Water Conditions for Marimo Moss Balls

Water Conditions on a Marimo Moss Ball is very important. It is one of the major concerns that has to be faced when growing them in your Fish tank.

Marimo Moss Balls in their natural living has a cold tempered water with the required amount of Sunlight and Clean Water.

Water Conditions for Marimo Moss Balls
Water Conditions for Marimo Moss Balls : Image Source

So even though it is said that Marimos are easy in maintenance compared to other Aquatic plants, the condition of the water in your Marimo Moss Balls tank is one of the major factors that you will have to pay your attention on.

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Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for Fresh Water Aquariums?

Marimo Moss Balls are a welcome addition to fresh water Aquariums.

The Marimos can live in fresh water, it should have the right temperature of water. Marimo Moss Balls nowadays are very famous at Fresh water Aquariums.

Aquarists use these Marimo Moss Balls not only as a decoration to the Aquarium but also as it has certain other benefits such as Sucking up the Nitrates, Providing oxygen to the Aquarium, Removing of unwanted Algae Growth in the Aquarium and also as the Marimos help in the development of biofilm and microorganisms which is beneficial on some small kinds of Fish.

Can Marimo Moss Balls live in Tap Water?

Yes, the Marimo Moss Balls can live in Tap Water. If you are willing to add Marimo Moss Balls in to your tank which has Tap water in it, then you can add them in your tank.

The Temperature of this water should be between 72-78 degrees in Fahrenheit .If the water temperature increases then it will affect the Marimo Moss Balls and they will start to rot.

Marimo Moss Balls with too much of hot water will have to face certain health problems and to fix this you can take the Moss Balls out of tank place them in another jar of water and leave in the refrigerator for around 48 hours which will help the Marimos to overcome their rot and gain back their green colour.

Also you should always have clean water for the Marimos to Survive, Unclean tap water is not good for the Marimos.

Therefore the Marimos and the fish tank should be cleaned at least once a week or once in two weeks.

Can Marimo Moss Balls live in Cold Water?

Cold Water is the ideal water for the Marimo Moss Balls to Survive. Naturally these Moss Balls grow in rivers and lakes with cold water.So the Marimo Moss Balls can live in cold water with the proper amount of sunlight and when your water is clean enough for them.

Can Marimo Moss Balls live in Salt Water?

Marimos can live in salt water at a salinity level of 1.015 which is low to a mid-range of brackish water. They can live in the salt water.

Marimo Moss Balls require some special attention when kept in your fish tank.

They will change their green velvety color to a Brown rot color or a white color when the water is not clean enough for them to live, when the water is too hot for them and when they receive too much of light or otherwise when they are attacked by parasites or other Algae .

At this time the best solution to overcome these problems is adding a small amount of salt to a container and leaving your Marimo Moss in this water for some time. Salt water will help the Marimos from the rot and dying and get back in to good health

How Many Moss Balls per Gallon?

A Gallon of water should only have one to three moss balls in it.

This should be in this way as the Marimo Moss Balls to Grow. Stuffing too much of Marimo Moss Balls in a one Gallon tank will refrain these Moss Balls from getting the required amount of light on them and cause health problems and also stuffing too much of Moss Balls in the tank will limit the space in the tank.

How Many Moss Balls should I put in a 10 Gallon Tank?

When your tank is bigger in size you can have more Marimo Moss Balls into your tank. If your tank is a 10 Gallon you have to have at least 08 to 13 Balls of Marimo in it. 08 Balls of Marimo at the size of 2.5 inches will help you to decorate a quarter of your Water Tank.

Not only as a decoration when the tank is big having two to three Moss Balls in the tank will be not enough for the tank .As the Moss Balls will not be enough to provide with the Oxygen to the tank, suck the nitrates and fight against other Algae growth in the tank.

What is the Best Water Parameters for Marimo Moss Balls?

As said the Marimo Moss Balls require minimum maintenance, but you will have to give attention on certain areas such as the temperature of the water, the cleanliness of the water and the amount of light required for them to grow.

Marimos are originally grown in the cold waters so when held in Aquariums they should have a water temperature of between 72-78 degrees in Fahrenheit

Lighting should be of a wide range, a low to high amount of light.

And also the PH should be slightly acidic or on the alkaline side.

How to change water in a Marimo Moss Ball Tank?

Changing of water in the Marimo Moss Ball tank is very important.

Changing of water in the Marimo Moss Ball tank should be done at least once a week or at least in the second week.

This Changing of water will help both the Marimo Moss Balls and the other Aquatic life that you hold in your tank.

Cleaning of the Tank regularly will help to protect the Marimo Moss Balls from Rot and even help you identify certain health problems if there are on these Marimos.

Sometimes there may be rots at the Bottom of the Moss which you are unable to see when you look into the tank from the top of it. Rots only at the bottom the Moss might mean that the Moss Balls are not receiving enough light and they should be provided with light.

Or else sometimes there might be white spots or the Marimo itself might be in white which means that the Marimo might be under attack by other Algae or Parasites.

When Changing the Water of the Marimo Moss Ball tank you should take them out of the tank give them a gentle wash so as to remove the mulm which is gathered in them.

Squeeze them a bit and roll them around. This should be done very gently not causing any damage to the Moss Balls. Cleaning them too hard might spoil these Moss Balls.

So Marimo Moss Balls can survive in any type of Fresh Aquarium water, Tap water , Cold Water and the Salt water until it is given the proper care and maintenance .

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