Water Conditions for Taiwan Moss

Taiwan moss is found in the fast-moving freshwater river banks. It thrives best when the plant is fully submerged under the water.

Moisture plays a critical role in the growth of the plant.

Rising water temperature reduces the growth causing it to slow down the expansion.

Change in the water temperature may affect the growth rate, but still, the plant will grow at a decent pace and occupy an area in the tank.

However, the Taiwan moss is quite hardy compared to similar aquarium plants. It can sustain in a warm as well as a cold water tank.

The plant should be anchored in the tank because it has sufficient time to create suitable conditions around it.

Water Conditions for Taiwan Moss
Water Conditions for Taiwan Moss

Moving water may spread the plant in all directions. Especially when the plant is not attached correctly and the water flow is too high to separate the leaves.

The light weight of the plant will cause it to rise and reach the surface.

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Are Taiwan moss good for freshwater aquariums?

Taiwan moss is a perfect plant for freshwater aquariums. It is the plant that is found in freshwater bodies such as riverbanks.

The plant’s fast growth and beautiful appearance make it suitable for a freshwater aquarium.

On top of that, the plant offers oxygen to the fish and keeps the water oxygenated.

While growing in the low lighting condition, the plant will spread in the aquarium to build a natural habitat for the fish.

Aquarium fish can use the plant for hiding space. Live plants keep the stress level of the fish moderate.

It supports healthy development and improves the plant’s life through a natural process.

Can Taiwan moss live in Tap Water?

No. The reason is that tap water contains harmful chemicals such as sodium, calcium and many other substances.

The combination of these creates a negative impact on the living beings. Even the fish would have trouble breathing in the tap water.

Thus, you should avoid using the tap water directly in the Taiwan moss plant tank. Keep the water in the container for a few days in the open place.

It will reduce the effect of the chemicals, and water will become suitable for the plants to live.

Can Taiwan moss live in Cold Water?

Yes. The Taiwan moss plant is susceptible to different water conditions. It can survive quite comfortably without developing any stress.

But you may experience slow growth in the cold water. Cold water will not affect the health of the plant.

Plant found in the tropical regions is not immune to dealing with the cold weather. As the water condition changes, you will experience a reduced growth rate.

Eventually, the cold water will start causing the damage, and you will see the plant is turning pale yellow or brown.

It signifies that the plant cannot live in cold water conditions. You only experience this problem when the water turns too hard.

Can Taiwan moss live in Salt Water?

No. Taiwan moss is a freshwater plant. Saltwater contains a high amount of sodium and other harmful substances.

Saltwater affects plant growth. It will cause the plant to drive within a few weeks.

When the plant is moved from the fresh water to the salt water, the plant will feel stressed out.

Hence, you should not propagate the Taiwan moss in salt water. It may not survive far longer.

How much water is needed for Taiwan moss? (Water Level)

When propagating the Taiwan moss plant, the only condition is maintaining the water level that keeps the plant under water.

Moisture is essential for the faster growth of the plant. Taiwan moss is found on the river bank submerged under the water.

You should be recreating a similar condition for the plant if you are willing to support the faster growth.

Another way is the keep the plant in the water floating. Light coming from the top will encourage rapid growth as the plant receives UV light directly.

The water surrounding the plant will keep the moisture intact.

What are the Best Water Parameters for Taiwan moss?

Taiwan moss plants require softer water around 0 – 30°dGH. The plant does better when the acidic side of the PH scale.

The plant is known for its sturdy nature, so it will grow even if the water is not meeting its basic need.

You should maintain the water condition to its most preferred requirement. The ideal pH level requirement is 5.0 to 8.0

How to Change Water in Taiwan’s Moss Aquarium Tank?

It is recommended to perform a 25 per cent water change every week. Use the hose to reverse the water flow to the tank and slowly move the fresh water from your bucket to the tank.

Ensure that the substrate and decorative are not getting disturbed. During the water change, keep the flow of the filtration slow.

The fast-moving water will affect the water bed, and waste products will start moving in the water. It will affect the water condition on a large scale.


Taiwan moss or Taxiphyllum Alternans is the perfect plant for your tank. The freshwater plant grows about the height of 2 inches thick.

Control the pH level between 5.0 to 8.0 and a water temperature between 53°F to 86°F. Overall the Taiwan moss brings more benefits to the tank. The plant belongs to the Hypnaceae family.

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