Taiwan Moss Ultimate Guide on Planting, Maintains, and Care

Taiwan moss is not a popular type of plant in the western world. The Taiwan moss also consists of a beautiful wave-like structure, unlike any other moss. The tiny green leaves of the plant make an excellent aquarium plant.

The beginner-friendly plant offers the study look to the aquarium. It possesses all the properties of the original moss plant. Experts widely use the Taiwan moss in their aquariums to decorate the tank and make the habitat appear natural.

Taiwan Moss Ultimate Guide
Taiwan Moss Ultimate Guide

Various qualities of the Java moss are found in the Taiwan moss plant. Java moss is the closes and resembles the Taiwan moss plant. It is the mini version of the weeping moss.

These similarities are common in the moss plant; thus, maintenance and cultivation procedures are similar for the Taiwan Moss plant. You do not have to learn special treatment to manage the Taiwan moss.

Scientific NameTaxiphyllum Alternans
OriginEastern Asia
Lighting NeedsLow
Temperature59° – 82° F (15° – 28° C)
Water ConditionspH: 5.5 – 7.5
Average Size5-10 cm
Growth RateNormal
PlacementMid and Foreground
DifficultyEasy to moderate
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Appearance of Taiwan Moss

Taiwan moss plant is pleurcarpous with a maximum growth of 2 inches. The thick appearance of the plant leaves and vibrant green color are attractive.

Comparing the arrival of the Taiwan moss with other similar types of plants, they look like Java moss and weeping moss plants. It will be hard to distinguish the Taiwan moss if they all are kept together.

Only a few areas where the plant appears different. Experts’ suggestion is needed to identify the Taiwan moss in many other moss plants.

Taiwan moss leaves are triangular shapes with a feathery look. As the plant grows to its maximum height, the leaves hang down. Taiwan moss also uses a rhizoid rooting system to stay near the surface.

Is Taiwan Moss good for aquariums?

Yes. Taiwan moss is an excellent aquarium plant. Useful for beginners who may make mistakes during their learning. The sturdy nature of the plant makes it a perfect candidate for beginners.

It can survive in harsh conditions such as aquariums with no proper maintenance. It contributes to keeping the water clean for several days.

It is a perfect alternative to the Java moss plant that proliferates. Aesthetic appeal is also suitable for any decoration. Place them in the driftwood and produce the underwater forest using the Taiwan moss.

Taiwan moss will enhance the water quality to support the ecosystem. The plant quickly occupies a large area and creates sufficient hiding space for the fish fry and shrimps.

Growth of the plant is possible even in the low lighting. Besides that, the plant can also survive in cold water tanks and tropical conditions.

Tank Requirements to plant Taiwan Moss

Taiwan moss is a freshwater plant mostly found on the riverbanks. The plant is submerged underwater and has less exposure to the air. It is essential to keep the plant underwater to allow it to grow faster.

Additionally, the plant is temperature hardy. The plant can grow even in warmer temperatures and deal with the cold water. It is recommended to anchor the plant to a substrate to permit it to grow faster.

Moreover, take the light condition seriously as the Taiwan moss requires sufficient light to maintain healthy growth. It could grow in low-light conditions but slower than expected. Better you offer at least 16 hours of decent UV lights.

If you find the plant is dying, change the water and improve the lightning. Sometimes, the decoratives would block the lights, making it difficult for the plant to grow in the bottom area.

Tips to Maintain Taiwan Moss?

Proper maintenance is needed to support healthy growth in the Taiwan moss plant. Water condition, lightning, cleaning, and regular trimming are essential to allow the new leaf to take place and continue its growth.


Water is an essential component that supports faster growth. It is recommended to change the 25% of the water every week to maintain the water to suitable condition. When the cleaning is not happening in the aquarium, the water will become inconvenient for the plant.

Removing debris, dirt, and dust particles from the water will keep the plant clean. If you notice the plant’s leaves develop the dirt particles and turn brown, remove them from the aquarium and wash the leaves under the running water. Softly wash the plant to remove the debris stuck to the plant.


The Taiwan moss plant is the fastest growing aquarium plant. When the condition becomes suitable for plant growth, you will quickly experience leaves reaching their maximum height. Sometimes the plant will occupy ample space in the aquarium, leaving a small area for the fish to swim.

In such conditions, the trimming would stop the plant growth. Trimming is also needed to give the plant the right direction in growth. As the plant grows, you will experience the plant taking a random shape. If you do not conduct the trimming, the plant will look awful.

It will take away the essence of the aquarium and make the tank appear bad. Hence, you should consider regular trimming to maintain healthy growth. As the plant becomes large enough, use the gardening scissors and carefully cut the plant in the right shape.


Use powerful filtration to move waste products, debris, and dirt particles. Water filtration keeps the debris away from the plant. Moving waste will stack on the plant leaves, making it difficult for the plant to grow the food.

Clean water supports the faster growth of the plant. Also, when the filtration system is properly functioning, it reduces the development of pH levels and harmful substances produced due to the waste products.

How to Take Care & Cultivation of Taiwan Moss?

Taiwan moss plants are grown underwater. Submerge them in fresh water and provide sufficient lights required for the photosynthesis process.

You can also grow the Taiwan moss partially submerged under the water. The ideal condition is fully submerged, but the plant can survive with the minimum moisture around the leaves.

CO2 supports faster growth. If you cultivate the Taiwan moss in a separate tank, use the CO2 liquid to enable the plant to grow faster. CO2 is unnecessary for the Taiwan moss, but its presence can be helpful for healthy growth.

Alternatively, use the fertilizer for decent growth. A moderate amount of fertilizer could boost plant growth.

Generate water current in the tank with the help of the filter to allow the nutrition to spread evenly in the entire tank. The growth of the Taiwan moss can be managed with proper maintenance.

Clean water avoids the algae growth on the top of the leaves. Nutrition will give healthy growth and prevent bacterial infection. Regular maintenance is needed to protect the plant from damage.

Advantages & Disadvantages of planting Taiwan Moss in my aquarium

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of having Taiwan moss in the aquarium will prepare you in advance.


  • Taiwan moss helps in the filtration of the water in the tank. It takes away harmful substances and chemicals.
  • Moss will oxygenate the tank. Thus, powerful filtration is not needed to make the water oxygenated.
  • Live plants support the healthy growth of the fish. Substrates would appear fresh and neat.
  • Taiwan moss will be great alternative food in an emergency.
  • Live plants create natural habitats in the aquarium.
  • Taiwan moss will restrict healthy growth by keeping the water clean.
  • It promotes healthy breeding and provides safety for laying eggs.
  • Taiwan moss keeps the water temperature in control.
  • The plant will help in the colonization of beneficial bacteria.


  • Regular trimming is needed to maintain the structure of the Taiwan moss plant. Moss left untouched will occupy the entire space within a few weeks and create trouble for the fish.
  • Light source necessary for the live plants. Cost to maintain the aquarium increase with the use of the light.

Common problems (Difficulties) of planting Taiwan Moss in Aquarium Tanks

The most common problem aquarists face while using Taiwan moss is regular maintenance. However, the plant is quite sturdy to survive in harsh conditions.

But when the water condition drops to a suitable level, suddenly the plant starts dying. A pale yellow plant would be a sign of a decline in the plant’s health. Hence, regular water changes the ultimate solution for maintaining the plant’s growth.

Also, once in the 40 to 90 days, you should thoroughly clean the aquarium to remove debris and waste product from the tank. Give proper cleaning to the plant.

Debris struck on the plant leaves will reduce the photosynthesis in the plant. As a result, the Taiwan moss could not produce sufficient food needed for faster growth. Other than this, there is not much effect you will see in the plant.

Similar Plants to Taiwan Moss

Taiwan moss share many characteristics with the Java moss and weeping moss plant. All of these three plants are common in many senses.

The maintenance requirement of the plant is also common. You can even have all of them in the same tank as the water requirement is the same for these plants. The Moss plants originated in Eastern Asia and Southeastern USA.

Does Taiwan Moss Have Roots & Stems?

Yes. Taiwan moss grows the roots and stems to the surface. The roots are not strong enough to hold the plant’s entire structure; thus, it is recommended to place them on the rocks or the driftwood to support the growth.

The propagation procedure of the Taiwan moss is similar to any other moss plant. It is used in designing the aquarium and creating the forest structure.

How do I prune Taiwan Moss?

Pruning of the Taiwan moss plant could be done during the water change. Prune the excessive growth of the plant before the water change. Use the hose to pull out the plants from the water after trimming.

Also, clean the bottom of the tank with the hose. Suck debris and waste product lying at the bottom of the tank. Perform regular maintenance to keep the aquarium clean.

Most of the plant leaves will start floating at the tank’s surface. Take them out with the fishnet. Please do not use your hand to move them out because your hands may contain bacteria.

Be careful when pruning the moss plant. Check if no fish is hiding inside the moss plant.

Suitable tankmates for Taiwan Moss

Taiwan moss can be propagated with any other freshwater plant. Java moss, Weeping moss, or Christmas moss plant can be kept with the Taiwan moss plant.

The standard requirement makes it easy to maintain the aquarium. You do not need to provide special conditions for managing healthy growth.

Unsuitable tankmates for Taiwan Moss

Aquarium plants that cannot tolerate the water condition changes should not be kept with the Taiwan moss. Also, cold water decreases the growth rate of the Taiwan moss; thus, you should avoid having the plant that does need cold water temperature to grow.

Plants that survive in the fresh moderated temperature shall be perfect tankmates for the Taiwan moss plant.

Is Taiwan Moss invasive?

Taiwan moss is not invasive to any aqua life. However, the fast growth of the Taiwan moss plant makes it difficult for the other plant to grow.

It is prevalent to see the Taiwan moss occupying the space around the other plant making it difficult for plants to survive. Regular trimming is the only solution to moderate the plant’s growth and provide enough space for every life in the aquarium.

Where can I find Taiwan Moss?

Taiwan moss is native to the Eastern Asia and Southeast regions of North America. They are found in the subtropical climates in the river bodies.

Taiwan moss is a freshwater plant that grows near the riverbanks. You will also find them in the waterfalls, small streams of the water, and lakes.

Is Taiwan Moss good for Terrarium?

No. The biggest problem with the Taiwan moss is it cannot grow healthy when kept out of the water. Taiwan moss should be fully submerged under the water.

A terrarium with less water could not support the plant’s growth. It is only suitable for Terrarium with a fully immersed substrate. You can have Taiwan moss to create the aqua life in the glass tank in this condition.

Why is Taiwan moss so more expensive?

Taiwan moss is one of the rare aquarium plants. Java moss and weeping moss can be found in many regions, but Taiwan moss is found in limited numbers. Also, their growth needs special conditions. It only survives when the condition is met. Therefore, the Taiwan moss is sold at a high price.

How Long does Taiwan Moss live?

Taiwan moss can keep growing until the condition is met. There is no limit on how long the moss will survive. If you maintain the water condition to a suitable environment, they keep growing and spreading. Taiwan moss does not contain roots, so they expand from everywhere.

Why does My Taiwan Moss Bad Smell?

The plant requires regular cleaning to maintain healthy growth. When left the plant untouched without maintenance, the leaves will support bacterial growth. The bad smell is a sign of the development of the bacteria.

When the Taiwan moss plant is fresh, they smell good. Clean the entire tank and rinse the moss plant to remove the debris stuck to the plant. There will be no bad smell at all.

Is Taiwan Moss good for ponds?

Yes. Taiwan moss is found in freshwater bodies such as a lake. Ensure the water supply is intact during the summer. Ponds will be a suitable condition for the Taiwan moss plants as it replicates the lake’s environment.

The pond water may slowly evaporate due to an excess amount of heat. Create a source of fresh water for the pond to keep the Taiwan moss healthy.

Is Taiwan moss the same as Java moss?

No. Taiwan moss and Java moss are two different plants. However, they share many qualities, but the plants are other in many conditions. Taiwan moss is a sturdy plant that can survive in different water conditions. You can use Taiwan moss as an alternative to the Java moss.

Taiwan Moss Vs.Christmas Moss

In many areas, Taiwan moss and Christmas moss look similar. The difference between these two planets can be noticed in the type of leaves.

The shape and size of the Taiwan moss leaves are different from the Christmas moss plant. Their origin also makes the availability of the plant challenges. Christmas moss can be found in many places globally compared to the Taiwan moss.


Taiwan moss is an excellent aquarium plant. The plant contains all the qualities of any other moss plant. Beginners’ friendly characteristics and long life make the Taiwan moss the most helpful plant for the aquarist.

Taiwan moss requires less maintenance which is another benefit that makes it useful for all kinds of aquariums. Grow it in the same tank with the fish or plant them in a separate tank.

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