Does the Taiwan Moss plant need CO2?

Taiwan Moss (Taxiphyllum Alternans) is a moss plant similar to the Java and Weeping moss. Found in the riverside in shallow water bodies.

A plant cannot survive in hot temperatures. Moss needs a moist environment to survive.

When the water level near the river decreases, submerged Taiwan moss grows slowly and eventually dies. The plant requires a suitable environment with moderate temperatures to survive.

Comparatively, Taiwan moss is easy to propagate and manage in freshwater aquariums. It can grow in various water conditions, including cold water as well. Besides that, the plant can grow in low lighting conditions as well.

Most of the water is tropical because the plant originated in Taiwan, where the water is mostly warm. However, the Taiwan moss is found in Eastern Asia and most parts of the Southeastern USA.

Taiwan Moss plant need CO2
Taiwan Moss plant need CO2

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Due to the absence of the roots and stem structure, mostly Taiwan moss plants grew horizontally, then vertical. It is easy for the plant to expand its leaves and spread in the region.

You can build bushy green patches at the bottom of the tank, similar to the river bottom.

Shrimp could find it comfortable living because the plants at the bottom will offer hiding space to the shrimp. The Taiwan moss is a sturdy plant suitable for all weather conditions.

Does Taiwan Moss need CO2?

CO2 is not necessary for the growth of the Taiwan moss plant. You can grow the plant without CO2 injection.

The water condition should be low in pH level. CO2 could help in faster growth, but it is your choice how you are willing to set the plant’s growth.

A moderate amount of CO2 injection will boost moss growth. During the early stage of the moss plant growth, the CO2 will be supportive because your tank will look empty without the plant.

So during this period, you can have the CO2 injection to maintain the balanced growth. On top of that, the CO2 development will lower the algae growth in the tank.

What will happen if I plant Taiwan Moss without CO2?

Unavailability of the CO2 in the aquarium doesn’t affect the plant’s growth. Most of the time, plant growth depends on the water’s lighting condition and nutritional factors.

When the plant has trouble getting the necessary nutrition, it will have difficulty extending in the aquarium.

The food production capacity of the plant increases naturally. CO2 helps the plant grow faster because CO2 is used in photosynthesis. Consequently, the Taiwan moss experiences faster growth in the aquarium.

Can Taiwan Moss live without CO2?

Yes. The primary objective of CO2 is to support faster growth. In the absence of CO2, the plant do fine. It will grow in natural conditions without needing additional substances in support.

You should maintain a low pH level in the freshwater to avoid adverse impacts on the Taiwan moss plant. Added fertilizer can help grow the plant quickly.

Even though CO2 is not essential for the Taiwan moss plant, a moderate amount will always support the plant growth.

It will boost its growth and help it develop a healthy structure around it.

With that, the steady water flow is recommended as it ensures the CO2 spread in the entire aquarium and provides balanced nutrition to the plant in a separate location.

Do fish produce enough CO2 for Taiwan Moss plants?

CO2 levels determine based on various factors. One of the core factors is the type of fish in the water.

Goldfish produce a good amount of waste product; thus, the CO2 level in the water will always be high.

Comparatively, guppies in the water will produce less CO2 due to their small appetite and size. A small aquarium with a school of fish will produce sufficient CO2 required for the Taiwan moss plant.

So it would be difficult to say how much CO2 will be enough for the Taiwan moss plant. Moderate CO2 is sufficient for plant growth; hence, you do not need to worry about the CO2 in the aquarium.

Does Taiwan moss grow faster with CO2?

Yes. Taiwan moss plant uses CO2 for photosynthesis, also known as a food production process.

When the plant receives sufficient light and fresh water in the aquarium, it is easy to produce food with the help of CO2. More food results in faster expansion.

Comparing the growth of the Taiwan plant in two separate tanks by having one plant with CO2 and another without CO2 will show completely different results.

The plant that received CO2 at the moderated level enjoyed faster growth in the tank.

Can I naturally increase the CO2 level in my Taiwan moss?

Yes. One of the reasons why people use the natural process is because some species are susceptible to CO2 level growth.

When the condition of the water changes, the CO2 level may affect the fish’s health.

Naturally produced CO2 with balance conditions in the aquarium would support Taiwan moss plant growth.

Increasing CO2 levels is not beneficial for the plant. As the plant reaches its maximum growth, the excess CO2 level will stop its further development and make the plant die.

Eventually, the plant will experience a sudden drop in growth because water has become lethal.

When should I add CO2 to my Taiwan Moss Aquarium Tank?

Aquarist prefers using CO2 in the Taiwan moss aquarium tank when the plant is in early growth. CO2 helps the plant produce more sugar and food for the plant during photosynthesis.

When the moss is tiny, the surface area used to produce the food is less.

More food supports faster growth because a plant can now use it to expand. Even in the low light condition, the plant will be able to produce enough amount of food.

Thus, the outcome is the lowest.

Adding an Air pump will Reduce the CO2 level in my Taiwan Moss Aquarium Tank?

Yes. Adding an Air pump to the Taiwan moss plant tank will experience a low level of CO2.

However, the O2 level of the water will rise, which eventually helps the fish breathe and improve their health.

Water will stay breathable, so fish do not have to rise to the surface to breathe fresh oxygen.


Now you might understand the importance of the CO2 in the Taiwan moss plant. It is essential but does not come into the category of necessity.

Taiwan moss plants can survive without CO2 and even see healthy growth. The only problem with the CO2 is that a moderate amount should be maintained; otherwise, the fish in the tank will feel stressed due to the increased CO2 level.

The temperature level also rises when the CO2 level grows. If you manage all of these factors, it would not be difficult for you to grow the Taiwan moss plant with CO2.

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