Water Conditions for Willow Moss

Moss might not be the first plant that comes to mind when you think of decorating an aquarium with plants. Some plants, like the Amazon sword or duckweed, grow more often than moss.

But moss types, including Willow Moss, can deliver many benefits to your aquarium in many ways. So, we are here to explore the required Water Conditions for Willow Moss and much more about the topic.

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Water Conditions for Willow Moss
Water Conditions for Willow Moss

Water Conditions for Willow Moss

Willow moss grows moderately and is often considered an easy-to-grow water plant for beginners. Remember that this plant doesn’t grow above the water, so it isn’t usually a good choice for pond decoration, though you might be able to see it through the water in clearer ponds.

But your fish will like it if you put willow moss in their pond because it is a good part of underwater ecosystems. Many people who have aquariums choose willow moss because it looks nice and helps fish, amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates.

Are Willow moss good for freshwater aquariums?

Fontinalis is a species of aquarium moss living in freshwater. They are in the Bryidae subclass. Fontinalis moss is native to North America’s rivers, ponds, and streams. It is also known as Willow Moss and Water Moss.

This moss can live in both still and moving water so it can be used in ponds or aquariums. Willow moss is suitable for shrimp, guppies, and fish trying to breed. It is also a good place for flies to hide.

Can Willow moss live in Tap Water?

Exactly you can put your Willow moss plants in a tap water aquarium. As we mentioned above, Willow moss is a freshwater plant. So, tap water is always fresh water. Then it is suitable for Willow moss to live in.

However, Sometimes, tap water may contain high amounts of water cleaning chemicals such as chlorine. So, chlorine contained in water may affect Moss’s growth by considering the level of chlorine in the water.

Can Willow moss live in Cold Water?

Willow moss can handle cooler temperatures better than most other mosses. Willow moss grows well in cold water, which makes it a great plant for aquariums with cold water fish like Goldfish. Significant temperatures will be between 59 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can Willow moss live in Saltwater?

As we mentioned above, Willow moss grows well in both still water and moving water. It is a bryophyte that grows in freshwater, so if your aquarium has salt water, willow moss is not the best choice. The water in your aquarium should also be comfortable to mildly cool.

Can You Grow Willow Moss Out of Water?

Willow moss can handle being dry and exposed to air for short periods of time because water evaporates or drains away. But this is not ideal.

Just think about a fish. It is an aquatic being. What should you take a fish out of water? It will survive for a few minutes.

Then it dies because of a lack of environmental conditions to live. This is the same for Aquatic plants like Moss too.

How much water is needed for Willow moss?

There is no specific advice to deliver about the water level requirement for Willow Moss. But, there is only one thing to mention here.

It would be best to fill water in your aquarium tank up to the highest level Moss can grow. It means the plant must always be sunk inside the water to survive as an aquatic plant.

What are the Best Water Parameters for Willow moss?

As was already mentioned, willow moss is a plant that grows in cold water and needs water that is between 59°F and 82°F.

Willow moss can live in many different situations, even with a high pH level of 8.5! Still, the best pH range for this water plant is between 5.5 and 7.5.

It’s important to remember that adding carbon dioxide is not necessary. But if you want your willow moss to grow faster, it might help. Willow moss grows slowly to moderately fast in its own way.

How to Change Water in the Willow Moss Aquarium Tank?

Willow moss is a fully aquatic plant, so it only needs the same water changes as any other plant of this type.

It is enough to maintain a water change twice a month or once a month.

When you change the water, don’t put them out of water for a long time. It will start to turn brown and die.

If the plant turns brown for some reason, you can just move it to a better spot with water, and it should grow back. The brown spots can then be trimmed away.

Willow Moss


The best water condition for Willow moss is cold freshwater. There is no doubt about using tap water because it is also a freshwater resource.

However, applying salt water to Willow moss is not a good option. There is no specific water change routine needed for them. It is enough to maintain a regular water change for your aquarium tank.

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