Water Conditions for Star Moss Aquarium Plant

The Star Moss plant or the Tortula Ruralis is a plant seen grown in the Grasslands, Forests, Desserts and the Arctic. This plant has greenly leaves with a Starry look and Shallow roots.

In today’s modern world people have been identifying different things and they have been trying to invent in different things to life.

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Among these new things that the people have been trying to do , the Aquarists have tried to add the Star Moss plants in to their Aquariums so as to increase the beauty in them.

Even though the life span of a Star Moss plant is much shorter in the Water than in the natural grounds, having this plant in an Aquarium has become a success.

Water Conditions for Star Moss
Water Conditions for Star Moss

This plant has been preferring the fresh waters and not only as a decoration to the Aquarium these plants have been providing certain other benefits to the Aquarium as well as the Aquatic life in it.

Are Star Moss Good for Freshwater Aquariums?

The Star Moss even though not being an Aquatic plant can survive itself well in the Fresh Waters. Therefore Fresh Water Aquariums are the best Aquariums for the Star Moss plants to be in.

Can Star Moss live in Tap Water?

The Tap Water most of the time is Chlorinated. This water is most of the time toxic to the plants.If you use direct tap water to fill the tank it will come with a high amount of chlorine in it.

Therefore keeping this water resting for a while and filling the tank thereafter, after the level of the chlorine is reduced can help the plants to survive in it.

As for the Star Moss it will apply the same. Therefore Tap water is not much of a good for the Star Moss plants as well.

Can Star Moss live in Cold Water?

The Star Moss can survive itself in the Cold Waters. But you have to see that it receives the enough amount of sunlight or room light for its growth. As without the light it cannot make its food.

Can Star Moss live in Salt Water?

Salt Water are not good for the Star Moss plants. The Star Moss cannot live in a water with Salt Water in it. If you put in salt water to a tank with the Star Moss plants then these plants will decay and even die.

So if you have Salt Water added in to a tank , it would be better to move the Star Moss plant out of the tank and have the Salt Water cleaned before adding your Star Moss plant back in to your tank or Aquarium.

Will Star Moss Grow in Brackish Water?

Brackish Water is a combination of the Fresh Waters and the Salt Waters. Brackish water has a content of Salt Water in it .Not as much as Salt Water itself.

Brackish Water will also not be that suitable for the Star Moss to grow in with the Salt Content in it. So it would be better not to use Brackish Water for the Growth of your Star Moss plant.

Can You Take Star Moss out of Water?

A Star Moss Plant being a plant grown in the grounds can survive itself without the Waters.

They can survive in this manner for years. The thing that will happen is their leaves will turn in to a red brownish colour and when they receive back the water they will turn their colours in to dark green again.

So you can take the Star Moss out of the waters and leave them out of the tank as much time as you want. When they get back in the waters they will gain their health and colours back.

How much Water Need for Star Moss?

A Star Moss plant in an Aquarium should not be fully submerged in the water. The Leaves of this plant should be held above the waters for a longer stay within the tank.

The life span of a fully submerged Star Moss plant in the tank is much lower than a plant that is half way submerged. A not fully submerged Star Moss plant can stay live in your Aquarium for a period of around 03 months.

What are the Best Water Parameters for Star Moss?

The Star Moss is a fresh water plant and does not prefer Salt Water. They prefer the more acidic side of potential hydrogen.

The Star Moss plant has to have a PH level of around 5- 7.5 % and a temperature of 73-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Change Water in the Star Moss Tank?

You can have a Star Moss plant attached in to your tank in any way as you like. Be it as a Carpet in to your tank or attached to the wall of your tank.

First of all you will have to take out the Star Moss plant carefully out of the tank taking of the Substrate from the lower parts of the plant.

Thereafter you can take out any other Aquatic plants or fish if you have any .Thoroughly wash the tank and the Star Moss plant before entering it back to remove away the unwanted dirt and Algae hidden within in it. Thereafter you can place the Star plant in any way as you like back in to the tank.


The Star Moss plant is a magical gift of nature. Even though not being an Aquatic plant. This plant does well in the Fresh Waters. Also when compared to the other types of Aquatic plants in use, these plants cost much higher than them.

So if you are willing to add one of these plants in to your fish tank or Aquarium, or you have one of them already added in to your tank see that this plant receives the required amount of water within the right parameters and also check on what type of water that you use in to your tank.

Having of Salt Water in your tank is a big disadvantage of growing a Star Moss plant within the tank.

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