for the Marimo to live.

Is Moss Ball Foods (Liquid plant Fertilizer) bad for Fish?

Fertilizers used as Nutrition’s on the Moss Balls are safe for all aquatic life in your tank and even the other Aquarium plants.

Can I use Fertilizer Foods for the Fast-Growing Moss Balls?

A Marimo Moss Ball is said to grow only 05 mm in diameter per year. Therefore Fertilizer Foods can be used as a source to increase its growth to a few more inches and make the plant floppier.

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