Why is my Riccia Fluitans Dying?

Riccia Moss or the Riccia fluitan is a green plant that grows on the grounds. A Japanese Aquarist introduced this plant to be used in aquariums and today this plant has become very popular in the aquarium industry.

This is a plant that grows up to around 03 to 05 cm tall and has a very fast growth. This fast growth and the plant not receiving the proper care can cause these plants to die in your tank.

Riccia Fluitans Dying
Riccia Fluitans Dying

So if you are having a Riccia Moss in your tank you have to see that the plant receives proper care and maintenance for healthy growth of the plant.

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Why is my Riccia Fluitans Dying?

Riccia fluitans in your tank will be dying due to various reasons. The plant not receiving enough amount of light, the water in the tank not being clean enough, and no proper cleaning or trimming given to the plant are the major factors that cause the Riccia Moss to die.

Signs of dying Riccia fluitans

The main signs of the Riccia Moss dying are the plant producing a bad smell and changing its color from green to brown and black color.

Is Riccia Moss turning brown before dying?

Yes, the inner parts of the Riccia Moss will change rot and change their color to brown before dying. This happens with the inner parts of the plant not receiving enough amount of light on them.

Can Brown Riccia Moss turn green again?

Yes, with the proper care given, a Riccia Moss plant that has changed in color to brown can change in color to green again.

Is Brown Riccia Moss definitely dying?

No, a brown Riccia Moss does not mean that it is definitely dying but it can either die or with necessary precautionary measures can have good health and change back in color to green.

How to protect Riccia Moss without dying?

The Riccia Moss is a very fast-growing plant. This plant can grow covering up the whole tank within a very small time. This plant should be given a proper cleaning and trimming in the tank so that the plant receives enough amount of light on all parts of the plant for its growth.

The main reason for the Riccia Moss to die is that this amount of light is not received equally in all parts of the plant. So to protect this plant from dying and to have healthy growth in the plant, these plants should be regularly cleaned and trimmed.

Reasons for the bad smell of Riccia Moss?

Riccia Moss grows very fast. This fast growth causes the plant to grow in ab bushy manner in the tank. Every aquarium plant requires a certain amount of light received on all parts of the plant for its growth.

The parts of the plant that does not receive light will start to rot in the tank. Leaving this to happen for a long time will cause to have a bad smell in the tank.

Can dead Riccia Moss come back to life?

If the plant has only started to die, removing the dead parts of the plant can help to survive the other parts of the plant and let it grow.

But, however, if this plant has been left for a long time without proper treatments given, then it will be difficult to recover the plant from dying.

Is dead Riccia Moss releasing toxins?

Yes, a dying Riccia Moss kept in the tank for a long time will cause these plants to release harmful toxins into the tank.

How does dead Riccia Moss affect the aquarium tanks?

Dead Riccia Moss in the tank left for a long time will produce toxins in the tank and also a bad smell to the tank.

This will affect the aquarium tank as well as the other tank mates in the tank in a bad way.

So what should be done is to remove these dead plants in the tank as soon as possible when you see that they cannot be recovered.

Quick remedies to recover the dying Riccia Moss?

To recover a dying Riccia Moss plant the first step will be to give the plant a good trimming and place it in the tank where there is fresh water.

Also, place the Riccia Moss in a place where it receives enough amount of light that is not too bright or else it might attract the Algae to the plant.

If there are any algae attached to the plant remove the plant from the tank and give it a thorough and gentle cleaning without harming the leaves or roots of the plant.

If you find it difficult to treat you’re dying Riccia Moss within your tank with the other tank mates and plants, then it would be better to move the Riccia Moss to another tank or jar until it is recovered.


Riccia Moss is a great addition to any tank. It will bring a beautiful look to the tank and also provide the tank with other benefits as well.

This is a plant that can be easily taken care of in the tank. But this easy care should be given properly to the plant.

When these plants are not taken care of properly they will die in the tank and produce toxins and a bad smell to the tank which will be harmful to the other aquatic plants and mates in the tank.

If you need to have a nice and healthy Riccia Moss growing in your tank,you should give it the proper care required.

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