Water Conditions for Christmas Moss (Growing Guides)

The Christmas Moss or the Christmas Tree Moss is a plant that is Native to Tropical Asia and is also seen growing in countries such as India,Philippines,Japan and Thailand.

This Moss is around 03 to 04 inches tall and has a structure of branches similar to that of a Christmas tree. This is the main reason for calling it the Christmas Moss.

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This Moss has fir like leaves that are very greenly in colour and grows throughout the branches of the plant.

Water levels and parameters has to be given a main concern when having Aquatic plants or types of Moss in your tank or Aquarium.

Each type of plant has its own water parameters in the waters. So they should be very carefully taken in to consideration.

Water Conditions
Water Conditions for Christmas Moss

The Christmas Moss like other Aquatic plants has some basic requirements of water. So let us identify them.

Does Christmas Moss Need Water?

Yes, the Christmas Moss needs Water. Water is one of the main requirements of the Christmas Moss. The Christmas Moss cannot survive itself without the Water.

This Moss grows in the water as well as on surfaces which are wet and Moist. Mainly nearby to the streams, river banks, wet rocks and Forest Trees.

This plant will die out as soon as there is no water or a moist surface for growth.

Are Christmas Moss good for Fresh Water Aquariums?

Yes, As a Plant that lives in Water, Fresh Water is the ideal type of water for the Christmas Moss to survive.

The Christmas Moss will do well in a fresh water aquarium with the other tank mates and Aquatic plants in it.

The Christmas Moss is identified as a Fresh Water plant. As soon as the Water in your tank turns to be dirty the Christmas Moss will face itself with health problems and will at times change in colour and die off.

Can Christmas Moss live in Tap Water?

Yes, the Christmas Moss can live itself in a tank filled with tap water, but you will have to see that the water in the tank is not chlorinated too much .Chlorinated Water can make damage to the tissues of the plant which will eventually affect the health of the plant.

If the tank is filled with Chlorinated Tap Water see that the Water rests for a certain time before entering the plants in to your tank.

Can Christmas Moss live in Cold Water?

Yes, the Christmas Moss can survive itself in the Cold Waters until it receives the enough amount of light for its growth.

Light takes a prominent place in the growth of the Christmas Moss. This is a main factor affecting the food making of the plant.

So as long as the Water requirement as well as the light requirement is fulfilled the Christmas Moss can grow itself almost anywhere. So they can do well in the cold waters as well.

Can Christmas Moss live in Salt Water?

No, a Tank or Aquarium with Salt in it will not be that much of good to the Christmas Moss.

The Christmas Moss is unable to be alive in the Salt Waters. As soon as salt is mixed with the water in your tank the Christmas Moss will tend to change itself in colour and ultimately die off.

So you have to be careful to not add any salt in to your Aquarium or tank with a Christmas moss in it.

Can Christmas Moss survive out of Water?

Yes, the Christmas Moss can survive itself out of the Waters as Well. These plants in their natural habitat are seen growing nearby to streams, river banks, rocks and the Forest Trees.

As long as the surface of growth in moist and wet the Christmas Moss is able to survive themselves out of the waters as well.

How much Water Need for Christmas Moss?

The Christmas Moss can survive in your tank either fully submerged or floating on the top of the tank.

Also they can grow itself in wet surfaces as well. The Christmas Moss always needs water for the growth.

There is no specific stated requirement of water for the Christmas Moss. The Christmas Moss will grow and spread throughout until the Moss has the sufficient amount of water.

What is the best Water Parameters for Christmas Moss?

The Christmas Moss does well with a flow of water. So it’s better to keep the Moss nearby to the filter of the tank. The temperature of the water should be between 65 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit while the PH level of the water should be between 5 to 7.5.

How to change water in Christmas Moss Tank?

Cleaning your Christmas Moss tank will not be that much of a difficult task. You can remove the Christmas Moss out of the tank with the driftwood or rock in which is attached to clean the water in the tank, give the Christmas Moss a thorough and gentle wash and place it back in the tank.

If the Moss is attached to the tank itself or gravel in the tank you will have to remove the Moss fully without making any damages to the roots of the plant and give a gentle wash to the Moss and place back in the tank.

More about Christmas Moss Floating

The Christmas Moss can stay itself even floating in the waters in your tank. They don’t need to attach themselves in to anything in your tank. As long as the roots of the Christmas Moss meets with water they can have a good health and grow floating in your tank very safely.


The Christmas Moss is a very beautiful looking plant. Water takes a prominent place in the growth of this plant. The Christmas Moss will have its nice and greenly look when it receives the sufficient amount of water.

This plant will change in colour and die off when the adequate amount of water requirement is not met.

Therefore if you are already having one of these plants growing in your tank or is willing to have one in your tank see that the correct water parameters and the requirements of these plants are met.

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