Is Taiwan Moss Good for Goldfish?

The Taiwan moss plant looks similar to the Java and weeping moss plants. The plant structure, leaves, and even the propagation technique are identical to the java moss. The only difference you will find is the plant’s shape and sometimes the growth rate.

Like any other moss plant, the Taiwan moss is known for surviving in challenging water conditions. The proper arrangement in the aquarium would support the faster growth of the plant.

Goldfish are predatory species, and they eat plant-based food as well. Live plants are the easy target in the Goldfish tank. The plant is not recommended for Goldfish because they may get eaten.

Taiwan moss Good for Goldfish
Taiwan moss Good for Goldfish

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Moreover, the appetite of the Goldfish is significantly high. Any live plant accessible to the Goldfish will become their food. Plant floating in the water will draw the attention of the Goldfish.

Within days, your java moss plant would have been destroyed entirely and eaten by the Goldfish.

Is Taiwan Moss Good for Goldfish?

Taiwan moss would be the perfect plant for the Goldfish because Taiwan moss is known as a faster-growing plant. The plant will expand in a large area before it gets eaten by the Goldfish. The right environment will protect the plant from Goldfish.

However, you may create safety boards to keep the Goldfish from the plant. If you give access to the entire plant, the fish will eat them, and no plant will be left.

The best way to propagate the Taiwan moss plant in the Goldfish tank is to leave the plant floating on the surface. Near the surface, the light exposure is relatively high. Hence, the plant life will get extended, and you will have beautiful-looking Taiwan moss spreading slowly in the aquarium. The plant will receive a sufficient amount of time to produce food. So before the Goldfish eat them all together, the plant would have extended their growth.

Do Goldfish eat Taiwan moss?

Yes. Goldfish love to eat the live plant. The fish is known to eat anything they find in the tank. The only condition is the food should fit in their mouth. Goldfish eat small fish in the tank. Taiwan moss would not survive far longer if the Goldfish were not well feed. Thus, you should offer them sufficient food to keep them away from the Taiwan moss.

Alternatively, the barrier between the plant and fish allows them to live comfortably together. Eating small pieces of the plant will not have much impact, but if you leave the plant unprotected in the tank, it may become Goldfish’s food.

Will Goldfish die if they eat Taiwan moss?

No. The Taiwan moss plant doesn’t produce any harmful chemicals. They are suitable plants for all types of species. People who mostly travel for work use the Taiwan moss plant to fulfill their food requirements. Taiwan moss will be the perfect alternative food for the Goldfish if you forget to feed them.

Is Goldfish poop Harmful to Taiwan moss?

Goldfish poop will not harm Taiwan moss until it is in the moderated quantity. However, using the proper filtration process is recommended to take the waste product out of the water. Growing waste products will increase the water’s pH and ammonia levels.

The appetite of the Goldfish is too high, so it will also produce a good amount of waste product. The development of the chemical-rich substance will reduce plant growth. Eventually, the plant will turn brown and die. Also, the pH level will affect the fish’s health as well. Conduct proper maintenance when you are housing Goldfish.

Is Taiwan moss helping with goldfish breeding?

Yes. Goldfish breeding requires the proper condition that makes the female comfortable laying their eggs. Taiwan moss creates a dense region with its fast-growing leaves. Within a few weeks, you will have a perfect balance structure where the goldfish fry can hide until they become self-sufficient.

If the aquarium doesn’t have plants, the fish will develop stress. It will believe the preditor will attack their babies and eat them. Thus, they will not prefer to lay the eggs in the open water. Taiwan moss plant will allow the female to stay in the hidden place. It will make the Goldfish calm which supports healthy growth.

Is Baby Goldfish eating Taiwan moss?

Yes. After the baby Goldfish are born, they will have less food. Mainly the babies depend on the algae, and tiny plant leaves in the early stage. Without the plant, the Goldfish babies have to leave their place and go to the open water, where they risk getting eaten by large fish.

Even the male Goldfish may eat the babies. So when you hatch the goldfish eggs, ensure you keep them in the densely grown Taiwan moss plant. Another plant will also work; make sure the region offers hiding space for the fry.

Is dead Taiwan Moss bad for Goldfish?

Dying Taiwan moss will not be bad for the Goldfish to a certain extent. The only problem with the dead Taiwan moss is they start decaying. Once they reach their endpoint, the tiny pieces of the plant will significantly be mixed in the water, turning the water green or brown.

Visibility in the water will drop significantly. On top of that, the decaying plant will produce toxic chemicals which could cause health problems in the plant.

The only way to safeguard the interest of the fish is to prevent the water from getting contaminated. Remove the plant from the tank as soon as you see them turning brown. The Taiwan moss does not die when showing brown colors, but you should not apply a recovery procedure when the plant is in between the fish.

How to remove dead Taiwan moss in my Goldfish tank?

After the Taiwan moss plant is dead, it starts decaying. Something the tiny pieces of the plant start moving in the water. When the Goldfish are active, they will also break the plants into small pieces while trying to eat them. Use the hose to remove broken pieces of the dead Taiwan moss plant. Another way is to cut the damaged part of the plant.

Parts will start floating near the surface. Use the mesh to remove the floating plant and clean the water. If you find the entire plant is turning brown, then it is better to move the plant to a separate tank. The water condition is not supporting plant growth. It needs fresh oxygenated water with some portion of the CO2 to recover from the damage.

Can I use a fake Taiwan moss plant in my Goldfish tank?

Yes. You can use a fake Taiwan moss plant in the Goldfish tank. Anyone viewing your aquarium would quickly tell your plants are fake. However, the artificial plant does not add any value to the fish. Also, they look awful after some time.

Plants should be real to enhance the beauty of the aquarium. So you shouldn’t use the fake plant. Instead of that, use substrates or decorative to cover the area. Natural plants also contribute to improving water quality. It keeps the water temperature in control by reducing the CO2 level. Fresh oxygen is produced by the live plant, which helps the fish.

How to grow Taiwan moss fast in my goldfish tank?

Taiwan moss requires a sufficient amount of light to grow. Also, the water quality should be suitable. When the plant is in the early stage, it will take some time to develop. As soon as it spreads in the water, the later growth will be comparatively fast.

Freshwater brings needed nutrients and minerals. If possible, use a small amount of CO2 liquid in the water. CO2 supports the quicker growth of the Taiwan moss plant. Conduct weekly 25% water change to support the faster growth.

Does Taiwan moss offer security and shelter to Goldfish?

Yes. As the Taiwan moss plant starts growing, it occupies a large area around the tank. If you leave the plant without trimming, it will produce dense jungle underwater. The Goldfish can use the plant as shelter.

It will keep the Goldfish calm and relaxed. Like much other fish, the Goldfish are also afraid of the predators. Fish find the place hidden in the Taiwan moss more secure. It will keep the fish more comfortable and improve their health.


Taiwan moss is the best plant to have in the Goldfish tank. You must have a proper allotment of the space for fish and plants. Too close access to the plant will always risk the Taiwan moss plant. The plant will get eaten by the Goldfish. Overall, you will have better support for the fish when Taiwan moss starts growing in the plant.

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