About Us

Welcome to my website. If you are interesting about aquarium plants, you can get a perfect idea about that by referring to my site.

First I wanted to tell you the reason for creating this website. I am an aqua plant lover since my childhood. I had a fish tank with various types of fishes as well as aqua plants.

When I am maintaining my tank, I had to face a lot of problems during aqua plants like,

How to maintain, how to grow fast, how to affect the plants to fish etc. Those days it was difficult to find the solution for that because no references to get knowledge like now.

But I searched for a lot of information about aqua plants. So I decided to create this website and share my knowledge with others.

If you are an aqua plant lover, You can get a clear idea & A- Z knowledge about Aquarium plants

If someone can successfully plant the aqua plants by referring to my website, it is my pleasure.